Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 66 – Making flash balls and paints~Story of Destroy Follows~

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 After shopping was done, we went back to our inn.

 After the young boy placed the ingredients down, Femille asked.


「I was thinking while you were buying but……are you trying to make flashballs and stink balls?」

「That’s right…..…」


「If that’s the case, I know how to make them as well! !

 I’ve learned it in school before, Keima-sama!!!

 The method of making it, and have also made it before!!!」


 Femille was appealing to me with her whole body.


「If that’s the case, I’ll leave it to you.」



 Femille nodded with a bright smile on her face.

 Her bunny ears stood up, and the tail on her butt was flailing left and right wildly.

 Being a half bunny half dog demihuman, Femille sure has the cuteness of both the bunny and the dog.


 First, Femille took out the light bug.

 The insect reminds me of a golden kanabun.

 As for its size, it’s roughly around the size of my palm.


「Uhhmm……Marin-san, could you come and lend me a hand.」



 Femille hands some clay to Marin, while she places the light bug into a mortar.

 Go go go go.


(Mold mold mold.)


 Go go go go.


(Squish squish squish.)


 Femille begins breaking the insect whilst Marin was kneading the clay beside it.

 Femille was doing her best, but her face began to show a painful figure.



「What’s the matter?」

「It’s a bit harder than the ones we crushed in class……」

「Should I crush them then?」


「No no no it’s okay, I can do it!

 Keim-sama can sit back and relax!!」


「But learning how to make it would be beneficial to me too.」



 I forcibly took the mortar in front of Femille while she was working on it  halfway.


「You’re only kind to everyone besides me……」


 Laura said, but I chose to ignore her.


「Eh, ehhmm, Keima-sama.

 Isn’t the light bug harder than it looks?

 Even Keima-sama is having a hard time to crush it……」


(Splurt! Crunch crunch crunch.)


「What’s wrong?」

「It’s nothing……」


 Femille showed a lonely face.

 Even her adorable bunny ears flopped down, losing its energy.


「What should I do next?」

「Boil the crushed light bugs in hot water with some special herbs.」



 I put the herbs into the pot.

 When the water has boiled, I put the fragments of the light bug inside.

 The golden shell melted, and the hot water began to shine golden in colour.


「Is this also necessary to crush?」

「It seems that the original body also has a component that dissolves the golden part!

 So, you have to slowly stir it in circles while it takes time boiling!」



「Is that so.……」


 I was, of course, surprised, but even the young boy who supposedly knew how to make it was surprised as well.


「I-I-I-It can’t be helped!

 I didn’t even attend school, hell would I know such things! !」

「If we can make it properly, I don’t mind who’s making it.」


 While saying, I watched over the pot.


「After the light bugs melt, put the liquid in a thin rubber bag and warp it in clay.」

「Any type of clay is fine?」

「Basically anything should work.」

「I see.」

「After that, if we leave it overnight, it should be completed……」



 Femille took out a yellow ore.

 She puts it inside a thin leather bag, then crushed it with the handle of a dagger.

 Crunch crunch crunch.


 Then, she put the powder into a small dish and dissolved it in water.

 After awhile, the yellow part sunk below, and the transparent part floats above.

 Femille then used a spoon to scoop out the transparent parts, leaving only the yellow colour.


「What should I do next?」

「We leave it overnight and wait for it to dry!」

「Sure takes some time.」

「Since we made this earlier, we have time to dry the balls……」

「But I do want to see the completed version.」


 I blew hot air from my hand.



「Keima-dono? !」


 Both Femille and Lolona were surprised, as they added their own comments.


「I’m basically sending heat energy with fire magic just before ignition, then using wind magic to blow it to a certain direction.」

「Although Keima-sama is relatively compatible with wind and fire, but it’s already difficult enough to talk while using magic, moreover Keima-sama is using two attribute magic at the same time……」

「But, as expected……♥」


 Lolona looked at me with those gorgeous eyes, as if being mesmerized by my ability, and Femille was explaining with her cheeks dyed red.

 The liquid has dried.

 Only the yellow power remains.


「After that, add the transparent adhesive material called Armadillonica, which was removed from the skin of an Armadillo.……」


「Please let me do it! ! !」


「Unlike just now, the composition of the adhesive cannot be done in a rough manner! Even Keima-sama might fail!!!」


 Femille was trying her best to:『appeal to being useful』.



「I shall leave it to you then.」



 Femille shakes her tail excitedly and begins working.

 Using the spoon to scoop the adhesive, she measures the amount and puts it in a small dish.

 With a serious gaze, and even the tail on her ass was pointed sharply.

 The tension is high on this one.


 Puts in and mix it with a stick, then continued the process once more.

 The result was yellow paint.

 Despite the differences in the nature of materials used, they are basically the same as『How to make paint using stone』back on earth.

 Femille scoops the paint with a brush and paints the ball.


「If you colour the ball in this way, it will not be confused with the other balls!! Heheh~」


 Femille smiled adorably, as if being proud of herself.

 Lolona and I smiled back, creating a good mood.

 However, someone with a shitty reputation has to make an extra remark.


「Isn’t it better to just buy the balls and the paints?」



 The entire room has frozen.


「B-But…..the price of a ball and paint is expensive……」

「It takes around 200+ to make one, and buying one is around 600+ Barushi.」



 The young boy, Femille, and even Marin joined in on the conversation, but Laura continued.


「If the difference is only 400, then isn’t it faster to just b――――bu bu bu~~~~~~~~」


 I stretched her cheeks wide.


「What are you doing Keima! Am I not correct?!」

(Just look at what you’ve done.)



 I pointed at where she was supposed to look.


「Fuhehe……It’s alright. It is exactly what Laura-san has said.……

 If you buy a flash ball or a stench ball, it is only a 500 barushi difference.

 However, if you have the financial power of Keima-san, then and only then could you do that……


 I am sorry for trying to be useful, when I was in the shadows for the entire day.……」


 Laura finally noticed that she has ruined Femilles day.


「I-I-I-It’s alright Femille-chan!!You don’t have a weak shadow at all!

 Rather, the current Femille-chan is the strongest shadow in the world!

 It’s like you’re the Phantom Shadow itself! ! !」


 Laura tried cheering her up, but the flow was terrible. Her destruction has started.

 Femille could only whine「Hauu……」while looking down.


「W-W-W-What should I do Keima!!!」

「How about you start prostrating?」


 I grabbed her head.




 Things happened, but the ball turned out pretty good.

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Thanks for the chapter desu~

If that bug was especially hard for others to break, would he have gotten a neat skill if he ate it?

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