Level 1 Guy: Chapter 325 – Level down ticket

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I picked up the seeds that were on the ground.


——Max HP increased by 1.


The nostalgic announcer voice could be heard from inside my head.

Even more fascinating is that I can hear it repeating it 10 times.


The feeling of power surging through my body is faint.

The only difference is that the monsters drop 10 seeds at once.


I wonder why.


“Let’s try defeating another one.” (Ryouta)


I walked around the dungeon carefully, looking for another Skeleton.

Then, a cracked appeared at the ceiling of the dungeon, and a Skeleton came out of it.


A surprised attack.


Let’s try dealing with it—–


“——-Wow! My body can’t keep up!” (Ryouta)


Since all of my abilities have dropped to All F, it’s difficult to intercept with my body feeling different.

Fortunately, I noticed the surprise attack early, and firmly guard.


As my HP has gone up by 10, getting hit by a single attack is fine.


Crossing my arms to guard, the Skeleton whack me with the bone.


——-Maximum HP has decreased by one.


“—–Wha!” (Ryouta)


I swallowed my breath by surprised.

It’s not the level where I was panicking, but it was still startling.


Nihonium has declared that she’ll torment me, so it’s normal for my abilities to raise and drop.


I continued holding my guard.

The Skeleton continued hitting.


—–Maximum HP has decreased by one.


This can’t go long, so I took three steps back.

I took a deep breath and concentrated.

I avoided the Skeleton’s attack and countered back.


It was a hit, but the Skeleton did not fall.


“Shit!” (Ryouta)


While cursing myself, I held the Skeleton’s neck tightly, and twist my entire body.

A loud crack resounded, and I managed to defeat the Skeleton.


“That was close……It’s 7 this time. So the number isn’t fixed apparently.” (Ryouta)


But it’s still a lot.


I increased my Max HP by 7 and proceeded in the dungeon.

Each time I defeat a monster, many seeds dropped, but if I get attacked, it will decrease.


I’m returning back to the beginning.

I can’t take any damage and maintain.


Instead of looking around for monster, I’ll have to hide and attack Skeleton by surprise.


Then from there, I can gradually increase my Max HP little by little.


“It’s 6 this time——–Ouch!” (Ryouta)


While picking up the seeds, I was struck in the head from the side.


The impact blew my entire body, flickering my eyes.

I desperately tried repositioning.


If I lose consciousness, it’ll result in an instant death for me.


I allowed momentum to roll me away, then immediately got up and take a stance.


“That is……..Different.” (Ryouta)


I saw a monster that was completely different from before.


It was still a Skeleton.

While it was wearing a worn out clothes, everything else was the same.

Well, except for the difference in size.

The Skeleton was half the size of a normal Skeleton.


“It’s not a Dungeon Master. Is it a rare?” (Ryouta)


I was thinking of running away because I was hit in the head, but the idea of it being rare made me want to defeat it.


While still in position, I looked at the miniature Skeleton.


Jiggle, Jiggle……..


When approaching to a certain extent, the mini skeleton came flying.


“I can do it!” 


The speed was about half of a normal Skeleton.

Dodging it wasn’t difficult, and the attack of the mini Skeleton broke the ground.


I grabbed the Skeleton that is the same size as Emily, put my weight on it and slam it on the ground.


The bones shattered and the mini Skeleton fell.



“Oh, something different has dropped.” (Ryouta)


It was my first time seeing two large seeds dropped.

It’s about the size of a lightbulb.


I picked up excitedly.






I thought the announcer would pop up or something.


But there’s not even a single sound effect.


“Isn’t it a seed to increase my abilities? Or is it a consumable?” (Ryouta)


The moment I said that, one of the seeds that hadn’t done anything before melted on my palm.


———-Level has decreased by one.


I can hear the announcement. Wait, my level went down?


While frowning, I looked for a K-I-A Board and checked my status.






Strength  F

Stamina F

Intelligence F

Mentality F

Speed F

Dexterity F

Luck  F



My HP has risen quite high.

On the other hand, my level stayed the same.


Well, there’s no way to drop any further.


I thought that there was nothing to worry about, but I felt my whole being feeling weak.


I felt more exhausted than when my abilities have reduced.

Thus, I decided to round it up and exit Nihonium.


It was still day time outside.

Let’s go home early for today.


Sometimes, it’s good to return early where my friends are waiting at home, and we can chit chat.


“Seed…….?” (Ryouta)


I noticed that there’s another seed left on my palm.

It’s the bulb-size seed, the ones where it lowers my level.


I can actually hold it, and it didn’t melt on my palm.


“……Maybe.” (Ryouta)



I hurried back to my mansion.


When I entered through the entrance, Nihonium who was with Mike greeted me.


“Did you suffer a lot today? Since you couldn’t lower your level any further, but if you’re interested——-” (Nihonium)

“Sorry Nihonium——–Can you come with me right now.” (Ryouta)

“Eh?” (Nihonium)


I held her hands and dragged her away.

She came along without knowing what’s going on.


I dragged her to the Swallow’s Repayment branch office inside our mansion.


“Welcome home Ryouta-san.” (Elza)

“That’s quick of you to come back?” (Ena)


Elza and Ena who saw us came in greeted us.


I approached them and gave Elza the seed.


“This is…….?” (Elza)

“Try touching it, or hand it around.” (Ryouta)

“What’s the matter Ryouta-san?” (Elza)

“I want you to buy this.” (Ryouta)

“Is it a drop product?” (Elza)

“This is my first time seeing it. What kind of item is this?” (Ena)

“When used, it’ll lower your level by 1.” (Ryouta)

“ “ Eeh?? “ “


Both Elza and Ena was shocked.


“Who would buy——” (Nihonium)


Nihonium said both half-mocking and half knowing what she did.


“W-Wait a second.” (Elza)

“Elza, I’ll run to the headquarters now.” (Ena)

“Please do so.” (Elza)


Elza and Ena began working around, and Nihonium looked surprised.


After awhile, Ena returned.


“We’ll purchase this for 5 Million Piros.” (Ena)


With that number, Nihonium became even more astounded, not knowing what’s going on.

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