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TLN Note: I apologize for the delay of this chapter, I knew that it would be a long chapter and I would need to take my time translating it, but I did not expect to delay for almost a month now. To summarize, I recently found a job and was busy trying to nail it, and finally they accepted me and I’m finally not jobless anymore! So, as compensation, I started working on this chapter immediately, and even posting it right now to not disappoint the fans who were patiently waiting for this to come out.

Author’s Note:

The long-awaited chapter 78 is here.


It seems I’ve written too deeply on Neah and Amako, so I had to do some revision.


Edited: Shiro



Father said that the living human beings were food to us.

Mother said that the dead were toys to play with.

I was born and raised by my father, who was a great vampire, and my mother who was a Necromancer. I, who have two races with a long life span pleased father and mother.

The way of the vampire, and the necromancer.

What it means to be a demon, and why humans will always be our enemies. These and various other things were ingrained in me since I was young.

My parents were really kind to me as well. Even as of right now, the distant memories were nothing of sadness, but filled with happy and nostalgic memories with them.

However, the two were killed by humans.

It was during the time when I could count with both my hands, when I was 10 years old.

The humans deemed us as harmful beings, made sure that my parents will never return from the grounds using magic.

Thinking back, it was the obvious decision for them to do. Father and mother went too far with their actions. They ruined the food chain of the human being, and toyed with the lives of humans.

What was left for the young Neah, were the abundant book collections which mother has kept, and the only small village that father has ruled, the mansion which I am living in right now.

At that time, I did not know what to do.

Should I exact their revenge? However, the two humans who’d killed my parents have breathed their last, so there was no way for me to do that, which led me mourning for days, without finding any meaning in life.

However, I, who is feared as a vampire at night, roamed around the empty mansion by myself.

That’s why I had no choice.

I was lonely.

The hunger for human compassion struck my impulse.


Thus, I who was young and lonely could not take it any longer, mingled into the village that my father has ruled.


The first thing that came to mind was that humans as living beings, are far too weak. If the children get hurt, they start crying immediately, and when the adults were attacked by monsters, they would easily lose to them, resulting in great injuries.

Strangely however, I was surprised that the loneliness I felt previously weren’t there when I mingled with the human beings.


At first, I was the younger sister of a family with an elder sister.

Then, I lived alone as a young girl.

The third time, I was the elder sister of a young girl who had lost her parents.

Fourth time, I was an owl, overlooking the village.

Fifth time, I was the daughter of another family.

The sixth time, I became a mother of a girl who has no identity of her own.

The seventh time, I was the daughter of a mother who had lost her husband and her daughter.

After playing and bending their memories here and there, three hundred plus years have gone by in an instant.

During that time period, I’ve learned three new magics, and have almost read all of the books my mother kept. But, I have started to grow tired of the small village that I’ve mingled with.

Right around 200 years ago, I could feel the limits of listening and changing the memories of humans.

I could not get any stimulation out of it. All of them had a normal life, and most, if not all of them did not have an interesting life which could excite me.

That is why I will not let this prey escape.

An other worlder who is also a healer, a girl who has a mysterious foresight magic, the princess of time.

Thus, I will use whatever means to get them.

Yes, that was my intention——


“——-Cough, oh well, I guess I’ll end up like father and mother…….”


My body is in shambles, and I couldn’t move. I could force myself to move, but only my right arm. That is the might of the Wicked Dragon, just one hit and I’ve gotten injured to such extent.

I can’t believe that Usato could continuously get hit by that monster and still be alive. Even though he was smashed and hit, he is still punching that dragon without any break, which makes me think that he’s not a normal human being.


“So, he has defeated the Wicked Dragon…..”


And just now, the evil presence that I felt has disappeared.

Knowing that he has defeated the dragon, I could finally rest my body on the cracked wall in relief.

It’s funny to think that your own trump card was beaten, but it was absolutely necessary. The fool who has revived the Wicked Dragon on her own, and now she is the one being cornered by that very own dragon in her current situation.

I am sure that he will come here at this moment.

To defeat the harmful monster, which is me.


“Fu- Fufu…..”


After all, I am no different from father and mother who have used humans as their playthings and tools.

Using the living and dead humans as I pleased, capturing visitors who came to the village, erasing their memories once I was bored with them. I might not have done things that might’ve made them resent me but…….even if the method was different, I have not changed the actions I’ve done, and I am still following the footsteps of my parents.


“I might not be needed anymore.”


Or rather, I feel like disappearing.

Being overly cocky and reviving the Wicked Dragon, just to be played like a fiddle, and in the end Usato and his friends had to clean my mess. There were no miscalculations in the development before I revived the Wicked Dragon. It’s just that, I did not calculate the fact that the Wicked Dragon would cause such havoc even after it died.

It was insulting.

A lifeless body, taxidermize for hundreds of years. Thus, hearing for the first time that a dead body would still remain its soul wasn’t what I’d expected. In the first place, souls can only reside in a living body. In other words, the vessel called the body moves with the soul, and the soul is contained in that vessel.


“…..Which evil being……binded the Wicked Dragon’s soul into it…..”


It was natural to come to such a conclusion.

Normally it would be impossible to trap a soul after death. But, there was one who could. A legend who is known throughout the continent, the one and only hero who is said to have sealed the Demon King with his powers.

If the book has recorded the exaggerated actions of the hero, then the containment of a soul might’ve been easy for him.

However, what’s left to prove such a thing is gone.


“Either way, it has nothing to do with me. Since…..”


There was no point in figuring out the reason behind a human being who had died a few hundred years ago.

If we look at the results, because of my shallow thinking, it was I who unknowingly destroyed the village….That is all that matters.


“I, am not needed.”


With those words let out, I remembered the distant memories that were left in this mansion.

My parents were killed, I cried because I was left alone.

I wonder what would happen to the village, if the young girl Neah has disappeared———I am surprised at how stupid I was for thinking about it, as I showed a self-deprecating smile.

What is there to leave if my existence wasn’t supposed to be there from the beginning.

As I muttered earlier, they don’t need me anymore. Since I don’t have to use that village anymore, and I don’t have to bother with the zombies.

I’m going to die here anyways.


“……. ! !”


Footsteps of someone walking up could be heard.

I swallowed my saliva as the sound echoes from below, and dreaded at the fact that I cannot escape because I could not move my body.

I closed my eyes slowly as I accepted my fate.



I climbed the Western-style mansion.

Behind me were Ark-san and Usato, closely following me from behind.

As for Bluerin, he is waiting outside if anything happens.


“Ark-san, I think it’s better if me and Bluerin….”


Usato asked Ark-san again.

Slightly intrigued, I peaked from my shoulders, and saw Ark-san ascending the stairs with his sword in its sheath that had fallen in the hall earlier, bitterly smiling.


“It is alright. Though my magic power is running dry, my body is unharmed. As for Usato-dono, you’ve been fighting all this time right?”

“I am…… alright. I still have some magic left as well.”


I frowned my eyebrows as I heard the lies coming from Usato.

He has been fighting with Ark-san who was being controlled, then fighting such a powerful Wicked Dragon afterwards. What’s more, he was poisoned and smashed during the fight with the dragon. Based on my judgement, Usato has not only exhausted his muscles, but also his mental strength.


“Moreover, I have a score to settle. I have to meet with that brat who was the reason why all of these happened in the first place.”


Before we entered the mansion, Usato was talking about what he’s going to do with Neah whilst using emergency healing magic on us.

Though I was silently listening to him, I did not know what he was thinking….. But, I will understand as soon as we ascend these stairs.

And there, we will see Neah who was done in by the Wicked Dragon.

And then——-


“…..It’s coming.”


The scene from my prediction is approaching.

The scratched walls, shattered chandeliers, broken windows——-

Neah who was laying down against the wall, under Usato’s shadow.

I’m sure Usato understands as well.

I know that he’s not stupid, and he’s noticed the foreshadowing which I’ve spoke to him, the scenario that I saw is now coming together.

Right now, he is heading for Neah.


“We’re here?”


Usato muttered as he looked at the top of the stairs.

I once again strengthened my mind as I climbed the stairs, and saw Neah there, in front of the living room on the third floor. The floor we were in as Usato jumped out from the window just now.



“You’ve come.”


Leaning on the cracked wall, the beaten up Neah put up a smile as she looked at us.


“……You looked quite, beaten up.”

“Let me return that statement back at you.”


Usato who was fed up with this, continued forward to where Neah was leaning.

He thought of approaching her cautiously, but sighs when he saw Neah laughing ironically.

She was hit by the dragon, and was in a state where she was seriously injured. It might be that her defense isn’t that high, but her forehead was soaked in her own blood, her left hand and both her feet looked as though it was painfully kept alive, and she wasn’t in a state where she could freely move.


“Sigh——- You’re really staring at me with those deadpan eyes.”


Usato on the other hand was quite impressive as well.

His robe was covered in soot, blood marks could be seen on his forehead and cheeks, and the wounds which would’ve been recovered by his Healing Magic, would still show his complexion on his face.


“…….Still, you don’t seem to look angry at all.”

“Huuh? Bloody hell of course I’m angry at you.”


Usato who was jokingly laughing just a second ago has instantly turned into his sadistic and sharp tongue.

Though we can’t see what he looks like right now, judging from Neah’s frightened expression, she was shedding slight tears from her eyes, and trembling from her immovable body.


“Because of you, my important journey was almost ruined to dust. You tried to manipulate Ark-san into doing something irreparable, and above all else—”


Then, with his arms crossed, he left her trembling even further.


“The stupid dragon that you revive has almost caused a mountain of people to be killed.”


If Usato couldn’t defeat the dragon, many would’ve been devoured by it.

Neah who nonchalantly revived the Wicked Dragon couldn’t be forgiven.



“You didn’t think that that would happen, right? But, because of that shallow thinking, you have caused this much mess.”


Neah’s mouth was sealed shut.

Usato who looked at such a sight, once again sigh.


“……Why did you shield the village from the Wicked Dragon then? Weren’t you only using the villagers to do your biddings?”

“…..That is correct.”

“Then why haven’t you used them to good use? You could’ve used the villagers as meat shield to capture me. Didn’t you hear about me through Ark-san? Because I have joined the Rescue Squad for the sole purpose of saving people’s lives, if you’d just controlled the villagers and made them as hostages, you would’ve had the upper hand.”


He’s right.

There was no need to use the Wicked Dragon whatsoever. His Healing Punch would’ve done nothing to save the villagers if held hostage.


“I came to the conclusion that the dragon wasn’t needed…..But it is still a miss from my part…..”



Usato gave a doubtful look.

Regardless, Neah smiled selfishly and spun her words.


“It wouldn’t have happened….. If I’d properly controlled it, then all these wouldn’t have……”

“Huh, and look at what happened. Either way, even if you hadn’t controlled the zombies, I would’ve defeated you before you could even give an order.”

“You’re really, a monster—-”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“……You’re like that since just now!? What do you want me to say!?”


Neah shouted as she did not know what Usato wanted from her.

Usato then stared at her with a threatening look, causing her to stop moving once more.


“You’ve regretted ever committing such an act, right?”

“That is!! ………Well yes. But, I worked for what I wanted. Even if I regret my actions, I can’t reflect on it—–”

“You’re wrong. The regret I’m saying isn’t about that. You’ve regretted having revived the Wicked Dragon, but not because you couldn’t catch me.”


As if hitting the mark, he glared at her as she shimmered.


“What you regretted was putting the villagers in danger.”

“………I have zero remorse over them.”

“If you truly treat them as tools, then you wouldn’t have pleaded with the Wicked Dragon to not wreak havoc at that village. I know this because I’ve fought with it, that dragon is incredibly scary right? So, to face that dragon and tell it to not destroy the village, isn’t that what you call being worried about them?”

“W-orried……? Y-You’re wrong, over there is……..”


Neah was agitated as she looked elsewhere but at Usato’s eyes.

Usato, who sighed at the situation, muttered “This isn’t going anywhere” under his breath.

Thinking of what he was worried about, he opened his mouth to the frightened Neah.


“You knew about it. You knew about the horrors the moment you released that horrid creature. That the villagers will be trampled, bitten, poisoned, and rotten by the dragon. Its poison could destroy the body from the inside, melts the lungs, and eventually unable to breathe. Its arms and tail is so strong that it creates crater in the ground, so powerful that it can even crush a large adult. And the worst thing, is that it has a cunning and brutal personality. All living creatures in its eyes are things that it can kill, regardless of whether it’s an old man, woman or child———–”

“Stop it……! !”


Did she imagine the scene?

Neah, whose expression changed into a sad one, snarls like a child as she blocks Usato’s words. Even Usato didn’t feel good about it either, as he brushed his hair roughly.

He knew that Neah did not try to fight with the villagers in mind. She wouldn’t want anything happening to the villagers, and now seeing her scared expression seemed to be somewhat saddening.



“You’re an idiot.”

『You’re an idiot.』


With that one word, everything matched into place.

The prediction I saw three days ago, and the words he spoke has now overlapped. Looking around immediately, I could see Ark-san being supported by his sword, and the full moon, which can be seen through a hole in the half destroyed rubble.


“If you’ve regret doing it, why didn’t you realize it sooner? What you wanted was already in your hands. But you tried to let go of it, regardless of what you’re doing, regardless of your will.”


Despite being frustrated, he spins his words.

She continued calling his name to try and stop it——But, he continued talking without turning around.

Usato knew what was going to happen, and it would become a reality…..But, why would he deliberately try to…..

Confused and unable to move, Usato comes close to Neah’s eyes.


“It’s not like I’m going to kill you.”


“What’s with that surprised look on your face?”


He shrugged his shoulders, after being shown that he was out of his mind, crouched down, looked at Neah.


“Because the request to defeat the necromancer was from you. At this point, the request doesn’t make sense anymore. But, don’t ever do these senseless things anymore. So, go and live as Neah, as the daughter of that village.”


I’ll check on you from time to time okay? As he squared Neah up with his eyes.

Did the future of Usato change?

The future is changing, and it was a prediction which shouldn’t have changed, but there are exceptions to everything, even to this.


“Fu-Fu fu fu……For me to be, the village daughter…..”


While staring on the ground, she mutters something on her mouth.

However, while having a short relief, looking from Usato’s back, the mouth hidden by her bangs was severely distorted like a crescent moon.


“Usato ! !”


Neah was holding a sharp like object on her right hand.

At the same time, Usato’s left hand moves at an unstoppable speed. The future has changed——-Panicked by what happened at the mysterious speculation, what I saw was drops of blood coming at his feet.

Ark-san and I hurriedly ran to where we could see them.

However, what jumped into my eyes was different from what I’d expected.


“You….What did you do…..?”

“Fufu? What, I did?”


Looking at Usato’s hand, he was grabbing Neah’s right wrist.

What looked like a knife was her claws, stretched to about twenty centimetres, and their ramifications were directed to her throat, not to Usato.

The dripping blood came down from Usato’s hand was through a nail that stuck slightly into her throat.


“Usato-dono, what is…..”

“…….This brat was trying to stab herself on the neck.”


He showed her nails, which slightly hurt Neah’s throat.

So Neah was trying to commit suicide?

I did not understand what led to such a conclusion, but in the first place, the prediction did not say whether Usato would be stabbed.


“I was prepared to be killed in the same as father and mother would, how much of a fool do you think I was? Asking me to spend my time as a village girl? If you think I could go back now, then you’re sorrowfully mistaken.”



Usato sighs became a troublesome one.

But Neah fearlessly smileed, despite being stopped by him.


“That’s why I knew that you’re determined to stop me.”

“….Eh? What?”

“The blood reveals information, the contract, the price——–I’ll be dead unless you grabbed my hand. However, because you grabbed my hand—–which was already covered in my blood, one condition was met.”

“Huh, huuuh?”


Usato was confused as he looked at Neah’s hand.

He couldn’t understand what was going on.


“——Demon and human, the worshipper and the one being worshipped, with the testimony of each other’s blood, allow the old contract to be bonded.”

“Wait a minute, what is with that disturbing spell.”


At that moment, a large white light emitted from Usato’s hand that was holding Neah’s hand.

The familiar like——-It was the [Contract] which I’ve seen before being activated using blood.

However, the contract she is about to make will not hurt Usato.

But it can be troublesome.


“Usato! Get away from———–!?”


When I rushed to the side to try to pull Neah away, my body suddenly stopped moving. Looking at the floor, her bind magic was activated through the carpet on the floor.

When did she………!? Why is she this obsessed…..!?

How about Ark-san!? As we saw Ark-san, he was holding his head down, trying to resist something.


“You’re trying to control Ark-san again! ! ! “

“Hehe, be a little more obedient, won’t you?”

“! !”

“Ara, you sure? I’ll die if you punch me? And if I die, the dangerous magic still remains, right?”



While coughing blood, she laughed at Usato whose fists were trembling with a painful expression.


“Regret for the things I have done!! For the rest of my life! !”

“H-Huh?! What is with that disturbing line!? You little, let go of me!! O-Ouch!? Your claws are hitting me!!”


Usato tried shaking her hand out, but she opened her mouth wide, laughing, not letting him escape.

At that moment, the light emitted from the hand grew even more, illuminating the entire hall, illuminating the dark sky.


Author’s Note:

The one who has the last laugh was Neah (seriously ill).


What kind of contract did she create? It will be explained in the last chapter, which is the upcoming chapter.

Since it was mentioned a little on the 2nd chapter, you might’ve already figured it out.

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