Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 59 – Sand Demon, Zepheim

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After leveling up from the poison gas trap, I beckoned Laura to come.


「Come here.」



 Naturally, she walks over to me.

 Then, using my left hand, I forcefully covered her mouth.



「It’s just an experiment. So don’t move around.」



 Though she was struggling for awhile, shortly after she calmed down.

 After awhile, I let go of my hand.


「Why did you do that, Keima……?」


 Laura who was about to drop a tear, questioned me.


「Since I’ve interacted with the poison gas, I was wondering whether it would be alright to touch someone.」

「So you tested it on me? That’s horrible even for a national warrior!」

「However, if I don’t test it on you, who am I going to test it on?」

「You have a point…… It’s not like you can do it on Femille-chan……」


「I guess you’re right!」


 Laura was convinced.

 The person with a head injury laughs innocently. Phew, the stupid meter in my head is tingling.

 This has happened multiple times, which is really worrying me to a certain degree.

 That’s why, never leave my side. With that in mind, I patted her head a good job.




 The airhead Laura who doesn’t even know what’s going on, smiled sweetly to me patting her head.



 The me right now, is totally fine in touching others.

 I called Femille over as well, and placed my hand on her head, transferring the Poison Resistance Lv3 to her.

 Though my resistance is gone, I can just use my accumulated Follower Points to get it back.

 Though it wastes quite a lot of point to get that skill to Level 3, but right now safety is everything.


 I’ve taken Confusion, Paralysis, and Instant Death resistance Level 1 as well just in case.

 I wanted to get them to level 3 or 4 as well, but right now there’s no need to waste additional points.

 Well, better than nothing.


 Let’s continue to climb the stairs.

 Falling boulders, sliding grounds, Gargoyle statues, and even annoying insects appeared. 

 We roughly made it out alive.


 For the boulder, I punched it while it was falling down, and it broke to pieces. As for the sliding ground, as long as we run faster, then we’re fine.

 How about the Gargoyle statue? Just defeat it, easy.

 Though it made a weird cursing sound, which strangely petrified my hand, but this felt like a power up for me.

 And finally where we are right now, the annoying insects, they’re annoying alright.

 For some reason, Laura showed a determined face.


「That insect……Let’s ignore it.」


 The person herself thought that she has said something incredible.

 For now, let’s try punching them.

 I was only trying to lightly punch them, but they burst pretty easily.


「Hey Keima!! I’ll retort that you’re too intense!?」

「Please don’t say such a shitty gag, it’s killing me inside.」

「It’s that bad?!?!?!」


 After I was done with that, we arrived at the last zone of this floor.

 It was a flat space.

 The ground is buried with sand, which looks like a desert zone.


「There’s no one……」

「The stairs…………is at the other side.」


 Both Femille and I stared.

 Based on the design of this floor, we knew that something was wrong.

 The stairs is further away this time.

 There’s gonna be something up ahead.

 However, Laura didn’t notice a thing.


「Let’s hurry Keima! The stairs right there!」

「Are you stupid? There’s obviously traps ahead.」



 I pulled one of her twintails as she was trying to walk.


「However, we have to hurry onwards if we want to rescue Lolona-san……」

「There’s no choice.」


 I don’t think they’ll kill her, since she has value as a hostage.

 However, she might be in a horrible state.


「We’re going anyways, so why must you pull my beautiful hair!?」

「It’s different from you blindly stepping forward, we have to be wary of traps when moving.」


 I walked in front by myself.

 Crunch, crunch, crunch……

 The sand is incredibly deep, which went all the way to my ankle.


「Don’t come here yet. If there’s a trap below, it’s going to spell disaster.」

「I am surprised that you didn’t ask me to go first and test for traps……」

「How bad do you think I am as a person huh?」


 While lightly retorting her, I sprayed some water magic on the useless goddess’s eyes.


「Fueaa! My eyes! It’s burning! Keima you sadist! You sadist! ! !」


 Though the useless goddess is spinning round and round, I did hold back my fire.

 It won’t hurt that much.

 Just in case, I healed her and continued.


 I’ve already walked halfway across the room.

 This is giving me bad vibes.

 I backstepped.


 The place where I was standing before a sand tidal wave passed.

 It felt like a thousand kilo train went past me in a second.


『You dodged it well. Kukukyakyakyakya.』

「Who the hell are you……?」


 I looked at where the voice was at.

 A silhouette appeared from the sand.

 The size was about a child, and there’s no eyes nor mouth.

 It was something in the shape of a human.


『It is I, the Great God・Zepheim-sama. I am this tower’s gua—–「Flamethrower!」Gyaaーーー! ! !』


 If he’s the guard, then he’s an enemy.

 I tried frying him.

 But it didn’t wipe out this bad feeling I have.

 It felt like something was moving beneath.


「Laura! Femille!」


 I immediately dashed and jumped, then carried the both of them before flying.


 The place where they’re standing appeared a sand geyser! !


『The sands in this room is one with I.

 Fighting with me in this space is equivalent to fighting sand that is 25 square meters in size, 30 centimeters deep, and 30 tons in weight!』





 The both of them were scared.

 Can’t blame them.

 If a 30 ton sand came crushing us, then we’re as good as dead.

 I’ve never fought against a sand before, but it sounds difficult.


「Fueen, what should we do Keima. What should we do!」

「I have 2 strategies in mind.」


「The first is called――Sacrifice Goddess!」


「Let’s choose that! !」

「You sure about that?」

「I’m not really sure what’s that, but there’s the word goddess? So that’s me right?!

 Which means, it’s going to be an incredible plan?!」


「Alright, I’ll explain the details」



 Firing flamethrowers at the sands, I explained the plan to Laura.


「Alright first, I need you here.」


「Next, when the enemy isn’t looking, I’ll run towards the stairs, then save Licia and Lolona.」

「And how about me……?」


「You’ll die.」



「That’s sacrifice goddess――basically, we’ll sacrifice you so you can distract the enemy, but the goddess will die.」


「I dooon’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnt! ! !」

「To help a friend even at the expense of your live……Such nobleness.」

「It’s a noble thing to do, but I don’t want to risk my life!

 Please, please give me the next strategy!!!」


「Sigh, guess we have to go for Plan B.」


 While flying around and burning the sand to crisp, I sighed in disbelief.

 Probably because I was burning away at his sand, Zepheim was getting pissed.


『This is so annoying! Try taking this instead!』


 He gathered all the sand into one place.

 He accumulated all at the back of the room――。


 It’s a 30 ton tidal wave incoming! !


『If I release it in such an enclosed space, you won’t be able to escape it!

 There’s nowhere for you to hide, so just accept your fate! !』


 The jelly like sand, came crashing down like an avalanche.


「Fueeee! ! ! !」



 Laura was screaming, and Femille was closing her eyes with her hands.

 Zepheim then hides inside the wall.

 He watches as we will be completely eaten by the sand’s tidal wave.



 We were unscathed.




 He made a troubled sound.


『Where did you go?! Where are you?!』

「Right here.」


 We were below the floor.

 Just before the wave rushed, I kicked the ground and ran back to the previous floor.

 Now, at the end of the spiral staircase, I peeked out and looked at him.

 The sand figure was looking from a hole.


『So you’re there?!』



 I unsheath my sword.

 Slashed! !

 With the weight of the sword, I slashed the sand figure.


『Hahahahahaha, it’s impossible!

 You just lightly cut me, it’s but a thousand of a 30 ton!』


「I see.」


 But I continued to swing my sword.

 Ping, Ping!

 There was a gap on the floor, and I released flamethrower!!


『Gugyaaaa! ! It’s hot, it’s burning!! My body, my body is burning up!!』


 This is my secret technique, it’s called『if the enemy has an advantage on the floor, then why not just attack when I’m not at their floor technique』.

 Getting unbearable, he got out of the hole from where he was hiding.





 Femille who came out from the side, blasted a fireball.

 Around 20 minutes have passed.

 We couldn’t hear any screams.


 We climbed the stairs.

 The room was strangely hot.

 The air around and everything was completely burned, even the sand turned black in colour.


 It’s our victory! !


 However, he’s a pain if we have to fight him head on.

 If that’s the case, Riesel is quite strong if this God is under him.

 Well, won’t know if I don’t try fighting him.

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