Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 63 – Cheat Keima VS Cheat Liesel

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 After seeing the shrewd Zephyros ascended, we continued to climb up the stairs.

 We soon arrived at the rooftop.

 Liesel stood calmly under the moonlight.

 My emotions were running wildly inside, but I held it in and asked.


「Where did you lock Licia and Lolona……?」

「Before I answer that question, let me pose another one for you—-Do you want to come to my side?」



「The guard that Zephyros-sama created has been defeated, and you have managed to send Zephyros-sama back to God’s realm.

 That strength of yours, I can say that it’s second only to me.」

「That’s based on your own premise.」

「That’s too bad then.」


 Liesel raises both his hands up and shakes his head, sadden by my disapproval.


「Of course I wouldn’t――give them for free.」


 Liesel turned and look back. There, a white sheet was hung, hiding something behind.

 And obviously――They were Licia and Lolona hidden behind the sheet.




 Their legs wide open as if giving birth, and at the same time a muzzle was placed on their mouth.

 My blood was about to burst, but I held back once more and asked.


「What are you trying to do……?」

「Let’s have fun――shall we.

 This time, I shall give you back the children that are longing for you.

 However, if it’s handed to me, I do not mind making them my sex slaves.」


 Liesel continued spouting words selfishly, whilst smiling menacingly and placing his fingers on his lips.


「To be honest, I am quite interested in you as well……」


 Now that is one creepy gaze.

 Only I, who constantly sexually harass Laura and Lolona would know it.


(Is he trying to aim for my chastity as well……?!)


 Goosebumps appeared all around me.

 No matter how aroused he is, I did not expect him to chase after men as well.


「Well, if you show such disgust against me, I won’t force you.

 In exchange, I’ll let you do whatever you desire to the girls who come to my temple.

 It’s not a bad offer right?」


 Well, obviously it ain’t a bad offer.

 I love doing perverted things too.



「I don’t really like those who don’t treat women fairly.」




 When I declared that, Laura showed an extremely disgusted glare towards me.


「Why that look, Laura?」


「I am utterly speechless! !

 That statement is the number 1 of [the things Keima will never say in all history ranking]! ! !

 The you who just called me a dumb big breast would turn a 180 and say such a thing is the worst! !

 Even though I’m one of the candidates in the hall of fame! !」


「That far huh.」

「That’s right! !

 If you have that kind of policy, then I want you to be more kind to me as well !

 I want you to be lovey-dovey to me !」


「If I were to do that, I would rather wear women’s clothing and jump into a pit of fire and water……」

「You don’t want to do it that badly?!?!?!」

「10% of it is a joke.」

「So 90% of it is the truth?!?!?!?!?!」

「I wish that you would praise the 10% which is not true.」



 While going back and forth, I covered Laura’s ears.

 Using Wind Magic on her ears so she couldn’t hear a single word, I talked to Liesel.


「And that’s that.

 No matter what, I’m interested in this thing.

 I won’t refuse her, but I won’t need to purposely be kind to her as well.

 As long as she’s here.」


「Why did you have to purposely block this conversation though……?」

「If I were to say that, this rotten and useless goddess will get on her high horse.」

「I see……That is indeed a shame.」



「If a fight is unavoidable, shall I introduce my powers to you?」


「As a servant of the Gods, haven’t we receive some skills from them?」


 So a Liesel version of my level up just by eating skill?


「In order to visualize the strength in humans, there needs to be an in-depth experiment.

 For example, how many stones you can lift, or how many seconds you can run a 100 metre race, or how much fireballs you casted……Those kinds of experiments.」


「……I guess so.」

「To put it in God’s words, there are the so called level or abilities that we have, and they are called:『Status』.」



「And what’s most important is the level.

 If you’re a 100 or 200 level, you’re considered an expert.

 I have never seen any apostle of Gods reached 300 or over.」

「What are you trying to say……?」


「I can freely lower that level.」



「And the strength of my skill is activated by『listening to my words』――Basically, just by having a conversation, the enemy will weaken.」


 Liesel then laughed and posed in a narcissistic manner.


「Level down just by hearing! That is my ability ! !

 For each words I say, your level will decrease by one ! ! !」


「What….in the?」


「I’ve spoke a total of 415 words. So your level has decreased by 415.」

「Oops, that would be an additional 42 words. And down another 42 level you go.」

「That explanation took 15 words, so your total level has dropped by 470!」


「Of course, while I’m commentating on this, your level will continue to decrease!」


 Seems like he isn’t lying.

 As my level continued to decrease, my body felt heavier!





 Laura and Femille couldn’t even stand straight.


「Hora hora hora hora, how does it feel? Your muscle strength will slowly decay, and it’s about time your body wouldn’t be able to support itself?!」


 While he was shouting――.


 I normally punched him.


「Gubyoo! !」


「Hyow come……?!」


 Liesel shouted while holding onto his bleeding nose, which I answered.


「Just to let you know, before the battle even started, my level is at 1700.」


「Though you’ve already exceeded over 300, but you’re facing someone who’s already waaaaaaaaayy past that.」



 I followed up with words which left him in despair.


「Moreover, my way of leveling is different from you, as my status is raised in a rather unique way. So even if you could drop my level back to 1, I’m sure I can win against you either way.」


「That’sーーーーーーーー! ! Impossible, impossible, lies, lies, outrageous 「Wind Shot!」Gugyaaa! ! !」


 While he was desperately trying to decrease my level, I calmly used Wind Magic and blasted him away.


「Ora ora ora ora ora!」


 While he was still down, I continued punching him repeatedly.

 Then, looking at his balls of havoc――.


 Let’s kick them! ! !


「○×△$■っ! ! ! ! !」


 Liesel screamed and squeal while I continued kicking his balls.


 After slamming on the ground many times, he slipped on the floor.

 Probably because I blew him too many times. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

 My decreased levels returned.



「You should just tie up his mouth as well!」


「What’s wrong Femille?」


「Is he, defeated……? Or not……」

「From Keima’s voice, I’m sure it’s alright……」

「From what he was about to do, this much should be alright.」



 For some reason, Femille was amazed.

 I was somehow embarrassed by that, and decided to rub my nose.

 Let’s release Licia and Lolona.


「As expected of Keima-dono……?」

「To be able to overwhelm him by this much……」


 Then again, I kinda overdid it to Liesel.

 As a result, I was able to win against him and freed the hostages.

 It will return after sometime, but in the meantime, my level is as such.


 Level    1716→1131(↓585)

 HP      16898/16898(↓5745)

 MP      16429/16429(↓5728)

 Strength      17745(↓5265)

 Vitality      19145(↓5715)

 Agility      17700(↓5116)

 Magic Powers     16640(↓5014)


 It has decreased by that much.

 If it wasn’t me, others would’ve died.

 That’s because Zephyros and Liesel was too overconfident.


 Facing me was their worst mistake! !

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No, their worst mistake was to wait to use that skill till Keima was face to face with Liesel.
If they had used wind magic to allow Liesel to speak to Keima while he advanced through the tower after beating that sand demon then Keima would have died from his level decreasing back to 0 before he would have faced Liesel.
Btw. the 2nd worst mistake was to even mention Liesel’s skill and to explain how it worked.

Mio · 26th February 2020 at 10:44 AM

Thanks for the chapter desu~

Level drain by having a person listen to them speaking sounds like a useful ability. Keima isn’t a cannibal, so it seems he can’t obtain his ability. Maybe consuming his blood might have some effect but Keima probably wouldn’t do that.

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Even if it’s super easy for him to regain his levels, I feel sad that his hard earned levels dropped.

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