Level Up Just by Eating: Chapter 56 – Keima-san trying out things other than violence

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    We continued onward after the enemies escaped.

 Still following Lolona’s magic power, I confirmed that it leads to the back door of the church’s temple.

 When I kicked down the door which was locked from the other side, I accidentally smashed the three eyebrows, beard, and moustache person who was on lookout.


 The sight of a wide space of sea sand was behind the door.

 The sea sand that is being illuminated by the light of the moon is beautiful enough to leisurely watch it on the side, but right now there’s no time for that.


 Originally there’s a place where boats would stop.

 However, I suppose Liesel must’ve gone on board.

 I could not locate any boats around.

 Looking at the white tower at a distance, I suppose he would’ve gone there by now……


 The three stooges, with blood leaking out from their nostrils, shouted.


『Fu…….Fuhahahaha! That’s too bad!』

『Liesel-sama has taken the Desert Boat!』

『Unless you have a miracle or you can fly, there’s no chance of getting to where Liesel-sama is!』


「By the way, you three dumbasses know what Liesel has done?」


『As if we knew!』

『However, Liesel-sama is a pure and innocent Holy Knight!』

『We small fries are already contributing to something unimaginable to us!』


「Oh I see now~」


『As for you,  why are you hindering the encounter of the innocent and mighty Liesel-sama and Licia-sama, one of the 5 Holy Priestess! 』


 Laura suddenly shout back.


「We don’t know!」



 I didn’t even have the time to retort to this useless goddess, as she continued with her wishy-washy words.


「I don’t think he’ll force her to bed! But still, it must be something bad!」

「You stupid idiot! !」



 When I grabbed onto her head, this useless goddess cried out in tears.


「What are you doing! Stupid Keima!」

「You’re the dumb one here! You phrasing it like that just makes him sound like a criminal!」

「But isn’t that right!」

「There’s a better way of putting it okay! !」

「How exactly do you want me to phrase it then! !」

「Like this.」


 I showed an example.


「We are adventurers who have accepted Licia-sama’s request.」

『A request from Licia-sama……?』

「That’s right.」


 Even though it’s to protect her up until we reach the town, but I omitted those words.


「Liesel might be renowned for his innocence, but he does some pretty sketchy things behind the scenes.」

『Liese-sama is not that sort of person……』

「We want to believe that as well, but there were stories that were just too suspicious.」


 This one comes from Lolona.

 In this context, one can say that Licia might’ve said that Liesel is suspicious.

 Thus, I did not tell any lies.

 I repeat, I did not tell any lies!


「Even during the conversation with Licia-sama and Liesel-sama, he only allowed one of us to escort her!」


 While I was stating some cleverly hidden facts, Femille adjusted and spoke as well.

 What a clever girl.

 However, Laura was all over the place. With her confused look, she was like(Eh?! Eh?! Ehhh?!)

 What a miraculous idiot we have here.

 And she has the name Goddess attached to her, the world is coming to an end.


「What’s more, our teammate has reported that they will return by dusk.」


 Is what Lolona said okay!


「However as you can see, even after night has fallen, they have not returned.」




 The three lookout took a deepbreath.

 They were half in doubt from me and Femille’s words.


『I-Is there any evidence that L…. Licia-sama has requested for your help…..?』

「Unfortunately, I can’t bring any concrete evidence――However.」


 I kicked the ground lightly and jumped.

 There, the light of the moonlight illuminating the pure white sand, I stood on top of it.


「If you look at this『Miracle』, would you still deny that we are not related to the Goddess Velcrant-sama?」


『This is the same technique as the Holy Knight Liesel-sama……!』

『Which means, what he says is the truth……?』

「It is a fact that Licia-sama has requested for our help.」


 But as an escort! ! !




 The three of them were still slightly doubtful.

 Looking at their expressions, I stopped talking.

 I hugged Femille and lifted Laura on my back, then followed where Lolona’s magic is.

 Laura was mumurring behind me.


「Still……you sure do act randomly at times.」

「I didn’t lie okay? It is a fact that Licia has requested us to『escort』her to this city.」

「Then how about the suspicious movements from the Holy Knight …?」

「I’m just borrowing Lolona’s words.」

「The way you say it, doesn’t it sound like Licia’s the one who said it?!」

「I didn’t lie.」

「The world’s finest conman……」

「Turn it around and say that it’s wisdom.」


「Wait a second, if you wanted to talk to them, then why did you punch them in the first place?」

「If Licia and Liesel were still in the temple, won’t they just say something like『I’ll confirm with them myself.』? If that’s the case, the li……I mean my cleverly hidden facts would come to light.」

「You just tried to say lie!? You’re just a swindler then?!?!?!?」



 I used the——–『HAHAHA』skill that I received back when I ate that hamburger to mask myself.

 A skill that allows you to laugh like a cheerful American.

 This is one of the few skills that『has no meaning』even if I use it.

 Terere, te te~


 HAHAHA@LV1→LV2 0/150


 And I leveled up this useless skill.

 This time, I shall use my level 2 HAHAHA to laugh even more convincingly! !

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