Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 65 – Let’s eat some Desert Moles

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    After the talk about pufferfish, the next day arrives.

 I participated in a Bazaar.

 Various stores with shades were lined up, and many items were being displayed for sale.

 In front of me and Laura, was a young boy.

 It was the young boy that we met back at the slums, the son of a shark killing fisherman.


「But Nii-chan, are you really going to capture a pufferfish…..?」

「If things go south, I’ll run for my life.」

「But the Garugarosu is not only huge, but fast. So isn’t it tough to escape?」

「Still, I will do what I can.」



 While listening to their conversation, a young girl pulled the hem of my shirt.

 The young girl with a fairy-like atmosphere with white hair is probably the sister of that boy.


「See, even Marin is worried.」



 The white hair girl that is apparently called Marin, was staring at me with pupils slightly moist in tears.

 Even though I only gave her a shark meat once, she is strangely attached to me.


「Well, if we’re heading there, I will definitely prepare what’s necessary for the trip!

 I did get paid just recently!」


 I showed the youngsters the gold coins I received with a ‘jyan jyan’ sound effect.

 Thanks to this huge sum of cash, I’m extremely happy right now.


「You’ll need a light bug for the haritsuki grass. I would also like to have some topaz painted stones or a sapphire stone to coat the rotted grass.……」


 The young boy began buying various items with a dead serious face.

 He began buying them at bargain prices, and put them in an old basket.

 I have no idea what the items were, but I’m excited to be preparing for an excursion.


「Keima! Keima! Keima!」


 The useless goddess held my hands abruptly.

 I don’t mind her touching me, but you’ll make me blush if you unexpectedly touch me.

 While she continued shaking my hand, I shouted.


「W-What do you want! Suddenly grabbing me!」

「U-Uhhmm……, that.」


 While shyly pointing at a stall, she was looking at me with her cheeks dyed bright red.


「A Desert Mole……?」

「I don’t know what kind of meat that is, but it looks delicious right?!

 Even though I don’t know what meat it is!!」


 It does look appetizing.

 It’s plump mochi-like body is burning moderately, making crackling and roasting sound on the flame.


「That does look……」

「Quite delicious……」



 Lolona and Femille nods, and even Marin’s stomach was rumbling.

 With her cheeks slightly red, she holds her little tummy with both hands.


 I approached the stall.

 I bought one and tried tasting it.


 The moment I chew, a chewy texture was transmitted to the teeth.

 The meat juice overflows, and the fragrant aroma passes through the nostrils.


 Even after chewing it a few times, the juices do not stop.

 Chew, chew, splurt, splurt.

 This is where soy sauce would be good with it, but it’s good by itself.


 Terere, tettette~

 I leveled up as well.


 Level    1716→1721(↑5)

 HP      22692/22692(↑40)

 MP      22200/22200(↑43)

 Strength      23055(↑45)

 Vitality     24890(↑30)

 Speed      22866(↑50)

 Magic Powers      21700(↑46)


 Obtained Skills

 Sand Magic LV1 2/50


 I’ve learned a new magic.

 But what exactly is……a sand magic.



「Aah, my bad. I’ve just learned a new magic, but it looks subtle.」

「What kind of magic?」

「Sand magic.」

「Is that a bad magic?」

「Calling it useless is……I wonder」


 I have Laura and Femille stand a little further away from me.



「「「Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ! !」」」


 Laura, Femille and Lolona, whose skirts were flipped by the wind, desperately held down their skirts with their hands whilst screaming.


「What do you think you’re doing, you stupid Keima!」

「I do not mind if Keima-sama is the one looking, but having others see it is……」

「If you want to have a look, you could’ve just asked for it normally……」


 While the three of them ironed their skirts back, they each complained for different reasons.

 Then, I splashed water magic on the three of them.



「「「Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ! !」」」


 The three of them became drenched.

 It’s sexy and lovely to watch.


「I guess it’s something like this. Wind and Water Magic can be used to practice or to motivate me, but when it comes to sand……」

「Was there a point to demonstrate? ! ? ! ? !」

「None at all――but, I felt like doing it.」

「Keima you idiot! ! What are we going to do now!

 Look at me……I’m drenched! !」

「Please forgive me with this.」


 I hugged Laura.


「Kyaa? !」

「While hugging her, I used heating magic to gradually dry her clothes.」

「Waait wait wait a minute stupid Keima!

 Keima is stupid! Even if I am deceived from this……Fueee…………」


 Laura was butchering her words, and finally she allowed me to continue hugging her.

 Her body is soft and her breasts pressing on my chest feels good, I don’t hate it but the embarrassment kinda makes me want to stop.


「Keima-sama! I, I want to be deceived as well!!」

「M-M-M-Me too!!! P-P-P-Please defile me!」


 After the two of them said. I freed Laura.


「Please……think about the time and place……Stupid……」


 Pretending to not hear Laura, I embraced Femille and Lolona.


「Hauuu……it’s hot……!」

「Kyuuun……. Keima-donoooo……!」

「Both of you……are weird.

 It’s Keima, he’s a sadist, he always bullies me, and he’s not kind to me besides everyone else……」


 I wondered if being kind and gentle to everyone but Laura would be an advantage.

 Well whatever.


「Let’s eat for now.」


 I placed the mochi Desert Mole which I’ve eaten to Laura’s mouth.


「And whenever I’m angry, you’ll always cheat me by patting my head or giving me food to eat!

 Do you think I’m such an easy goddess――」


「Just eat it.」


「Fueeen…………Delicious! !

 Such a chewy and juicy texture!

 Also, no matter how many times I chew, it’s endless! This endless loop of a mochi texture is happiness~~~~~!

 This is melting my mind and my body~~~~~~~~~~! ! !」


「Why do you always have to finish everything till the last drop?!」

「Fuee~~~nnn, delish delish delish delish~~~~~~~~~~! ! !」


 While I fiercely retorted at her, she continued holding my hand while chewing the skewers and calling it delicious over and over again.

 The dazzling smile of a simple minded Goddess who could blow off any anger with a single skewer.

 Lolona dyes her cheeks red while she eats the mole.


「But if this is so good, it would’ve been better if we brought Licia-dono as well……」

「Can’t be helped. She’s with Liesel right now.」



 Probably because they were kidnapped together, a sort of friendship has emerged between Lolona and Licia.


「I don’t think this’ll taste good unless it’s freshly skewed……So we can invite her next time.」


 I answered.







 Femille, Marin and the young boy did not eat it.


「What’s wrong?」

「It’s nothing……」




 The three were looking at the price tag on the skewer stall.

 The price of the skewer is 50 Balsin per stick.

 It’s a fair price because of the taste, but it is expensive considering if we’re eating as a snack.




 Femille who has been living a poor life, her body shakes as I put the meat into her mouth.


「Don’t worry about it and just eat it.」



「If you put it that way……」


 They finally started eating.


「It’s delicious……!」

(………Chew chew.)

「Thi-sh is good……!」


    The three of them showed a satisfying look.

 This is worth it.

 They’re such honest people.


「Fueeen, Keima. Give me another! I want more! !」




 In a sense, I thought it might be good for this useless goddess to learn a thing from them.

 I think that someone eating good food and showing a smile is simply attractive.

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    Rickrolled · 4th June 2020 at 6:04 PM

    Probably due to the fact that the former is bitchier and would never admit her mistake since even death could be reversed by her while the former doesn’t learn anything despite being around Seiya for quite a while until the latest 100ish chapter where she finally go along with his antics. Meanwhile, Laura is what you get if you tone down Aqua’s bitchiness, up her uselessness and slap that on Hestia(Danmachi)’s body.

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