Level 1 Guy: Chapter 335 – Sakuya’s Hope

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Bringing Sakuya with me, we head deeper into the dungeon.


We encountered a Skeleton.

Though I was moving just slightly faster than a weak human, I was used to it.


By avoiding its first move, I took advantage of the momentum while it’s attacking to lose its balance, dropping it on the ground by raising my knee.

The Skeleton’s hips were broken in the same way as a baseball bat.


Being greatly injured with that one hit, the Skeleton has fallen and 10 seeds dropped.

I picked them up and handed it to Sakuya.


“Try using these.” (Ryouta)

“What is this?” (Sakuya)

“When you use it, your Max HP increases.” (Ryouta)

“Eh?” (Sakuya)

“Well, of course it’s at the boundaries of this dungeon. It’s the same with Sulphur.” (Ryouta)

“Aah, I get it now.” (Sakuya)


She nodded, and was easily convinced by my explanation.


It wouldn’t be too hard to explain to her since she is the [Sulphur Queen].


“Then again, it’s amazing for you to have the name Sulphur Queen attached to you. I’m sure you weren’t the one who created that.” (Ryouta)


Somehow, she wouldn’t be the one who made that name up.

When people start gaining more power, they tend to become more motivated, but I don’t think Sakuya is such a person.

In fact—–


“Yes, somehow I was being called that without my knowledge. Also, it’s a little troubling to have that.” (Sakuya)

“I know right. I’m sure you want to meet with Sulphur itself.” (Ryouta)

“Yes……..” (Sakuya)


She bitterly smiled.


“Thanks…….” (Sakuya)


She said.


“For?” (Ryouta)

“Though I’m troubled by others calling me that, but everyone doesn’t understand my pain.” (Sakuya)

“They don’t?” (Ryouta)

“Doesn’t it sound cool and prestiges to be called a Queen? That’s what all my friends would say when they meet up with me.” (Sakuya)

“Is that so.” (Ryouta)


A complicated look rests on her face.

Though she herself didn’t say much, but I’m sure some would say things like “You’re so pretentious” or “Are you just a masochist of pride?”.

I’m sure they are many ‘good people’ who try not to understand her circumstances, and just label her as such.


Thinking if there’s anything I could do——-something occurred.


“Ryouta-san, watch out!” (Sakuya)

“Eh?” (Ryouta)


Being clueless, I was one breath away from reacting.

The wall beside me came crashing down, and a Skeleton appeared from within.


It’s a surprise attack!


Guess I can’t avoid this, gotta get hit——–


“Hah!” (Sakuya)


All of a sudden, Sakuya intercepts me.

It was not fast or anything, a E or F speed.


However, it was a movement which wastes no time to execute.

With the same movement as before, she threw the Skeleton with her body, and finally broke the bones with the weight of her body.


The background was different, but it was as if I have hit the replay button.

It’s like commanding a character in an RPG, where the character’s movements are exactly the same every time.


“Are you alright?” (Sakuya)

“Yeah, thanks for the help.” (Ryouta)

“I’m glad…..Aah, it’s a seed.” (Sakuya)


The relieved Sakuya walked one step forward and picked up the seed.


“Is that a drop from the monster?” (Sakuya)

“Looks like it.” (Ryouta)


I see, now it makes sense.

Does the HP Up seed drop for others as well.


After she used them, her HP has gone up.

Again, we walked around the dungeon.


This time, I told myself not to think of pointless thoughts, because my stats are lower than usual.


With that in mind, I managed to defeat the Skeletons that we normally encounter, and also the Skeletons that tried to surprise attack us.

Finally, the Skeleton that I’ve been looking for has appeared.


“It’s a different monster!” (Sakuya)

“That’s who I’m looking for, leave that to me.” (Ryouta)


Then, without the help of Sakuya, I went and defeat the Mini Skeleton by myself.

It was the Level Down Seed which I was looking for, and I showed it to her.


“This is the item.” (Ryouta)

“This……..” (Sakuya)

“Let’s head back.” (Ryouta)


Using the transfer gate, we head back to my mansion.


After returning, I handed the seed over to her.


“Try using it.” (Ryouta)

“Okay——Aah.” (Sakuya)

“You got it?” (Ryouta)

“Yes! My, My level has indeed decreased by 1 level!” (Sakuya)

“Yeap.” (Ryouta)


Nodding and agreeing with her, I took out the Portable K-I-A Board and asked her to use it.


Let’s see her stats now.






Strength  E

Endurance E

Intelligence F

Mental F

Speed F

Dex E

Luck  F



“It has decreased!” (Sakuya)

“We just have to repeat this process, and then level up again to see whether your stats does increase or not.” (Ryouta)

“Yes! Let’s go to Sulphur!” (Sakuya)

“Glad you understand fast. If your stats increases after leveling, then that’s all good, but if not, we can just head to Nihonium and get the level down again, and repeat. Something like a save and load system.” (Ryouta)

“……..” (Sakuya)


Sakuya’s eyes opened wide in shocked.

But, it was eyes full of hope.


“If we do that……” (Sakuya)

“Yeap.” (Ryouta)


I nodded, and looked at her as well.


I can be the real me——-


Was what her heart was trying to say.


“I don’t think you can go in through the normal entrance. So why not just stay here for a while and enter this Transportation Room anytime you want.” (Ryouta)

“Really!” (Sakuya)

“Yeah sure.” (Ryouta)

“Thank you!” (Sakuya)


She bowed deeply.

Thus, she was staying here for a little while longer. 



The next day, when I woke up, there was a commotion outside of my room.

I changed my clothes, went out of my room, and head towards that source of commotion.


At the entrance, I saw Sakuya and a stranger talking.


Sakuya tries to refuse the person with a troubled face, but the man is biting her down real hard.


“Good morning nanodesu.” (Emily)

“Ah morning Emily. What’s this early in the morning?” (Ryouta)


Emily who was watching a little bit further, came here and told me about the situation.


“It looks like it’s the merchant who always deals with Sakuya’s items desu.” (Emily)

“Ah.” (Ryouta)


So basically the seller’s store.


“As I’ve said, it would be troubling of me for you to say that all of a sudden. For the Sulphur Queen to suddenly quit all of a sudden, it’ll be hard to fill that hole.” 

“But……” (Sakuya)


Sakuya was troubled as the merchant started pushing harder.


“It has been like that for awhile now nanodesu, and Sakuya-san is conflicted desu.” (Emily)

“Well…..” (Ryouta)


I understand both their feelings.

Since she’s finally found a path of hope. From Sakuya’s POV, there is a strong desire to go there with all her might.


So I understand well because I was the same.


When I knew my abilities have improved, I immediately tried raising my Max HP to S at once.

After that, I slowed down because my HP has become S, and the ‘possibility’ has became a ‘reality’.


Sakuya is the me before my HP became S.

That’s the situation.


“So as how we’re doing before——” 

“I’ll do it.” (Ryouta)


I went ahead and interrupted their story.


“Those who are not involved with this, please step back. Right now, I am speaking with Sulphur Queen and how hard it is to fill that hole——” 

“Ryouta-san!” (Sakuya)

“——–Wait Ryouta-san!?” 


The merchant was rolling up vigorously, but when he heard my name, his expression immediately changed.


“Ryo-Ryouta, you mean that Ryouta Satou?” 


You came to this mansion and you didn’t even know?

Well whatever.


“If you know my name, then this’ll be quick. I’ll fill her role for a while.” (Ryouta)

“Oh- that’s….No!”


It was for a moment that he hesitated.

The merchant’s tone became crispy, and he did not hesitate.


“It’s all right now!”

“Wait why?” (Ryouta)

“Yes! I shall leave for now.” 


The merchant turned around and left the mansion immediately.



I’ve seen this before.


A colleague of mine once wanted to take leave, and was told by his boss “Please give a reason for this leave”.

If my colleague had replied: “Because the president is taking a leave as well.”, it would’ve been the same as asking for a holiday without a reason.


In short, he wanted to bother Sakuya, but even if interpreted favourably, he wanted to stop her from running away.

That’s all.


I was renowned for keeping my head out, and he quickly escaped.


Seriously, can I still do that…….


I was slightly irritated.


“Uhm, thank you very much!” (Sakuya)


She bowed again.

It was a perfect 90 degrees bow.

When she looked up, her eyes were beaming with hope and expectations.

It was the same look on her yesterday.


That convinced me that what I had done was the right thing.

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