Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 55 – Keima-san’s unparalleled is as natural as breathing

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  (4 pages recapping the previous chapter)




 After being lead by the guard, we arrived in front of a door.


「I-…….They’re here.」

「Is that so.」

「W-……What’s wrong?」

「If you ask what’s wrong……」


 As if he thought I was dumb, I kicked the door wide open.

 What appeared from the door that was broken by my kick were an endless number of guards.

 All of them were astonished by the suddenness that their eyes were wide open.


「Oh my.」


 I casually walked into the room.

 Then, lightly hit those bunch of bastards who was already waiting inside, and came back out.


「Hiiii!」The frightened guard screamed.

「How did you convey to them?」

「Wh-……When we say that we’re bringing guests.

 T-T-That is code indicating that an intruder has arrived……」


「I see now. So a fellow guest is an invader.」

「Hahii, Hahii……!」


 Though I was genuinely impressed by them, the guard in front of me was acting pathetically.

 Tears started rolling down his cheeks. Mucus and water dripped down from his nostrils.


「Let’s make this easier, okay?」



 I chopped the guards neck, and his consciousness immediately fades.


「Uh, uhh uhhh, w-what should we do, Keima?」

「I think we should be fine if we can track down Lolona’s magic」

「Why didn’t you do that in the beginning……?」

「It’s not like we’re all good. Doing that is kinda cumbersome as well.」

「But…… There’s a lot of strong opponents here.……」


 While I was answering Femille indifferently, she was shaking in fear.

 The bunny ears attached to her head was bent upwards, and the tail on her butt went in between her legs.

 It’s a natural reaction for a half bunny half dog.



『The invaders are here!』

『The camping squads have been had! Move to Plan B!』

『Fire! Fire at them!』


 The backup guards arrived.

 They seemed to be a squad full of magic users, and they’re firing some light balls.




 Femille flinched at the sight of the magic, but I extended my right hand.

 Then, I diverted the trajectory of the light ball using the level 1 wind magic.

 The ball of lights flew to a different direction and exploded.



『That’s impossible? !』


 I then used my left hand to cast another magic as well, where I searched for Lolona’s magic.


「He’s not wrong that she was here……」


『If he was able to use such an advanced magic barrier, our opponent must be a high level wizard!』

『The weakness of a wizard is they take some time to cast!』

『Prepare your bowguns!』


 Continuing my search for Lolona’s magic, I traced along the corridor.

 Though there were a bunch of arrows flying towards me, but 70% of those shots were unlikely to hit, so I ignored it.

 The remaining 30% that did manage to fly to me, I fired some spicy flames to burn the arrows.


『Chantless magic?!』

『He must be beyond the level of a wizard!』

『But he’s still a wizard, which means he must be weak to CQC!』

『Suicide squad, in formation! Even if the front line falls, the backline shall strike with their blades!』


「If this doesn’t go well, I might need to head out.」


 I mumbled irritably, as I slowly walked.

 I really want to hurry up, but search magic ain’t my forte.

 I have to be slow.


『Eat this invader!』


『Gyaaa! 』


 They slashed and strike with their swords and spears, but I blocked them with the sheath of my sword.

 Since the body is huge, it was much easier to smack the mosquitos.



「What is it, Femille?」

「I am afraid that we are in a dire situation……」

「Objectively speaking.」


 While we were chatting, we walked along an obviously long corridor.


(Guess they’re ambushing us here as well.)


 While thinking about that, they were indeed ambushing us.


『You trespassers! You’ll never escape pass here! !』


 The guards have prepared 3 cannons.


「You fucking kidding me with the cannons indoors?」

「Fueee?! No matter how strong me or Keima is, that is too much……」


 A loud roar echoed inside.

 Three cannonballs flew, crashing the ceiling and the walls of the corridor.


 Be it left or right, we’ll get hit.

 Also, there’s not enough space to fly high as well.


「Fueeeen! Keima-a! Keima! Keima! Keii——maa!!!!」


 Laura was screaming my name

 No matter how fucked she was, she still wanted to be beside me.

 Well, her judgement is correct.

 I used my bare hands to grab hold of the cannon ball launching towards me.


「A-A-As expected of Keima! Th-T-That’s my Keima!

 I have zero faith in you, but I’m glad I stuck close to you!」

「So you have no faith in me huh.」

「B-B-B-But, But can’t you see, those are some huge and hard looking balls!!」




 Laura was praising me as she glued herself on my body, and Femille’s cheeks were dyed red.


『R-Retreat! Retreat now—– ! !』


 The enemies turned around and fled.

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