Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 61 – Not even worthy of a useless goddess

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 Zephyros snaps his fingers.

 Lolona and Licia who was locked in place on the X-shaped mounting table. 

 Their legs spreading out embarrassingly for everyone to see.

 Then, Liesel sprayed some kind of substance near the two of their feet.

 The strange pink liquid wets their sensitive parts.


「Don’t worry, they’re just incredibly small slimes that will slowly dissolve your clothings……

 Isn’t it grievous if we forcefully strip you naked?」




 Licia and Lolona’s body shuddered.

 The feeling of the tiny slimes that are less than a millimeter in size gave an exquisitely ticklish sensation.

 Adding to the feather’s aphrodisiac effects, the two of them were breathing heavily, and their body heat gradually rising.




 They tried moving their hands, but it’s binded.

 Same with their feet, all binded.


「Nnn, nnnn……!」


 Their backs shaking tremendously, and it arched into an almost 90 degree angle, indicating signs of pleasure.


「Well well, shall we bring the Goddess’s apostle to climax?」

「Yes, Zephyros-sama.」


 Zephyros and Liesel both grabbed onto Licia and Lolona’s legs simultaneously.





 Tears spilled down from their eyes, running down their cheeks as they pleaded for help.

 It was at this moment.


 Pi !  Pi ! Pi !

 An alarm bug could be heard from somewhere.

 A 30 centimetre green Drone Bug was making such noise, signaling that an enemy is approaching.

 The bug who spoiled Zephyros’s golden opportunity, places the bug inside a cage.

 It was the same bugs that Keima and Laura ignored at one of the lower floors.


「We have ourselves some intruders……」

「It seems.」


 Zephyros snaps his fingers again.

 A vision board made using a magic stone appeared and showed the location of Keima and co.

 It shows Keima grabbing a gun from the wall and throwing it, being totally safe even after inhaling poisonous gas, and easily shattered the iron ball with his fists.

 Even though Zephyros was nude with his dick shining under the moonlight, he looked at Keima and co with dead serious eyes.


「Those powers……It seems like he has received God’s blessing.」

「Which means――he is the same as me.」

「However, it seems that the person himself isn’t here.」


 He did not even consider Laura as a potential Goddess.


 If she is indeed a Goddess, then she would’ve carried some sort of air around her.

 However, the perverted exhibitionist of a God took a glance at Laura and concluded that:『She is not a Goddess.』.

 Truly a terrifying useless Goddess we have.


 While they were looking at the vision board, Keima and co continued forward.

 After they finished those stairs, it was the zone where a guard is placed.


「So they have arrived at Zepheim’s floor.」

「He is the guard that Zephyros-sama appointed, so he must be a strong individual. Even if he is the Goddess’s apostle, it would be extremely difficult to fight at a disadvantageous zone and even for me――」


『Gugyaaaa! !』

『It’s hot! It’s hot! ! !』

『My body, my body is burning! !』


「If it’s difficult to fight in that zone, then just don’t fight inside there――」



 Liesel pressed on silently.

 However, Zephyros laughed in his usual tone.


「If the opponent is an apostle of god, then it’s best for me to go and deal with it.」

「I believe so.」


 Zephyros snaps his fingers once more.

 He activated his teleportation magic, and light bubbles envelops his body before he disappears.

 In a second, he will appear in front of Keima and co.


 Completely naked obviously.


TLN Note: I needed to know whether there’s NTR, so I translated this first. I breathed a sigh of relief.

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