Level up just by eating: Chapter 71 – If we’re talking about Oasis, then it has to be swimsuits

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 The Oasis truly gives off an Oasis-like atmosphere.

 Palm trees everywhere, and a highly transparent spring.

 There were ladybugs on the bright green leaves, displaying a ruby red colour. 

 However, if there’s one thing to point out――


「It’s huge……」


 The scale is just too huge.

 The vertical length or the horizontal lengths are around 20 to 30 kilos wide.

 I said.


「Alright Laura, take off your clothes.」

「Excuse me? !」

「Don’t mind. I’ll take out as well.」


「Isn’t that even worse?!

 It’s true that I’m just that attractive, but to do our first time outside……!」


 I grab Laura’s head with one hand, and fling her towards the Oasis.

 Splash !

 The water splashes around.


「Blubbbbb, Gurrrrrr, cough! I’m drowning…………Bluuubbbb, co-uugh! ! ! !」


 Since the Oasis is quite deep, I decided to pull her back up.


「You’re more awake now?」

「I think I would’ve went unconscious instead ! Keima you sadist ! 」

「I’m glad.」


 As if what I said was for real, I handed some clothes to Femille and Lolona.


「「This is……?」」

「They are swimsuits. Since we’re going to the Oasis, I decided to bring them.」

「「…………(Looks at me shyly)」」


「What’s wrong?」

「I’m happy that you gave us gifts,

 but the balls that I’m currently holding would not be usable if I dip into the water……」

「Can’t you just leave them aside?」

「If I leave my equipments aside, I would get extremely paranoid……」


 A rather Lolona-esque answer.

 I feel like enforcing it, but since she’s that serious, I shall respect her decision.


「How about Femille?」

「I……, uhmm……」



「It’s embarrassing…………Pyon」

「But they’re just swimsuits?」

「There’s no difference between swimsuits and undergarments……?」


 With her cheeks dyed red hot, she looks at me with her eyes looking up. 

 That look just makes me want to tease her even more.

 You adorable creature.

 I gently pat her head.


「Hauu?! Hyaa- Keima-sama?!」


 Incidentally, I grabbed her soft boobs as well.




 The cute creature known as Femille was fuming, but her entire face was red like cherry.

 But, her tail is wagging back and forth.

 The half dog half bunny demi human Femille can never tell a lie.

 Her true feelings are easily shown on her tail.

 Again, I shoved the swimsuits at them.


「Just wear it for now.

 You don’t have to enter the oasis.

 I just want to see you in one, that’s all.」


「Wh-……What a Keima-dono like answer……」

「That’s right……」


 Even so, they both obediently started stripping.

 Laura then pulls the hem of my shirt.。


「How about me?!」

「You want one?」

「You gave everyone but me……isn’t that just sad! !」

「That’s so you.」


 With a mischievous smile, I agreed and took out Laura’s pair of swimsuits.

 That is――


 Two bandages.



「You can use them how you want.」

「My swimsuit?! THIS is my swimsuit?!?!」


「If they aren’t swimsuits, then what are they?」

「They’re bandages! ! And there’s only two of them! !」

「Well, if you think I’m deceiving you, try putting them on.」


「It……It’s not something weird or anything……?

 Maybe you put some magic, and when I wear them they’ll turn into beautiful swimsuits or some sort……」



 I was made speechless.

 Without saying a word, I stared and waited for her to continue talking.


「I-I-I’ll believe you then! !」


 Saying that, she turns around and starts putting the bandages on.

 I can hear the rustling of clothes.

 First, the sound of her taking out her clothes, then the sound of her undoing her bra and panties.

 Just imagining the scene of them taking out their clothes is kinda erotic.


「And……I’ve worn them……」



 I turned around after they answered.

 The two of them are wearing the swimsuits I brought.


「Th-……This is really embarrassing after all……」



 Though they’ve probably put on their swimsuits, they’re still covering their breasts.

 Femille’s swimsuit has a pareo which makes it even cuter.

 The exposure is modest, but elegant at the same time.


 Lolona’s swimsuit is a bit more sporty.

 With a tank top, and a high leg.

 The colour is white.

 The bright white colour matches the skin colour of Lolona.


 By the way, since Lolona is serious about it, she has a holster with a knife inside, and various balls tied on her thighs.


「Ain’t the two of you just the cutest little thing.」


「Do you mean it……?」


「Let me see some more.」

「If Keima-dono asks for it……」


 Lolona stops hiding her breasts, and starts showing off different poses.

 She did a variety of poses, such as standing with her hands on her waist like a model, or like sitting down with her legs forming a triangular shape, and showing a rather erotic pose.


「That’s good, that’s good~~~」

「Even though I’m wearing clothes, but this is more embarrassed then being naked……」


 She starts becoming more and more shy, with her face bright red, but that just adds more eroticness to it. 

 At that moment.


「Wait wait wait, Keima !  ! !」


「What’s the meaning of this? Seriously……what is the meaning of this ! ! !」


 A wild Laura is standing there.

 The two bandages are covering her nipples, and both her hands are trying hard to cover her cameltoe.


「Didn’t you say that the bandages have some magic that would change them into swimsuits?!?!?!」

「No one said that that was true.」


「Didn’t I say, if you don’t want you can not wear it?」


「You did say that……buuuut! !」

「Moreover, when I showed you the bandages just now, who in their right mind would think that they can use it as swimsuits……」

「Fueeen! Keima you idioooot ! ! !」


 Laura raises her hands.

 Since the bandages are covering up her nipples, the only thing covering up her private part is her hands. And there she goes raising her hands.


 Is she stupid or something?!


 I know that she’s stupid! I’ve known that since the start! !

 But, there’s a limit to how stupid you can be right?!?!?!?!

 I immediately grabbed her wrist which was trying to hit me.


「Ah……you know that, you’re completely……open for everyone to see right?」



 Looks like she didn’t get it.

 The stupid child, looks at me puzzled.

 I wouldn’t say that in such detail, even if it’s me.

 So, with my eyes, I directed her to her lower half of her body.

 Her lower body is also child like like her head.




 With a puzzled face, she looks at where I was looking.




 Her face boiling up――




 She screams and immediately crouches down.

 Closing her legs, she uses both her hands to hide her private part.


「Keima you stupid stupid stupid! !

 You pervert, leecher, degenerate ! ! !」

「I can understand me being perverted, but saying I’m a degenerate is just going too far.」


「It’s a fact that we’re born to this world by our parents doing the you know what……」

「You’re not……, a degenerate……」


「That’s right.

 I admit to being a pervert or not a gentleman, but being a degenerate is never my intention.」

「Whatever just give me some clothes! ! !」


 The sad Laura shouts menacingly.

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