Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 57 – Let’s break into the tower

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    In the middle of the night.

 I was blazing through the surface of the sea sand.


 Surprisingly, there is quite a distance to the tower.

 Even when I am moving at quite the speed already, the tower still looked small even at this distance.


 It gave me a bad feeling, thus I unexpectedly stopped after two meters, and started floating nearby.

 Suddenly, a splash of sand occurred nearby.

 A deformed looking fish that seemed to live deep underwater, started gnawing at the place I was standing just now.

 2, 3, 5, now 10 of them. They were appearing at a tremendous rate.


「I-I-I-It’s a Sand Piranhas!」


 When Femille shouted, I fired an Ice Needle.

 The Sand Piranha was shot down.

 However, no matter how many times I knocked them down, the Sand Piranha’s kept swimming towards me.


「Fueeeen! Keima! Can’t you fly higher?!」

「It is possible if I drop some baggage.……」


 I stared at the baggage (Laura) and answered.


「Why are you looking at me like that in this kind of timing !?!?!」

「Frankly speaking, you’re qui~te heavy.」

「I-I-I’m not heavy okay! !」


 Laura desperately denied.

 Feeling the heaviness, I continued avoiding the attacks of the Piranhas.


「Ice Needle!」


 Femille quickly fired her ice needle, but they burrowed back into the sand, thus it did not reach them.

 I was trying as well, but it’s hard to control flying magic when my hands are full.

 This is truly a pain in the ass.


 When I was thinking along those lines, a sudden strong presence could be felt.

 It is coming towards me.

 A huge splash of sand was coming from a distance.


 A newly discovered Sand Killer Whale, and it’s coming to swallow us whole! !


 However, since it’s body is large, it was actually convenient for me.

 I turned my body around, and kicked the Killer Whale’s temple with my legs.

 Suppressing it with one blow, I rode on top of the Killer Whale. 


「Let’s go!」



 The Killer Whale made a disgusted voice before swimming onwards with us on the back.


「With that, I can finally focus my wind magic on the enemy instead of floating.」


 I floated a few Ice Needles.

 Or, around 108 of them.

 I rained down the Ice Needles that were floating all around me.


 We are finally getting closer to the tower.

 It’s a rather strange shape for a tower.

 It’s easily over 30 metres in height, but it holds a rather strange atmosphere around.


 The entrance was shaped like an inverted U shape. Moreover, it is directly connected to the sea sand.

 We entered with great caution.

 One can immediately see a stone scaffold on the right, and a huge sea sand spreading in the center.

 Then, a spiral staircase was placed in the deeper ends of the tower.

 A place where no sunlight could touch it, seamlessly pitch black.


「Let’s head down for now.」


 Landing on the footing, I placed Laura and Femille down as well.




 I threw a Piranha that was stuck on my clothes to the Killer Whale.




 The Killer Whale cried excitedly as it munched on the Piranha.

 Then, it buries itself into the sand.

 Femille holds her staff.


「I’ll create some light for us! Fireball!」


 However, nothing appeared.


「Hou!? Nn, Nnuuu! Nuu!!」


 The tail on her ass was standing straight like a stick, as she tried her best to assert strength.

 However, no flames appeared.


「It feels like there’s a magic sealing barrier around this tower……」

「Is that so.」


 I tried using fireball as well.




 It normally appears.



「Rather than saying it seals all magic, it feels like it only seals lower level magics.」


「Don’t be bothered by it. It’s not Femille’s fault.」

「But, I’m just a bunny if I can’t use any magic……Pyon」


 I patted Femille on the head whilst comforting her.


(Even though I say not to worry that she’s not useless……)


 I looked at Laura.




 Laura calmly looked back at me.

 That is not someone who understands and is feigning ignorance, but rather purely looking back at me.


(The person is not even aware of it! ! !)


 Her useless mentality is truly a God Class.

 After all, no Goddess would have no abilities with them…….


 However, that is not the case with ours.

 The saying that heaven wouldn’t give you two things, then I wish for heaven to give her at least one ability.

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