Level 1 Guy: Chapter 319 – Margaret Tennessine

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After seeing Margaret off, I walked to the Dungeon Association, where I meet up with Cell.


Since I want to give the Percentage Bullet to Margaret, there are a few procedures I need to do, and one of them requires Cell, so I dropped by here to ask for his help.


“How is it?” (Ryouta)

“Though we have not made it before.” (Cell)

“But?” (Ryouta)

“Are you sure about that, Satou-sama?” (Cell)

“Yeah, I find that it would be more useful to Margaret, or more specifically to the 4 knights who are protecting her.” (Ryouta)

“Fumu,” (Cell)


Cell nodded, as if agreeing.


“As expected of Satou-sama, even with such strong ability, you would not mind giving it up. Truly a King’s mind.” (Cell)

“No matter how I think about it, giving it to them is far better.” (Ryouta)


The 4 ninja knights.

If I can give it to them, Margaret’s live would be so much more easier.


For that reason, I need to conquer Tennessine, and Cell’s help.


“So, can you help gather people?” (Ryouta)

Though I said that I have not made it before. But since Satou-sama is expecting my help, no matter if heaven and earth were flipped upside down, I shall never disobey Satou-sama’s expectations.” (Cell)

“I’m not a carrot though.” (Ryouta)


The way he puts it reminds me of another character, the one and only Eve.


“Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.” (Ryouta)

“When do you want to start?” (Cell)

“As soon as possible, as long as you can gather them.” (Ryouta)

“Even if Satou-sama says “ASAP”, I do not want to hinder your everyday life by saying immediately.” (Cell)


Well, you’re right on the mark.


“With that said, we shall do it after sunset tomorrow.” (Cell)

“Thanks.” (Ryouta)


Not only is he helping me, but he’s considerate as well.



The next evening.

After confirming that Nihonium and Mike has returned home, I brought Margaret along using the Transportation Room to head straight to Tennessine’s room.


When I brought Margaret over, Tennessine was surprised.

I started speaking first.


“I have another way of increasing people.” (Ryouta)

“Fuck off!” (Tennessine)


Tennessine was pissed mad.

But then he took out a table, and with his power, cut the black watermelon into few slices.


What he says does not match what he’s doing.


Margaret who’s seeing this tsundere guy for the first time was extremely confused, as she looked at me for help.


“Since you already took the watermelon out, it’s a waste to not eat them. So its alright for us to eat it?” (Ryouta)

“Hmph! Since it’s a pain to clean it up afterwards, go and eat them then you bastard.” (Tennessine)


As always, he has a rather mean mouth, but his tsundere is still the same.

I recommended the watermelon to Margaret, and I don’t think we’re done with the watermelon talk——But it should be okay to move on to the next topic.


“Let me introduce. This here is Princess Margaret. The most popular person in the world.” (Ryouta)

“Most popular?” (Tennessine)

“Yes, and as to how popular she is…..” (Ryouta)


As per discussed, Margaret took out her air box.


When I opened it, I showed it to Tennessine.


“There’s nothing inside though.” (Tennessine)

“There is, look closely, it’s air.” (Ryouta)

“What the!? Are you trying to fuck with me or something!?” (Tennessine)


Though he was pissed, but I thought that it’s actually right of him to be pissed.


It’s understandable that I might be playing a prank on him.


“No no no, you’re wrong. This is a drop that is automatically collected. And once it’s collected, a label of the person who defeated the monster would be printed into the box. For example.” (Ryouta)


I took out a different box.

There’s a face of me and a label there, when opened—-


“It’s Ryouta-san’s Matsutake.” (Margaret)

“Yeap, but please change the way you speak.” (Ryouta)

“???” (Margaret)


Margaret tilted her head in confusion, but for some reason I can feel some killing intent.

I’m guessing it’s those 4 ninja knights that are staring daggers at me.


What did you make the Princess say.

Those are the words that I can feel.


Feeling cold sweat forming from my back, I looked at Tennessine and continued.


“I’m sure you understand right? It’s like branding your own drop.” (Ryouta)

“Ah.” (Tennessine)

“So similar to that, what Margaret is selling is her air—–which frankly speaking, it would net a higher worth when it’s drop in your dungeon.” (Ryouta)

“Don’t spout some strange shit to me!” (Tennessine)


He smashed the table, and stood up.

Yeap, this is the reaction I wanted.


“It’s true. That is how popular she is.” (Ryouta)



Tennessine turned and look at Margaret with dead suspicious eyes.

A face of half doubt.


After he finally calmed down, he asked.


“So she’s popular, what of it?” (Tennessine)

“You have rare monsters right?” (Ryouta)

“Huuh? You mean those monsters which occasionally appear?” (Tennessine)

“Yeah. So can’t you make the rare monster’s appearance look like her? I mean of course not trapping her inside the dungeon.” (Ryouta)

“To do that.” (Tennessine)


He stared at me for a moment, then clapped his hands and called out a monster.


A monster that looks exactly like Margaret, an exact replica.


“Yeah yeah that’s right! I hope that you can occasionally release this monster around the dungeon.” (Ryouta)

“And that will attract people?” (Tennessine)

“You still don’t understand?” (Ryouta)

“Huh?” (Tennessine)


Tennessine made a [how the hell would I know?] face.

However immediately after—


“This…. What is with this swarm of people. What the hell is wrong with them, They’re making a line. I’m disgusted that they’re so well-behaved!” (Tennessine)

“I’m happy you understand.” (Ryouta)


Seems like Cell has done his job.


This was the request I have for Cell, a demonstration of an event.

Basically I told them that you can interact with a rare monster—-Margaret inside Tennessine.


Once advertised, we have attracted the Margaret fans.

The advertising time was only one day——No wait, it has only been half a day.

And so many have gathered.


“Oi, it’s over 10k people and they’re till coming….. Just how many of them are coming!” (Tennessine)


Tennessine shouted.


However his face was grinning.


“This is her ability to attract customers.” (Ryouta)

“……….” (Tennessine)


Tennessine silently glanced at Margaret.

Margaret was pulled aback. Yes, I totally understand.


“Whether it’s true or not, you can try and put some for those who came in.” (Ryouta)

“H-Hmph! As if I’ll do as you say.” (Tennessine)


After saying that, the doppelganger of Margaret disappeared.


“Why are they worshipping her! And they’re voluntarily forming a queue!” (Tennessine)


Seems like he placed the doppelganger Margaret in front of their fans.

By the way, the doppelganger is weak.


Though she’s level 99, but her abilities are All F.

So even if the doppelganger has reached her maximum talent, I think it won’t do much.


Just in case, I asked Cell to contact me if anything were to happen.


“Now you know just how much popularity she has?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, she’s the real deal.” (Tennessine)

“I can give more ideas.” (Ryouta)

“———H-Hmph. Doing that would only increase the number of people.” (Tennessine)


Tennessine looks at me flickeringly, occasionally glanced at me.

I took out the Percentage bullet and showed it to him.


“This.” (Ryouta)

“Isn’t this what I gave you?” (Tennessine)

“Can you give this power to her, and not me? Give it to Margaret Tennessine.” (Ryouta)


I purposely attached his name onto her.


Since now that a rare monster looks like Margaret, it will be known that Tennessine has granted some sort of power to Margaret.

So maybe she became an idol in this dungeon.


Rather than meeting the real deal, you have the possibility to meet a [90%] real person here.


With that, I persuaded Tennessine even further.


“That’s how she can increase her fans even more.” (Ryouta)

“More will come……” (Tennessine)

“That’s right, more~” (Ryouta)

“More……” (Tennessine)


Affirming his words, he muttered.


And in the hypothetical future I showed, Tennessine became completely captivated by it.

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