Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 70 – Laura’s tragedy(LOL)

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 Agreeing we use Laura as decoy, we went inside the Garugarosu’s territory.

 As said before, the number of large dead birds and scorpions continued to increase as we entered.

 It is as if it was showing how powerful it was.

 Femille trembled slightly.





 Lolona was keeping it cool, but she could not hide her nervousness.

 It was at that moment.

 From the right, I felt something strange approaching.


 There lies a huge monster.

 The basic form to describe it was a Tyrannosaurus.

 It has a stupidly tough beetle head, a large and terrifying jaw which can rip anything apart.


 Despite not looking agile at all, the assault did not leave any sound.

 It approaches us silently――


 Baaang! ! ! 

 It went straight for a headbutt for Laura’s cage! ! !


「Fueeen! ! !」


 The cage was shaking violently, and inside Laura was screaming for her life.




 The Garugarosu was exchanging looks between Laura and us.

 Since we don’t pose as an enemy to it――


「Nooooooooo! ! 

 Don’t come here! Not here ! ! !

 Go there go there please! ! !」


 Laura shouts in a panic.

 Naturally, the enemy went to her.。

 It’s funny that she invited the enemy to herself.

 Truly a decoy mirror on display.


 The Garugarosu ran silently.

 It then sharply rotated.

 Bam ! !

 The tail smacked right at the cage.

 An explosive sound was heard, and the cage was slightly dented.


「Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! ! !」


 Even so, Laura is safe, which shows the might of the cage.

 Laura then desperately threw the balls at it.

 However, she was too afraid.

 Not one hit the target. All went buried into the sand.

 Then, the balls were used up.




 Again she screamed.


「Keima, Keimaaa ! ! !

 Hurry up and come here! ! Then immediately come help me ! ! !」



 Activating Optical Camouflage, and went close to the Garugarosu.


『GaAU! Auu! ! Auuuu! !』


 The Garugarosu was gnawing away at the cage.

 Its tooth was chewing the half mithril cage.

 Laura tried escaping for her life, but the only thing she could grab onto was the bars.

 Grabbing the bars as tight as she could, she shouted.


「Fueeeeeeeeeeeeeeen ! !

 Keimaa! Keima Keima Keimaaa ! ! !」


 Erasing my presence, I kicked the ground. On the air, I unsheath my sword.

 Aiming for the defenseless Garugarosu’s back――

 The Garugarosu turned around while I tried to pierce it.


(It can spot me even when I erase my presence! !)




 It roared.

 The impact was stronger than expected, which numbed my skin.


 However, it didn’t matter.


 The sword went slashing into it! !

 The huge beetle head was sliced in two.

 The huge body fell to the side, poof……. And sand dust fluttered around.

 While opening the prison door, I looked at the dead body.


「There’s feathers on the sole of its feet…… It’s no wonder it could hide its footsteps.」


 The feather is definitely a special item.

 It wasn’t fluffy or soft, but a strange feeling.

 Well whatever.


「If I want to eat it, it has to be the meat.」


 I put the knife into its thigh.

 Gakin! !

 I couldn’t stab into it.

 No matter how many times I stab, the scratch-like sound continues.


「It’s incredibly tough huh.」

「That is indeed a Garugarosu……」

「I see.」



 I nodded for a few times, but Femille did not say anything.




 Lolona did not say anything as well.

 On behalf of everyone, Laura spoke.


「Was there any meaning in me entering the prison cage?!?!?!?!」


 I answered.


「Don’t be so sad.」



「But I did finish the job in one hit, so isn’t it great that you didn’t get hurt?」

「That is true! In theory you’re right ! !」


 Leaving Laura’s rampage aside, I started dissecting the meat.

 Not with the knife, but with the sword.


「I thought it would only be the skin that’s tough, but even the meat is rough.」


 How hard you might think, well it’s harder than an odd iron or something?


「Some parts are said to have the same value and hardness as ores……」


 Even so, I was somehow able to cut it and cook them.


「Is it edible……?」

「Since we’ve defeated it, might as well have a bite.」


 However, as I was cooking it, I felt uneasy.

 It doesn’t have the smell of cooked meat.

 There’s no sound as well.

 Other meat would’ve had a sizzling sound coming from the fat, but not this Garugarosu’s meat.

 It’s just a round, white-iron like flesh with a soft, brown colour.


「I wonder if we can eat this.」

「I’m not sure either……」

「Femille doesn’t know as well?」

「At least not from the books I’ve read……」

「I’ve never heard of someone eating them before……」


 We have our various assessments.

 I waited for awhile before picking it up with chopsticks.

 It has a dry sound.

 It’s not an onomatopoeia made by meat.


 I cooled it down before biting it.

 Crunch, crunch, crunch.

 Crack, crack, crack.

 Even the sound of chewing doesn’t sound like someone eating meat.



(This sensation……)


「Hey Laura. Can you take out some soy sauce?」

「Eetto…………I can.」

「You can?!」


「Based on my research,

  In the past, the『Japanese』who came here has spread the recipe.」

「Does that have anything to do with this?」


「What I can do is have Keima know it exists, and purchase it with money.

 When you get caught in a search, it means someone has made it and has spread it.」

「Is that so.」


 I stuck out my hand and gestured an「Nn」.


「Wha……What’s with that hand?」

「Can’t you see that I want it now?」

「You’re asking me to hand it over?!」

「You can’t?」


「I’m still angry about what you did before?!

 Making me go into jail!」

「That said, it’s like weeds giving oxygen right?」

「Your comparison is terrible?!

 What do you think of me?!」

「If we talk about your face and your boobs, you’re like weed that doesn’t even release oxygen, so to say the least, you’re just like tra…………」


 I stopped, almost completing my sentence with my mouth shaping the last few letters.


「No matter how I am, saying that is beyond my caliber……」

「I can still hear what you said even if you didn’t say anything, it’s already too late?!?!?!?!」

「That’s my bad. I think it was really bad of me just now.」

「If Keima apologizes like that, it really feels like you did meant the terrible things you’ve done! !」


「Fueeeeeeeeeen! ! !」


「Okay, just give me some soy sauce. Then you can finally graduate from something that’s beneath weeds.」

「Sometimes, I feel like I’m just being used conveniently……」


 Laura gave me the saoy sauce in a straightforward manner.

 It was a small sized bottle, around the size of a thumb.

 Probably because it looked fashionable inside a small glass bottle, it didn’t register to me that it looks like a soy sauce.


 However, after opening the lid, the unique scent of soy sauce bursts from within.

 I applied it to the Garugarosu meat.

 Of course, I gave them to Laura and the rest as well.


「What are you doing……?」

「Just wait a minute.」


 I used some fire and lightly heated it.

 Crackle crackle. The popping scent of soy sauce came out.


「I don’t know what to say but……it has a good smell to it.」



 Lolona and Femille stared at the meat curiously.

 With this and that, we have completed.

 I include the finished product into my mouth.


 Crunch crunch crunch.

 This really tastes like――


「It’s Senbei……!」 (Japanese rice cracker)


 A crisp sound that cracks when biting with the front teeth, and crunchy sounds when biting with the back teeth.

 And on the tongue, the bitter and richness of soy sauce spreads.

 If you continue chewing it, there’s a subtle change of sweetness enveloping the mouth.

 I fully enjoyed the sensation, then ate another.


 Crunch crunch crunch.




 Terere, Tetete~

 I leveled as well.


 Level    1722→1755(↑33)

 HP      23002/23002(↑315)

 MP      22507/22507(↑305)

 Physical Strength      23330(↑280)

 Vitality      25150(↑200)

 Agility      22130(↑270)

 Magic Powers      21930(↑220)


 There were a few skills which I’ve gained as well.


 Hardening Skin Level 4 120/5000

 Erase Presence Level 2 5/300

 Oppression(Pressure Voice) Level 3 555/1200


 Whichever I got sounded strong.

 However, the one that caught my eyes was.


 Bushy Garugarosu Level 3  100/1500


 ◆Skill explanation・Bushy Garugarosu

 When used, the hair turns bushy.


 Ain’t this just the best?!?!

 Right now, I don’t have any problems with my hair.

 But in the future, that might change.

 If I have this skill, even if I go bald, I’ll be safe ! !


 My tension has risen to the highest possible level.

 However, after reading the supplementary explanation of the skill, my mood instantly changed.


 ※However, the hair only grows on the soles of the feet.


 This little shit! ! !

 The fuck is that ! Ain’t that just a shitty skill !

 My brilliant light and hope has now turned into anger and disappointment! ! !


 So it’s true that Garugarosu’s hair only grows on their feet?!

 However, because armpit hair does grow on girls’ armpit, but do you want it in an anime or manga??

 You don’t right?! That’s why ! !  !


 But well, there’s no way out.

 I calmed down.

 I handed the crackers to Lolona and Femille who were watching me eat.


「This is……」



 They were puzzled.

 Holding the rice crackers with both hands, they bite the end.

 Crack……crunch crunch crunch, gulp.


「What can I say……」

「It’s a unique taste……」


 While saying, they started eating the 2nd bite.

 Crack……crunch crunch crunch.


 3rd bite.

 Crack……crunch crunch crunch.


 4th bite.

 Crack…… Munch munch munch, gulp.


 They’re slowly becoming faster and faster.

 Seems like they’re starting to like it.


「Keima! Keima! Keimaaa! ! 」


 And what do we have here, a wild Laura crawling on all sides in front of me.

 Her mouth open widely, waiting for the rice cracker

 Sigh, can’t be helped.


 I put it in her mouth.

 Crack! Crunch, munch, munch.

 Laura chews and swallows more vigorously than Femille.


「Such mysterious taste.……」


 For Laura, she gave a decent impression.


「It’s a bit bitter and salty, with a mysterious smell, but when you bite it, it gives off a bit of sweetness, and such addictiveness……」


 Laura clenched my hand which was holding the rice cracker and bit one more.

 Crack! Munch munch munch, gulp.


「Fueeeeeen……, what is this………….!

 It’s a taste that’s hard to describe.……」


 Crack. Munch munch munch, gulp.

 Crack! Munch munch munch, gulp.。


「Delicioussss~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! ! !

 If you bite once, you just want to continue. It’s an endless cycleeeeeeeeeeee! ! !」


 Laura ate my rice cracker with that.ローラはオレのセンベイを、そんな感じで食べ尽くした。


「That’s all?!

 Hey Keima! I want another! I want one more! ! !」

「You really are hopeless.」


 I baked another fresh meat.

 Sprinkling with soy sauce, and drying it.

 Laura squeezed the cracker out of my hand.


「Fueeeeen……, delicious……!

 I can taste the feeling of becoming an invincible warrior who can break rocks……!

 Atlas, my omnipotent power as a goddess who has accumulated wisdom and power, Laura=Gine=Amara……!

 I’ll do my best for destruction……!」


 As for the evaluation of the food, she gave some funny comments.

 However, Laura is a decent culinary reviewer.

 She constantly praises the food.

 All I can say is this is going to be『decent』.

 Laura ate the 2nd and 3rd piece.


「Keima Keima Keima! One more, I want one more !! ! 」


 Laura said while opening her mouth.


「If you eat any more, you won’t be able to eat the pufferfish.

 I can make more of the rice crackers, so wait until the next time I make more.」



 Laura was conflicted, but she swallowed her saliva.


「Y……You’re right. The pufferfish is the main dish for today……!

 If the monsters around the oasis are so delicious,

 I’m sure they’re all invincible warriors……!」


 The gluttonous Laura was therefore patient.


(Phew……,  she has once again made Keima-dono promised her to serve her homemade food again?!)



 Lolona and Femille were moved strangely.

 Laura proudly turned around.


「Though you always say terrible things to me, but in your heart, you actually like me……」

「Should I kill this useless goddess to shut her up right now?」

「Ah ouch ouch……It hurrrrtttssーーーーーー! ! !」


 Laura who has eaten my iron claw was panting.


「Laura-dono gets to be hit by Keima-dono……」

「So jealous……」


 Lolona and Femille were somehow envious of the situation.


「What are you all even saying ! !

 Are you perverted?! A pervert! A masochist?!?!?!」


「Y-Y-Y-Y-You’re wrong!

 What I’m envious is that fact that Keima-dono refrains from doing these things to me!

 I’m not a pervert nor a masochist! ! !」


 Lolona immediately denies.




 On the other hand, Femille hid her face with both her hands.

 She was muttering something behind her hands.


「I can’t deny the fact that I’m a pervert…………Pyon.」


 It seemed embarrassing.Both her body and ears were shaking.

 Suddenly, we were exposed to propensity, but we proceeded.


 Maybe because we were inside the den of the Garugarosu, there were no large monsters.

 There were small scorpions, but they were no problems.

 And finally――


 We reached the oasis.

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