Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 60 – Other side: The two in captivity

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Keima and his friends proceeded onwards to the top of the tower.

 Inside a room where a chilled wind was blowing, Lolona quietly opened her eyes.




 Her body was laid down in a <X> shape on a cross, bounded by it.

 Her body was feeling sluggish as well.

 It seems that Riesel’s mysterious power is still in effect.


「Kukufufufu, so you’re finally awake.」


 She heard a voice.


(This voice……, if I’m not mistaken, it’s that evil god……)


 With those thoughts, she turned to look at where the voice was.

 However, what stood there wasn’t that evil god.

 Instead, it was a perverted nudist.

 It’s luscious jet black hair flew with the wind, and a naked body was left wide open.


「Tonight’s moonlight is spectacular――, it’s as beautiful as me――.

 And when the sky is covered with clouds――, it’s beauty represents me――.

 If it is going to rain――」


「Even a man like me would be pregnant by the erotic essence that Zephyros-sama exudes――」

「That’s a good answer, Riesel-kun. The way you describe the moonlight.」

「I’m honoured to have been praised by you.」


 Riesel respectfully lowered his head.

 The other person is actually wearing something.

 I’m impressed.


「Li…… Liesel-sama……!」

「What is it, Risia-sama?」

「I heard that you are a pure and noble Holy Knight but……?」


「You are not mistaken about that.

 I am in fact a noble Holy Knight――or so I was being called.」


「Then, who is the person next to you……?」

「Are you referring to the one and only, Male God・Zephyros-sama, that I am serving?」

「Many of them called him an Evil God because of the hostility he has against the Goddess.」


「But didn’t you just say that you’re a noble Holy Knight?!」


「Did I not say that I was『being called』as a Noble Holy Knight?

 I wouldn’t say that I am entirely evil, but I won’t deny that I love people calling me noble and pure.」


 Ricia was speechless.

 She answered back with words which sounded like she was about to cry.


「Then, is it all a lie when you say that you found the meaning of love when you met Velcrant-sama……?」

「That is also incorrect.」


 Liesel cocked his neck with an ironic gesture.


「Because of Velcrant-sama, I knew of the joy of being loved.

 There was a time when I worked as a pure and noble holy knight to meet her expectations.」


 Liesel continued with a playful gesture.


「However, I noticed something when I was being『pure』.

 What I truly desire is someone who is pure and noble.

 The meaning of pure, or nobility as they say, is something that should be worshipped instead!」


 While each step, he danced around the room, basking under the moonlight.


「But, when I came to this city, I did my best to be called as a noble person.

 Because of that, the citizens are being blessed with peace.

 Thus, it is a fact that this desolate city has flourished since my arrival.」


 Right after he says that, he sighed deeply.


「Isn’t that……a wonderful thing……?」


 Again, Licia asked with teary eyes.

 I don’t think it’s right to say that what Riesel did is good, after what he has done.


 I wanted to believe that he has good intentions.

 I really wanted to believe in people’s good will.

 However, living in a place where you can’t find food at all, and wearing clothes is already satisfying. Even living without a house while overcoming the rain and wind. I too wanted to be like Father, who taught me the beauty in believing in people.


 Liesel said with a grim face.


「When there’s too much peace, won’t the citizens lose their respect towards me?」


 I already expected his answer, but it was much sadder than I anticipated.


「If given a choice of whether you can eat bread everyday, or you can only eat bread once a week, don’t you think that people are even more appreciative of the latter?」


「And that is where I appeared――the beautiful Male God, Zephyros.」


「Zephyros-sama gave me his power to fulfill my wishes.

 The power to stand on sand, the power to kill a shark by myself.

 And, the gift to cause diseases to the villagers that would barely keep them alive……」


「Everything was okay until the disease?!」

「Remember the kid that you have saved? That is indeed what is caused by me.」

「To make a child like that, suffer……?!」


「Having a sick young child.

 A mother desperately runs around for help.

 But nobody could save her child.

 And when all hope seems lost, I would gallantly arrived at the perfect timing.

 Then, with God’s power, I will save the child!

 The people seeing such a miracle, will believe in God, and they will respect me even further!

 Isn’t that just wonderful! !」


「Do you not have any shame doing that?!」

「What is there to be shameful if I want to look good, and at the same time be worshipped?」



 Tears accumulated under Licia’s eyes. There were tears of regrets.

 The Goddess that she deeply respects――It is true that she can’t do anything to the person who uses the name of her Goddess and insults the teaching of the Goddess.

 For such a person to spout these indecent thoughts, his tongue sure moves fast.


 That is why she regrets.

 And she was frustrated in herself.


「Hahahaha, that is beautiful.

 You are truly someone worthy of wielding my power!」


「I’m honoured, Zephyros-sama.」

「How is any of that beautiful to you?!」


「Did I not mention? No matter, I am a tolerant god.

 Someone who seeks his desires and strives for freedom is precisely someone I would call beautiful.」




 Licia was lost for words.

 Their values are total opposites.

 Too different.


 Even though he is speaking in a human body, and in the human language, but it does not feel like a person at all.

 She doesn’t even know what to call him.


 What is right or wrong, even that is becoming fuzzy.

 Her heart slowly melts, and the scaffolding slowly collapses.


「Hmm……. Such bullshit.」


Lolona said.


「My thoughts are similar to you.

 Especially Licia and the rest, who thinks that there are men and women who are low-lying and filthy.

 However, how we were born to this filthy place, is by mixed sexual acts.

 If『God』deems that sexual acts are evil, then life will ceased to exist.

 Whether you like it or not, we are born of greed, raised by greedy people, and live by being greedy.

 So I will not deny that everyone is greedy.」


「Ho hou……. Well what do we have here, fantastic. You really do understand.」


 Zephyros clapped his hands.

 However, Lolona stared at him with contempt.


「However, that is only if you’re standing at the sidelines, enjoying it.

 Don’t spout about freedom and whatnot if you have to forcibly abduct us with those mysterious powers and sleeping medicine of yours.」


「I see…..I see. Then allow me to say a few words.」






「If the Holy Priestess is trembling on thin ice due to her faith, then you, who has an unwavering faith, a truly solid belief, will without a doubt pull others towards you.」


 Zephyros said with an evil smile floating on his face.


「Therefore, it is worth keeping that belief of yours……Riesel.」



 Riesel waves his hands, and white feathers pierced Lolona and Riesel’s necks.





「It is a feather of forgiveness given by the beautiful Zephyros-sama.

 Those who are pierced by it, will be tolerant of any needs.

 What we released this time is――――Your libido」


「Kuh……?! Hah……, Ahh……!」


 Licia suddenly leaks out a rough sigh.

 Her body temperate slowly increases.

 Then, Zephyros smiles.


「Kuku fufufu. Lovely, this is truly lovely.

 Tonight, two young women shall unleash their delusions and lose all reasoning!

 The more you sing of the Priest, the more the desires unleashes from underneath!」


「Which one shall you feast, Zephyros-sama?」

「If it’s about taste, I would pick the Holy Priestess-dono――However, I shall choose Lolona-dono who seems persistent to fall.」

「Well then, Lolona-sama shall be under your care.」



 The two evil beings drew closer.



The two of them seemed to be in a pinch!

Will Keima-san be able to make it, or will they fall into the hands of evil!

Find out in the next episode of…..! ! !

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