Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 68 – Let’s rush into the desert!

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With the details of the operation remaining hidden, we started preparing.

Of course, we would be able to get as many materials as we like in Liesel’s palace, not just in the bazaar.


「I’m kinda sorry for the things I’ve done to you, Liesel.」

「I have become someone that is dependent to you……」

「Also, is it alright if you prepare a ship that sails all the way to the west side of the huge oasis…………」

「What are you using it for……?」

「Now that’s a trade secret.」


 I said lightly.

 Then the next day.

 I was in front of the desert sea.


「Uuuunn, such great wheather today! This shall symbolize the future me! ! !」


 The useless goddess shouted while stretching her body.

 Probably because she had plenty of sleep last night, her skin felt glossy and shiny, and her face looked livelier.




 Even the sand dolphins who are going to pull our ship is doing great.


「By the way Keima, what’s that thing that’s being connected behind the ship?

 Since it’s being covered by a white cloth.」


「It’s my secret weapon. It’s an item that will make you successful.」

「I can’t wait to see it !」

「The flash balls, stench balls, sticky balls and smoke tubes are ready……」


 While Laura was replying, Lolona who has the cloth bag was confirming the consumables that we’ll be bringing.

 She truly prepares a heavy amount of equipment.

 Both her left and right waists are filled with consumables.

 And a holster with a smoke tube on her moderately tight and plump thigh.

 The smoke tube is made by mixing tobacco and capsicum-like grass, which causes a considerably tearing property.

 I tested on Laura yesterday, and it really was inhumane so it’s really effective.


 Behind her are two swords that《crosses》each other, showing an ‘X’ shape.

 Those are extra swords which are a precaution of when my own sword breaks.


「You really are bringing a lot of heavy equipments with you.」

「It is necessary to make the best possible preparations so that Master can focus on capturing and hunting inside the dungeon. Also, I would also need to avoid the attacks of monsters.

 It’s easier to dodge the monsters since we’re not the ones fighting, but we must not be careless.」


「I see.」


 Watching Lolona with a gentle gaze———–


 I groped her boobs.


「Kyaaaa! !」


 Being grabbed by the breast, Lolona’s face burned red as she protested.


「W-W-W-What are you doing? !? ?!? !? 」

「I thought you’ll be hiding something inside your boobs or something.」

「Can’t you ask before grabbing them?!」

「If I did, then I won’t have the excuse to touch them……」

「Keima-dono you! !」


 Seems like I made her mad.

 If I asked, she would’ve let me, but since I sexually harassed her, she was normally angry at me.


「Nii-chan, if you want to go let’s go now!」


 Being told by the young boy, I finally got into the ship.

 The ship sped off at a high speed.

 The refreshing breeze that represents a tropical like weather; the wind strokes the cheeks and flutters the hair.

 Laura, who was standing at the head of the ship, opened her arms wide and shouted.


「Fueee~~~~~nnng, f-heeels guud~~~~~~! ! !」


 Her short skirt flutters about, but what’s inside couldn’t be seen.

 For some odd reason, I was never able to see her panties.

 But right now, I was more into the wind than her skirt.


 Shutting my eyes, I felt the wind breeze through.

 This really feels good……It really does.

 After moving for a while more.

 The young boy shouted.


「I can see it from here!」


 I opened my eyes, and stood beside Laura.

 True enough, what seems to be an oasis could be seen at a further distance.

 And the distance gradually shortened, making the oasis seem larger.

 Seems like we have another 20~30 more metres.




 However, the dolphins halted.

 The young boy took out a 3 metre rod out, and poked the sands.

 Zubu, Zubuu, zubu..

 The rod was only half filled.


「I think we’ve reached the shoal.」


 So the rest of the trip, we’ll have to travel by a small boat until we reached to ordinary sand……」


The young boy was saying something, but I jumped together while hugging Laura.

Using wind magic to glide, I landed on sand which I can land on.

Since you’ll sink to the bottom if it’s sea sand, and it’s white in colour, it’s easy to spot which part is safe to stand on.

After placing Laura safely, I jumped back onto the ship.



「What’s up?」

「That jump you did, there’s many things I want to say……」

「But that’s because it’s Keima-dono, that’s why……♥」


 Lolona then hugged me from behind.

 I jumped while supporting her butt.

 Once more I returned to the ship, then pulled the rope from behind the ship.

 There’s a small boat at the end of the rope, and it carries the secret weapon for the success of Laura.


「I’ll be heading there, so be carefulー」


 I pushed the boat with my feet!


 The small boat pushed the seasand to the side, and reached the shore.


「From now on, be careful.」

「Ah, yeah.」



 I said to the young boy and Marin, as I picked Femille up and jumped.

 Zaku, zaku, zaku.

 We stepped on sand and proceeded.


 The small boat with the secret weapon is being pulled by me from behind.

 This boat is normally used like a dog sled for us to sit on while being pulled.

 It’s a rather unique phenomenon where sea sand and desert are mixed.


 Normally, an animal would be used, but in our case we can normally move.

 Lolona and Femille will be the vanguards, where they sense for any enemies.

 With Lolona’s pointy elf ears and Femille’s adorable bunny ears, the both were doing their job by locating enemies.

 Lolona shouted.



「What’s wrong Lolona-chan?」

「I’m feeling some bad vibes at that dunes.」



 Laura tilted her head to the side.

 It’s true that if we look at the dunes, it’s perfectly normal.

 But, I even felt something was off when looking in that direction.

 I held my right hand and released wind magic.


「Wind !」


 The rolling wind swept down the large dunes.

 A huge scorpion appeared.


 The colour of the body is sand.

 And its size is more than 3 metres wide.

 Its claws are also frighteningly large, a log or a human torso can be snapped easily with those claws.

 Its tail, with its intimidating shape, will likely be a fearsome weapon to deal with.


「So it’s hiding in the dunes.」

〈K I S I I I I I I I〉


 The huge scorpion stood up.


「Get behind me.」


 I came forward and covered for Lolona.

 I slashed with my sword.


 The pressure of the sword which can usually cut a tree in half, had no effect on the scorpion.


 It countered with its claws.

 I side stepped to avoid.



 The cactus which was 5 metres behind us, was cut in half.


「That’s just the wind’s pressure from its attack.」

「Fireball……desu !」


 Femille fires a fireball from beside the scorpion.

 A two metre in diameter fireball was thrown at it.



 No effect.

 Zero damage.




 The scorpion rushed towards the confused Femille.




 Lolona threw a sticky ball at the scorpion.

 The ball hit a bullseye at the scorpion’s eyes.


〈Kishaaa?! Kisi、Kisiiiiii!!!〉


 The scorpion who was suddenly blinded, went around the place rampaging about! !

 Large rocks and cacti were messed up by its rampage.

 Whatever attack it has will definitely shred a human.


 What’s more it’s hard.

 Even with a fireball that melts rocks, and sword attacks that slashes trees in half, the enemy is unharmed.

 I guess it makes sense that preparing various balls are necessary.


 Then again, I could normally handle it.

 If it’s difficult to press it with a sword, why not cut it in half.




 The huge scorpion was sliced in half in the middle.

 The green like goo coming out is disgusting.





 Lolona and Femille looked at me with giddy eyes.


「That’s my Keima!」


 For some reason, Laura was the only one satisfied.

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