Level 1 Guy: Chapter 330 – Celeste Soloing

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The agricultural city of Shikuro.


For the past two years or so, the city has become increasingly wealthy, and the population exploded.

Just outside of such a bustling city, a small incident occurred.


“I-It’s a rogue monster! A horde of Kelpies are coming!”

“Evacuate the residents! Don’t allow those monsters to get into the city!”


Most of the residents fled, and some were trying to guide the others to safety, whilst managing the damage.


Warehouses were wrecked one after another, and more monsters overflowed from there.

A phenomenon where dropped items returned to their original monsters occur quite often in rural places where there are not much people. Thus, such a phenomenon is happening right now at these warehouses, which are storing foods.


These sorts of situations become more apparent as cities become larger and larger.


Even as we speak, more than a hundred monsters are rampaging from multiple warehouses.


“Damn it! We can’t handle them all!”

“The warehouse keepers have all ran away, which means more will increase over time!”


The men who thought of staying and defending the residents bitterly bit their teeth.

A resident who has no ability to fight monsters is as good as nothing but blindness courage.

The only thing they can do is pray.


Luckily, their prayers were answered as an adventurer just so happened to pass by.


“Please move aside.”


Celeste who appeared asked the men to move away.

The beauty with green dark hair, wearing a beautiful red dress, and eyes that indicates intelligence.


She goes forward with her increased magic powers/


“Are you a mage? It’s dangerous to fight such a large amount of monsters then!”


The  man warned Celeste.


It is common knowledge for non-adventurers that mages would have difficulties fighting hordes of monsters without forming a party.

What’s worse, is that Celeste is the type of mage who exudes long magic with its enhanced magic, so it takes time to charge her magic.




“Hadron Beam.” (Celeste)


Celeste created a number of light balls around here, which were fan-shaped and emitted multiple beams diagonally to the left and right.


The point where the beam extends is where the monsters are.

It’s like the outer periphery spreading like spilled water.


The monsters were all defeated by the beams.

Some monsters that couldn’t stop their movement touched the beam and cut their bodies in half.


It’s a literal dead line, or a borderline of death.


The multiple beams trapped the monsters within range, like a rope in a ring.


“Close.” (Celeste)


Muttering those words, Celeste fires new beams one after another, reducing the angle of the fan each time she shoots a new beam.


Being pushed into a corner, the monsters gradually gathered in the center.


Nearly 200 monsters are in the center of the fan, right in front of Celeste.

After being squeezed together into one place, Celeste once more casted a strong spell.


Her long hair spreads like a cloak, and her entire body emits faint amounts of light due to the increased magic power.

With both her hands held together.


“Inferno Infinity!” (Celeste)


The Level 3 Great Magic that she’s good at, was fired at the large hordes of monsters, burning all of them.



“I didn’t know magic can be used that way!”


The people around Celeste secretly admired her.


Instead of just firing magic, you first devise a plan, master the plan and then effectively release your magic.

That is the way Ryouta does it.


The Ryouta family are all looking at his back, working day and night to be able to do that.


Ryouta not only gave his teammates many skills and magic, but also a positive effect on his way of life.

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