Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 67 – Even a useless goddess can occasionally show some enthusiasm

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 A day passed.

 Femille who suddenly became a Phantom Shadow has worked hard yesterday on creating a ton of balls.


「So roughly 30+ light and Stench balls, and also 20 plus sticky balls.」


「That is quite a lot.」


「In terms of hunting low level monsters, having the balls isn’t really a profitable method, thus not many carry them.

 However, if we’re fighting against mid to high level monsters, this much is necessary……」


「Even Lolona thinks so as well?」


「In my case, I could solo some mid level monsters.

 However, anything higher than that requires me to build a party consisting of at least 2 elites. It would be embarrassing to not bring some balls or magic items with me.

 It’s fine as long as we win, even though we’re injured――That is something I will never believe.」


「I see. So you would always think of ways to win without getting injured.」

「If you get hurt, you would have to wait for it to heal up before moving on, and if you hire a healer, it would cost quite a bit of money……」


 Femille looks down even more depressingly.

 Normally she would be bright and cheerful, but when money is involved, she tends to be rather naive.


「But if we have so much of these, wouldn’t it be tough to carry along?」

「That’s why, people would generally hire a dungeon or hunter carrier.」

「They are people who picks up necessary items, and carries materials and meats of defeated monsters.」

「Sometimes they would even teach you the types of monsters in the dungeon you’re in.」

「The both of you sure are knowledgeable about this.」


「Instead of knowing it……」

「It’s more of Keima-sama not knowing anything at all……」


 Well well, it seems like the talk just now is the norm here.


「It’s surprising that Keima doesn’t know something so simpleeee~~~」


 However, this Laura was smirking at me while talking in an annoying tone.

 Gotta teach her a lesson by pulling her cheeks.





 Sure is peaceful.

 It’s like listening to birds chirping and singing on a quiet lake.


「But Laura-san should know more about Keima-san not having common sense……」

「That in itself is rather enviable……」


 Femille and Lolona answered in their own ways.




 Finishing with the preparation, it was time to head out when Laura suddenly shouts.


「Keima ! !」


「For the trip to get some pufferfishes, I shall be active as well! ! 」

「What happened to you?」


「Lately, haven’t Keima been treating me so unreasonably and inappropriately!」

「Since when……?」


「See, see, see, see, that’s what I am saying! !

 You’re always speaking to me as if you’re talking to a useless goddess! ! !」


「It’s like you’re telling me not to speak the truth.」

「B-……But still, it is not as though I do not have anything of value!

 It’s true that lately, I might’ve been a little less active than usual!」



 A little.

 Than usual.


 I now have three things to retort on this useless goddess.

 Then again, this useless goddess wanting to work for once, this me is actually happy to hear it.


(I guess, this thing has finally decided to act like a proper Goddess……!)


 The useless figure of Laura all this time, looks like a dying street lamp being revived.


 When I confronted the Lion, Laura sneezes and leaves me behind.

 Confronting the Clione, she sneezes and leaves me behind.

 And when confronting the chicken at that time, she goes out of her way to stand out.


 When we finally reached a city, all she does is laze around in bed, eithers sleeping the whole day, or snacking the entire day. Sometimes, when she has the motivation to cook, she makes some hotpot that can kill a whale with one sip………


These thoughts slowly flew into me.


(There are only shitty memories of her! ! !)


 Wait wait wait just a second ! ! !

 No matter how I put it, aren’t I not being harsh enough?!

 This rotten of a useless goddess, if I put all of those in, isn’t she even worse than rotten?!

 Her occasional cuteness and her big tits might come off as a plus point, but other than that?!


 She’s cute at times, but that’s about it! !

 But then again, this useless goddess is actually showing a serious side for once.

 This spirit of hers makes me want to hug and praise her.


「What kind of strategy do you have in mind?」

「None !」


 What a straightforward answer.


「Maybe doing your best along the way……?」

「None ! !」


 Yet another straight answer.


「I want something simple like going to sleep, and someone does all the work, then I gain all the benefits!

 But well, I wouldn’t mind working a little as well!」

「And who’s going to do the work……?」



「And the one gaining the respect is……?」

「Myself! ! !」

「Oh, Oou……」


 She’s beyond useless.

 My head’s starting to hurt.

 And it seems that Laura has taken my headache in a whole different way of thinking.

 Thinking that I was panicking.


「Kekeke, if Keima can’t think of anything good, then Lolona-chan and Femille-chan wouldn’t as well!?」

「There’s one more……I want to ask……」


「What is it? ! ……No, on second thought it’s fine! I don’t want to hear it! !

 If Keima decides to hit me on the spot, I rather imagine that Keima is amazed and respects me instead ! !」


「……Is that so.」

「Yes !」


 Laura jumped away like a rabbit, and dived into the bed.

 Then, she buried her face into the pillow, and used the sides to cover her ears.


「Okay Keima! I am prepared !

 I can’t see nor hear you anymore, this is my perfect plan! !」


 2 minutes passed.




 The useless goddess is totally asleep.

 She was supposed to be motivated, but she’s doing the same thing as before, sleeping in bed.


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