Level 1 Guy: Chapter 322 – A residential talisman

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Teruru Dungeon, resting area.


A place where Cell has made after becoming a devout follower of Ryouta, and it is placed in almost every floor of every dungeon here in Shikuro.


The place has become something that you would stay and recovery yourself instead of heading back to the city.

Though it’s not all the time adventurers do that, but it is something of a necessity that they have come to accept.


And today of all days, there were more adventurers than usual residing inside the resting area.


“Oi Cruise!”


Suddenly, a man’s voice resounded inside the rest area.

The voice came from an old man, but his stature is that of a strong and experienced warrior, nothing compared to his age.


That man looked down from above, staring at the bed—– Beds that are placed there specifically for people to recover their fatigue. There, he stared at a young man, sleeping soundly.


The young man who presumably is called Cruise irritatedly opened his eyes, and got up from the bed.


“The hell you want Gren-san.” 

“Don’t you sleep now, com’re and have a chat with us.” 

“Huh, you having a strategy meeting?” 

“No. Just your usual chatting.”

“……I’m sorry, but I’m really tired right now, so please let me rest. I’ve fired three huge magics today, and I’m feeling drowsy.”


Cruise who tried his best not to let out a yawn, answered Gren.

If you look closely at Cruise’s face, you can see some dark circles underneath his eyes.


MP works differently from HP.


For example, if you have 100 MP, and a simple magic uses up 1 MP, then you can use a total of a hundred times.


However, if a huge magic costs 50 MP, you can only fire at most twice.

The basic rule is that magic courses throughout one’s body.

When you forcefully use up half of that, it will take awhile before MP regenerates.


This explanation was brought to you by the great magician Celeste.


If you eat jelly with a straw, you can easily inhale half of it in one go, but if you try to eat the other half with a second sip, it often fails to suck well because the jelly would scatter all over the place.


Using that same example, if you divide the jellies into hundreds, then you can easily suck them out little by little without any problems.


Ryouta who was convinced by the analogy, replied with [After warming the battery, squeeze out the rest of the power.], but Celeste was confused——-The usual talk.


“It is logical to rest when you’re inside a rest area.”

“The hell you talking about, this is the time when our party can communicate with one another, strengthening our bonds. This is the basics of the basics.”


“Our party runs on a ‘at home’ system. Argh whatever just come with us and enjoy.”

“Can you give me a break……..”


While being pulled by Gren, he fell to the ground.

Then bringing himself up, he was barely keeping himself steady.


“You alright?”


Another guy who was beside him resting got worried.




Cruise replied weakly.

When he tried standing up, his head became foggy, and dizzy.


Seeing that, the other guy who was beside him, stood up and talked to Gren.


“Hey, he’s a magician right? Just let him rest.”

“Ey nii-chan, don’t go sticking your nose into other people’s party.”


He half smilingly answered.


“I’m just saying it out of good intention. Is it wrong to try to get familiar with your party, hm?”



The other guy did not answer due to the shock he’d gotten from the reply.

After awhile, Cruise finally regained his composure, but his eyes was totally out of focus.


“You’re a magician right? Then let me teach you a magic word.”

“A magic word?”

“You can just take it as a monologue. [Have a chat with Ryouta Satou] is the word.”




Cruise who did not understand it tilted his head sideways, but Gren was the most shocked by those words.


“Is there a meaning to it?”

“Just try saying it.”

“G-Go and rest Cruise.”


“However once resting time is over, we’re heading out okay?”

“A-Ah sure…..”


In a hurry, he quickly went back to his party.

Cruise was still showing a clueless face.


“See, it worked right?”

“I don’t know what happened……But thanks.”


Giving his thanks, the other guy just casually said [just have some rest] and went back to bed.


Teruru’s resting area, one of those days.


The staff witness all of that.



“Hm? Hmm? Hmmm?”


After finishing up things in Tennessine, I thought of earning some money at Teruru when I saw something that peaked my interest.


Almost all of the adventurer’s Magic Cart has something stuck on it.

All of it is pasted with a 100% effective.


I went close to an adventurer who has that sticker on the Magic Cart.


It was slightly weird.

It’s something you often see when buying a refrigerator, or an air conditioner, and they stick some sort of magnet or contact information on the product.


There’s a map of Shikuro, and a place that is being marked.


And that location is——–My mansion.


“What the heck is going on here?” (Ryouta)

“It’s a talisman.” 

“Uwah!” (Ryouta)


Eve out of nowhere appeared behind me.


“Can you not appear out of nowhere, you scared me.” (Ryouta)

“I got it. Next time I will show you a carrot before greeting.” (Eve)

“What the hell is that!” (Ryouta)

“I will exhale the scent of carrot from behind.” (Eve)

“That would be too unexpected!” (Ryouta)

“It’s okay if you just breathe in.” (Eve)

“You’re making less and less sense!” (Ryouta)


We had a back and forth tsukkomi act.


“Anyways, what is this talisman you’re talking about?” (Ryouta)

“It seems that something happened in the resting area, which made people go to you for discussion.” (Eve)

“And so they would come to our mansion?” (Ryouta)

“If something unfair happens, go and talk to low level, I think~” (Eve)

“…….Aah.” (Ryouta)


So that’s how it is.


“Low level’s house is a talisman. It’s close to being as amazing as a carrot.” (Eve)


Didn’t think something like this would happen when I wasn’t around.

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