Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 64 – Fight is over

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    I left Laura with Liesel and approached Lolona and Licia.

 Since I was unfamiliar with the restraining tools that they used, I just cut the belts.


「Are you alright?」



 Lolona quickly got up and hugged me tightly.

 Her body was slightly trembling.

 Though she looks okay from the outside, but I am sure she was afraid of the situation.


「Thank you……for the help……」


 After Femille helped released the restraints for Licia, she too got up and spoke in an exhausting manner.

 She has dark circles beneath her eyes.


「Looks like you had it worse than Lolona.」

「There were many things to think about……」

「……Is that so.」


 Then, someone spoke from behind me.


「Keima! I have tied the bad guy up!!」


 Laura has used a long rope to tie Liesel’s body, and also sealed his mouth.

 While gently hugging Lolona, I went to where Laura was.

 Lolona who was being Princess carried by me stuttered.



「You’ve done a good job this time. So something like this is nothing for me.」



 Giving Lolona the okay, she took this chance to tightly hug me.




 Standing in front of Liesel, I placed Lolona down gently, and asked Lolona and Licia.


「So……What should we do about him?」

「I will……, follow what Keima-dono wants……♥」


 Lolona was in the mood.


「The case this time allowed Keima-dono to princess carry me, so I should be grateful to him……♥」

「That’s besides the point……」



 I calmly retorted her, but she act as though she did not listen at all. Though I have already placed her down on the ground, she continued to hug me and rubbed her face on my clothes.


「And how about you, Licia?」

「As for me――」


 When she looked down at Liesel, she closed her eyes shut and pondered.

 After awhile, she opened her eyes, and declared.


「I’ll forgive him.」



 Liesel and Laura was surprised with their eyes wide open.

 Instead of Liesel who couldn’t speak a word, Laura was the one who spoke.


「You’re going to forgive him!?」

「I was once……an orphan as well.

 I did not know how to earn a living, and I had no choice but to earn my daily food through [sins] such as stealing or violence.」



「During such a painful time, Father Allen appeared before me.

 He helped me who had no education whatsoever—–」

「And what did I do in return……?」


「I stabbed Father in the back.」



「However, Father himself forgave me for stabbing him in the back.

 Not only that, he picked me up and raised me so that I could earn my daily food the right way.」

「I don’t think it has anything to do with the Gods, but that he’s just a good person in general?!」


 The Goddess herself just denied all workings of Gods.

 Maybe it’s true, but it’ll be bad if you were to say it.

 I don’t care even if you have to lie or something, just say that the Goddess is someone amazing.


「A-……Anyways, that’s my decision.

 Keima-sama can choose to do whatever he wants, but my answer will always be to『forgive』him.」


「I see.」


 With a glance, I told Laura to untie the ropes.


「Are you going to forgive him?」

「Though Lolona and Licia has chose to forgive him, I thought that he still needs to be punished somehow.」

「If all of you forgives him, then wouldn’t I be the narrow minded one?!」

「To be that conscious about it, I say you’re pretty narrow minded.」


「So, what should I do? This time you have experienced some pain, so if you have an opinion, I don’t mind hearing it?」

「Laura-dono has gone through pain as well……?」


「I have pulled your cheeks. I have also pulled your ahoge.

 I have called you a dumb big breast………Thinking about it, there sure are a lot of pain.」

「You’re right. This time, I have…………wait a minute, aren’t all of those Keima’s fault?!

 It feels like Liesel did nothing wrong to me at least though?!?!?!」


「If you put it that way, then it might look that way.」

「It’s not ‘might’, it’s 120% your fault!?」

「What sort of punishment do you want to incur to me, assuming I’m the culprit?」

「Fuee, eeh, eeeh……」


 Laura placed her finger on her lower lip, and thought really hard about it.

 Because she can’t answer immediately, her head truly is rotten, yes, a rotten and useless goddess.

 I healed Liesel, then loosen the rope.


「You’re quite lax……」

「Well, I felt refreshed after punching you as much as I like. Also……」


 I smiled and said.


「Haven’t I crushed your d*ck?」



 Liesel held his crotch with both hands.

 One of his balls has been crushed by my golden ball attack.

 Though I’ve healed him, I purposely did not heal that.

 I don’t think he’ll resist anymore.

 If he does, I’ll just crush the other ball instead.


「If I want to say what I want――――I would love some good monster food.」


「I’m sure you know a thing or two about some nice food around here, don’t you?

 I’m searching for the most delicious monsters here. So tell me.」


「Based on my information, I’ve heard that the west district has a huge oasis, and their pufferfish are delicious――or so I was told. It’s quite a strong one, but I’m sure you would have no problems dealing with it.」

「That sounds good.」

「However, there are Garugarosu’s around the Oasis.」

「What the hell are those?」


「They’re dinosaurs. Once you enter their territory, they will eat and kill you without mercy.」

「I see.」

「Also, the pufferfish are poisonous. You can only eat the non-poisonous part.」

「I-I-I do know the parts where there are poison……」


 Femillie shyly raised her hand.


「Even if I were to eat the poison part, I wouldn’t die.

 I’ve leveled up quite a bit from the lethal poisonous gas.」




 They’ve probably remembered when we climbed the tower.

 It’s true that no mere human would’ve lived through that.

 But thanks to that, I can safely eat some pufferfish.

 It’s okay to be less of a human! ! !


「Though I still would not recommend you. Even the Garugarosu is a tough opponent, even for me.

 I am sure it’ll be easy for you, but you’re never sure.」


「If it’s truly dangerous, then I’ll run instead.」


 I said lightly brushing his words off.

 However at that time, I never would’ve thought.

 Such lighthearted decision will lead to such a tragic——-.

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Xias · 27th February 2020 at 6:32 AM

Thanks for the chapter.

Is it just me overthinking things or did they really forget about Liesel’s skill “Level down by talking”?
He can still use that skill.
So all he would need to do is wait till he is at a safe distance to Keima and then he can “talk” to Keima till Keima is back at level 1.
They should have at least made sure that Liesel cannot use that skill by forcing a magic contract or so on him that kills him if he activates that skill.
Or maybe they could have placed a magic seal on him to seal the skill.

    Belkar · 27th February 2020 at 8:55 AM

    I was thinking they should have tapped a few pints of blood so Keima could learn the ability and spread it to the whole party. Sure it’s a bit on the cannibalistic/vampiric side, but for a godly skill he will just have to stomach it. Besides drinking the blood of an apostle must be good for a few level-ups as well.

      Mio · 27th February 2020 at 11:03 AM

      We wouldn’t want Keima contracting divine Hepatitis or HIV now, would we?

    eZquinn · 28th February 2020 at 12:03 AM

    Keima has that one skill; revive after death while also adapting

    eZquinn · 28th February 2020 at 12:04 AM

    thaank qU~

Belkar · 27th February 2020 at 6:37 AM

Thank you!

Mio · 27th February 2020 at 11:06 AM

Thanks for the chapter desu~

Liesel was a victim of cock-and-ball torture.

Aegis · 28th February 2020 at 4:41 AM

Chapter 65 is broken! :'(

ACYNED · 26th April 2020 at 6:52 PM

Thanks for the chapter!

ACYNED · 26th April 2020 at 6:52 PM

Thanks for the chapter!

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