Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 58 – Keima-san approaching from the outside

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 I was able to light up a torch.

 Though I was able to use Fireball, the torch is a backup.


「I’ll leave this to you.」

「I-I-I’ll protect this even if it costs my life!!」


 After receiving the torch from me, Femille gripped it tightly with both hands.

 Even her ears and tails are showing how nervous she was as she does her best to protect it.

 Though she’s a half dog half bunny demihuman, she feels very much like a cat right now.


「You don’t have to be too nervous, this is only for emergencies.」



 She was too nervous that she jumped from me whispering her.

 I went behind Laura, then leaned my hands towards her.


「Alright, let’s go.」

「I’m going first?」


「Since there’s a high possibility that there’s going to be traps.」


「Then why you’re pushing me first?!?!?!?!」

「Don’t worry. If you’re hurt, I can just heal you up. Trust me, you won’t die.」

「So I must still be hurt?!?!」


「If that is the case, I do not mind being in front……」

「That’s a no no. Even if I can heal your injuries, getting hurt would still hurt, right?」

「Why is your selflessness not directed towards me?!?!?!?!」


「I guess, as a human being……?」

「Keima you sadist! !」


 The stupid child cried out in tears.


「Can’t you just find the traps and we can avoid them?!?!?!」

「Don’t ask for the impossible.」


 Just when we were talking about it, an arrow came flying out from behind the wall where my hand was touching.

 I grabbed it mid flight, crunched it and tossed it inside the sea sand.

 Then continued my sentence as if nothing ever happened.


「Like I said, don’t ask for the impossible.」


(Splish splash.)


 Without a word, Laura ran towards where I threw the arrow, and picked it up.




「Nnnnn! !  !」


 Sigh, can’t be helped.

 Guess I have to be in the frontline.

 With fireball cast on my left hand, we climbed the spiral staircase.


 Crunch……, Crunch……, Crunch…….


 For each step we took, a creepy sound was made. 

 Whoosh――even the wind blowing sounds like a dead person drowning into the bottom of the earth.





 Both Laura and Femille were shaking from top to bottom.

 Can’t blame them.

 With this kind of layout, there’s sure to be a common pattern where a trap would appear from above.


 However, I still stepped on them with force.

 The wall came bursting out! And a pistol appeared from within.

 I grabbed it with my bare hands and threw it aside.


 After proceeding 10 steps, another pressure plate was activated from beneath my feet.

 A purple colour poison gas appeared from the walls.



「Keima-sama! !」


 Both of them were screaming for my help.


「Cough, cough.」


 I lightly coughed after sucking the gas using my bare hands.


「Be careful. These are some strong poison.」

「If this is already that deadly, won’t there be even more ahead?!」

「You might think that that’s the case.」


 While we were casually talking, a sound was played in my head.

 Terere, Teteteー.


 Level    1681→1716(↑35)

 HP      22437/22652(↑315)

 MP      22157/22157(↑165)

 Strength      23010(↑410)

 Vitality     24860(↑161)

 Agility      22816(↑250)

 Magic Powers     21654(↑400)


 Raised Skills

 Poison Resistance LV3 250/500(↑270)


 Now that’s a lot raised ! !

 So it is really a deadly poison.

 What’s more, how did I even level up from that.

 Is it because the poison gas is made by natural plants?


 I’ve eaten chickens before.

 The chicken’s in this world have some poison in their body.

 However, my level has increased.


 Which means, even if it’s only poison, it’s not as though I won’t level up from it.

 Which means――.


 I can level up with a Poison Gas.


 Also, whether it’s a custom or something, I’ve learned some weird ass skill as well.

 And that is.


 Cough cough LV2 0/150


 ◆Explanation of Skill・Cough Cough

 It fucking hurts.

 I can’t, breath.

 Help me.


 The narrator explaining the skill is dying?!?!?!?!

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