Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 62 – A theory about Gods not having any value

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 After defeating the so called guard, Zepheim, we moved onwards.

 We climbed the narrow and thin stairs.

 Since the narrow stairs were dimly lit, it felt stuffy.


「What poorly lighted stairs……」

「Even though the previous stairs were wide and windy, why is this the only one that’s so dark……」


『That is—–because I deemed it beautiful.』


 A voice resounded from above.

 A clear voice like a stream of water in a forest flowing through the sunbeams, and a dazzling light searing from the summer’s sun.

 A guy appeared.


 His golden hair flutters, and a face that can be framed into a painting.

 His beauty even shocked me as a male, causing me to inadvertently fall in love with.

 If he says that he’s a Prince from some kingdom, I would’ve fallen for it.


 Only problem here now, he’s naked.


 It wasn’t a metaphor or an exaggeration, he’s really naked.

 I wished that he would at least wear underwear or something, but that’s not even the main problem.

 The crotch was being blinded by a bright light, and fortunately I do not have to see such a horrendous scene.

 What a useless consideration the light is.

 If you’re that concerned about it, then at least put on some clothes first.


「What kind of logic is that?! Why the hell would you have the light pinpointing at your dick!!」


 I unknowingly retorted at the fully naked guy posing.


「I am a God. Isn’t it natural to shine a light at a God’s most important part……?」

「Is your dick a god-like thing to you!?」


 I really have to retort to Gods——-


「He does have a point……」


 For some reason, Laura agreed to him.


「It’s the same case with me, there is no better way to hide your godly thing with a blinding light. I would do the same.」


 The brainless and useless Goddess is shining ever so brightly even at this moment.


「For a God to appear in front of us now……What happened to Riesel?」


 The naked guy answered.


「There are two kinds of Gods.

 A Battle God who leads the soldiers and people from the frontline, and the other, an intellectual God who supports people from behind, creating generals and Kings.

 I unfortunately fall at the latter. Strictly speaking, in terms of fighting power, we’re inferior to not only the Battle God’s, but their apostles as well.」


「I didn’t know there was such a division.」

「Wow, I didn’t know that that’s a thing……」

「You of all people should know!」


 Bang! I hit Laura’s head.


「Correct me if I am wrong, but is『Keima-dono』the Goddess’s apostle——-if I am alright to assume?」

「I hate to admit it, but yes.」

「If you are indeed one, then as a Male God such as myself, it is fate as we’re sworn enemies.」

「It’s not like I’m treating you as an enemy.」


「Have you not heard……?

 There are two roles for us Male Gods. The first is obvious, to increase our followers.

 The second, is to decrease the amount of Goddess’s apostles.

 Vice versa for the Goddess as well.」


「This is my first time hearing it that I might just be able to fly……」


 I then took a glance at Laura.


「We had that kind of role……」


 Just looking at her clueless appearance, it makes me think that she’s really born stupid.


「What do you mean that you don’t know!」

「Y-Y-Y-You’re wrong Keima!

 It feels like you have never asked me at all, and I wanted to ask you about it ! !」


「Then why didn’t you ! !」

「At that time……」



「I was so hungry……」


「You idiot———-! ! !」



 I screamed at the useless Goddess while stretching her cheeks.

 It’s not the first time that she has such a rotten head.

 Giving up on her once more, I let out a sigh and asked Zephyros.


「Then again, you’re taking this easy aren’t you.

 Based on your story, since you’re an intellectual God, aren’t you weaker than an apostle?

 Doesn’t that mean you’re weaker than me?」


「If we’re talking purely on strength——–」


 Zephyros said, full of mystery.


「The apostles gains more benefits than the Gods.

 Then, prestige leads to fear and awe.

 As a consequence, most of them are vulnerable to Gods.」


 I asked Laura about it.


「Is what he said true?」

「Th-……That’s right! For example, there are fumi-e’s right!?

 Even if that’s a normal picture, they will never step on the Gods that they respect!

 That would mean you’re fighting with the Gods!

 So you can’t tell the difference in power!!!」

(TLN: Fumie’s are used to prove that you’re not a christian in Japan, so you step on an image of Jesus)


 Laura desperately explained.

 With an extremely serious face, it’s as if her life depends on it.




 Femille trembled in fear.

 Zephyros is good.

 He slightly leans backwards.

 The white light that was shining from his crotch was glowing even more intensely.


「I shall allow you――to prostrate.」



 Femille prostrates on the ground.

 As if a powerful gravity is forcing her to the ground.


「Hauu, hauu, hau…………!」


 Her whole body was shivering, as if she was thrown into a snowy mountain fully naked.

 In many cases, fear alone can result in death.

 Although he’s a nudist God, but his strength is the real deal.


(Laura did used to say that:『A God’s Aura, is an incredible magic that intimades your opponent!!』)


 In our useless Goddess case, even a chicken was calm because of her.

 If a decent god uses it, then even Femille can be affected.




 I was calmed.





 Zephyros was astonished, and Laura was puzzled.

 However, I was calm.

 Laura was the one who shouted.


「What’s that?! Hey Keima, why!?」

「Didn’t you say it yourself?『One will never step on a God that they respect』or something.」


「Then wouldn’t the『prostate』work!?

 When you hear that we’re on equal terms, doesn’t that mean you can’t lay a finger on us?!

 When Keima and Femille-chan are at such a state, isn’t it like a fight between me and him, a fight between Gods!?」


(Did she just assumed that I respect her……?!)


 I couldn’t hide my surprise this time.


It’s like saying, in a death game where the person says:『I’ll have all of you start killing each other』, and a girl shouts:『Don’t fuck with me! How can we kill each other!!』, and they all left and lived happily ever after.


 I flicked the rotten and useless Goddess’ forehead.




 I added a light low kick to her as a bonus.

 That would obviously be painful, so it’s more like sticking my feet on her body than kicking.



「As you can see. If I can flick your forehead and put my feet on your body, I can obviously step on you as well.」

「Keima, you meanie! What do you even think of me!?」


 She held both her hands tightly, and cried out in tears.

 I’m worried.


 She’s basically a rotten useless goddess.

 However, she does hold some cuteness.

 Somehow, I can’t bring myself to leave her alone.



(If I were to say that to her, she’ll be elated, and become too full of herself……)


 So instead I said.


「A dumb big breast Goddess.」


「Isn’t that too mean?!?!?!!

 I know that Keima is a sadist, but you’re treating me as though I’m worthless insect that’s worth is only her body!?!?!」


「Ah uhmm, I’m sorry about that.」


 I patted her head.




 While sobbing, she quietly allowed me to pat her head.


「I see…….

 Even if the person is a God, you are only using her as a means to fulfill your desires——–Wonderful!」


 Zephyros praised me while posing in a weird angle.

 He opened his hands wide.


「I love that you are not afraid of Gods!

 I am the one who forgives, and I shall allow that desire!

 As long as it comes from a genuine greed, even if it’s an angry beating or an insult, this body of mine will accept all of it!!」


 His muscles tighten, and his golden hair flutters in the wind.

 I’m pretty sure he’s using wind magic to make himself look cool.


 Also, his crotch is shining even more brightly.

 This is my first time being intimidated by it.

 I do not want to approach, nor do I not want him to approach me.


 However, if I don’t defeat him, I won’t be able to save Licia and Lolona.

 I released a fire bullet.




 Zephyros was wrapped in flames.


「Kukukakaka. Truly――This is truly a fantastic fire.

 Flame that burns everything equally, be it good or evil, this is truly beautiful.」


「You’re unhurt……?!」

「No no, I am taking damage. And it’s almost fatal.

 The divine power that maintains my Godly presence has been reduced to almost zero with your current attack.」


「Divine power?」

「My god point.」


「You did mention about it before.

 Your points will accumulate if more people trusts you, it’s necessary to maintain your body or something.」


「This is truly a meaningful time, don’t you think?『Keima-dono』.

 However, my apostle, Riesel’s strength, is entirely different from that of mine.

 He is not someone who can be beaten based on strength alone.

 It’s better to taste it slowly. Kukukakaka.」


 Zephyros then disappeared into particles of light.

 Even right after he disappeared, he was completely naked.

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