Level 1 Guy: Chapter 327 – 0 Magic Lost

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The next day.

Nihonium——No wait, it’s a lot more different than before, so let’s call it Other Nihonium.


I came to the 2nd floor of the Other Nihonium.


About yesterday’s news, Nihonium was shaken by it.

If you think about it normally, our talk was more of a “expanding the possibilities”, but that clearly upset her.

I wanted to follow her, but Aurum who came home said “leave it to me” and followed her.


Thus, I left Nihonium with Aurum for the time being, and decided to clear Nihonium once more.


When I entered the dungeon, I walked around the first floor.

Because I do not have Repetition, I fought carefully while securing my HP to C before descending to the 2nd floor.


Safety first.

I hang around near the stairs so that I can escape immediately if something were to go wrong.


Then, I encountered a zombie from afar.


The Zombies over here has a slightly different look than before.

The tattered clothes have scratches here and there, and their bodies are rotten, however, their eyes are glowing red.


“Guh!” (Ryouta)


I avoided the Zombie’s attack.

Their movement is different as well.


It’s not like the Red Skeleton with super speed.

The previous Zombies would approach with a [Ugh, Uaa] sound effects, but the current one is agile.

I am likely to suffer a painful counterattack if I eat it’s attack head on.


I took a distance, take a deep breath and tried again.


The Zombie followed suit.

A movement that shows someone putting all their stats to agility, similar to a boxer or wrestler in the ring.


First to attack wins.

I lowered my body, rushed forward and tackled the Zombie’s waist.

I simulated the way the Zombie was about to move, and grabbed it’s head.


The Zombie counterattacked by moving it’s neck with agile movement, then tried biting me.

I avoided by bit by holding down it’s shoulder.


There was a sharp rock on the ground.

Originally, the interior of Nihonium  has many stalactites, pointed rods and columnar rocks.


I didn’t use my environments until now, but I cut the sharp rock off, grabbed it with both hands and dropped it on the Zombie’s head.

I continued smacking it, pounding it, smashing it.


Anyways, I continued smashing.


“Haah….Haah…” (Ryouta)


My breathing was irregular.

The Zombie’s head was minced and dug all the way into the ground.


The Zombie disappeared, and a huge chunk of seeds popped out.


——–Strength has increased by 1.


The announcement was heard almost ten consecutive times.

Alright, next.


Though my stats have returned to All F with this Other Nihonium, but it’s much easier to increase the stats.

To do that though——-I started to stroll near the stairs.








Strength  C

Stamina F

Intelligence F

Mentality F

Speed F

Dexterity F

Luck  F



“Alright.” (Ryouta)


I checked my stats on the Portable K-I-A board, and did a small guts pose.

Coming to the 2nd floor was a good idea.


As soon as the Red-eyed zombie approached, I punched them before they could bite me.

Their nose collapsed, and what little teeth they have are blown away.


As expected, it’s much easier to fight with an increased Strength.

Zombies can now be defeated with fists instead of using the previous trick.


Since my stats have reached a level where I can fight normally, I guess it’s time to descend.

I went on a little expedition and explored the entirety of the 2nd floor.


The purpose is not to improve my stats, as even if I were to max it, they’ll be resetted either way.


I concentrated on searching around, and avoided battles.


After about an hour.


“There it is.” (Ryouta)


I found a different Zombie.

The eyes were dyed red, but it’s small.


It was similar to the child-size Skeleton on the first floor, which dropped the level down seeds.


“It’s fast!” (Ryouta)


The agility is higher than your average Red-eyed Zombie.


It’s speed is actually faster than the Red Skeleton.

Although, the Red Skeleton does move at a super speed.


In comparison, this chibi zombie is just agile.


Although it’s fast, but it’s still at a human-level speed.


The chibi zombie grabbed the stalactite that extended from the ceiling, kicked the wall and turned behind me.


“So there’s zombies like you huh!” (Ryouta)


I turned around and guard against the bite from my blind spot.


I managed to grabbed it’s head, preventing it from attacking.


The chibi zombie then tried to take a distance——But.


“As if I’ll let you!” (Ryouta)


I smashed its body on the ground whilst pinning it.


If I didn’t do that, with my F Speed, it’ll prolong the battle.


I stood up and waited for my drop.


After awhile, 1 seed dropped.

It’s a new seed.

I took it, and it did not disappear like the level down seed.


Then, gently grasping it, it disappears, as if being used.


—— 0 Magic has been lost.


“Oh?” (Ryouta)


I heard the announcement.

Zero magic has been lost.


It erases the magic that you learned.

Is it that kind of seed?


“……..Isn’t this incredibly amazing as well?” (Ryouta)


I was excited with the many possibilities I could use this seed for.

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