Level 1 Guy: Chapter 318 – Margaret

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Afternoon, the outskirts of Shikuro.

I approached the empty wilderness.


Today is the continuation of the experiments I’ve done last night, and I’ve moved to a different location due to higher risk factor.

Thus, I came here so as to not get my friends caught up in this manner.


What was in front of me, was the Bicorn Horn’s from the Dungeon Master’s drops.


Taking out 1 Million Piro as if it was spare change, I bought a set of 12 Bicorn Horns from the market.

This was considered cheap as the Bicorn Horn is known to be quite weak when alone.


I took out one of the 12 horns, lay it on the ground and waited for it to hatch.


Dodging it’s attacks and the debuff aura it has, I fired a few Percentage Bullets.


This is again to test out this bullet.

And there’s a reason why I chose the Bicorn as my ‘test subject’.


The bullets went straight for the horns, but it was prevented by an invisible barrier.


That’s right, the Bicorn has a barrier spell.

It can absorb a ton of attack before breaking.


Despite the bullets not going through, I continued firing.


“3, 4, 5, 6…….” (Ryouta)


While firing, I counted out loud the number of times shot.


After achieving the 12 shots condition—– The Bicorn was defeated.


“I didn’t see that it went through the barrier, but the effect still goes through? Or is it that it penetrated the barrier?” (Ryouta)


Let’s try it one more time.

This time, I fired 11 shots of Percentage Bullets, bringing it down to the verge of death, then swap to a normal bullet and fired.


Though it was on the verge of death, the normal bullet normally hits the barrier, deflecting the damage, and the Bicorn is still unharmed.


After repeatedly firing normal bullets, the barrier shattered, and just one of the shots defeats the Bicorn.


“So I was right. The Percentage Bullet ignores barrier as well. However, the last shot needs to penetrate the barrier before killing it.” (Ryouta)


It does happen occasionally in games.

Even though the character has 1 HP left, but they cast a barrier to keep themselves just barely alive.


There’s another thing I noticed from the Percentage Bullet.



“Hm? If it isn’t Margaret-san. What brings you all the way here?” (Ryouta)


I was met with Margaret out here.


The typical getup with a Princess Knight-like white armour, and a disproportionately huge sword hanging on her waist.

Her combat abilities are All F, but in return, her drop stats are All A.


It’s been awhile since I met her, and as always she keeps herself prim and proper.


“I was looking for you. When I went to your mansion, your family members said that you would be here.” (Margaret)

“Ahh I see, yeah I had some things to do. Anyways, is there something you need from me?” (Ryouta) “I just want to see you Ryouta-san.” (Margaret)


“That’s it?” (Ryouta)

“That is right.” (Margaret)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


I was a little caught off guard.

I thought she had something troubling her, and I was ready to lend a helping hand.

But that wasn’t the case.


Now that I look at her closely.


“Where are the rest of your knights?” (Ryouta)

“Are you referring to Rat, Sosha, Play, and Builder?” (Margaret)


Those are her trusty 4 knight’s name.


Or more like her ninja knights.

Normally you won’t be able to see them, but when she’s in trouble, they’ll appear in front of her.


“Yeah.” (Ryouta)

“They’re here. Rat, Sosha——” (Margaret)


And she has to call out all of their names.


There was a sudden thought that came through my mind, as I fired a Speed Up Bullet on myself.


In the 30 second accelerated world.

I walked around at my own pace.


The reason why I did that, was to know where these 4 appear from.

Normally I would not be able to see them, but maybe I can finally tell where they come out with this accelerated state.


“P——-l———a——–y.” (Margaret)


Obviously inside this world, her speech dramatically slowed down, and in a lower tone.

Hearing that, I scouted around.

This time, I will never miss a single thing that’s happening around me.


“Bu————–il———-der.” (Margaret)


“———!” (Ryouta)


I swallowed my own breath.

Because I was being surprised.


Even though there should be no one in front of me.

But right behind Margaret.


The moment she called out to all 4 of the knights, they just appeared.


It’s as if they warped here, or teleported.

Even in this state, it was in an instant.


I can’t even tell how they did it.


“This just deepens the mystery.” (Ryouta)


I sighed dejectedly.



After 30 seconds have passed, I returned back to the original state.


“Ryouta-san? What seems to be the matter?” (Margaret)

“Ah sorry, it’s nothing.” (Ryouta)


Since I was in that state, I did not speak a single word at all.

Margaret saw me standing there idly for 30 seconds.


“Sorry for ignoring you.” (Ryouta)

“It is fine, That is……. I do not mind looking at Ryouta-san.” (Margaret)

“By the way, is your fighting style still the same?” (Ryouta)


While looking at Margaret, I pan over to the 4 knights.


“Yes, it is still the same. Ah, however, I assure you that Rat, Sosha, Play, and Builder have certainly increased in strength.” (Margaret)

“Is that so.” (Ryouta)

“Yes, they have been an incredible help.” (Margaret)


“ “ “ “We are not worth of such praise! ! ! “ “ “ “


All four of them simultaneously fell onto their knees.


It’s the usual.

If they’re in a history simulation game, their loyalty would’ve maxed out long ago.


“So they’ve become stronger. The Margaret Family is coming along nicely.” (Ryouta)

“It is all thanks to Rat, Sosha, Play, and Builder.” (Margaret)

“Fumu….. By the way…..There’s something I would like to ask the 4 of you.” (Ryouta)


For a split second, I could see the 4 of them staring at Margaret.


I chuckled wryly.


“Is it alright to answer his questions, Margaret.” 


“Please do. Ryouta-san, is there something you would like to know?” (Margaret)


After she gave her approval, their atmosphere changes.

The atmosphere of: “I’ll answer everything you have to ask”.


“Given a hypothesis, if for example you meet with a Slime or a Dungeon Master, whatever monsters there be. What if you are given the opportunity to defeat any of them with just 12 hits, would you want it?” (Ryouta)


“ “ “ “We will be glad to have it!” “ “ “


The four answered in unity.


That’s great, excellent.

They understood perfectly what I wanted to say.

And I’m genuinely impressed by their loyalty towards Margaret.


“Margaret Tenessine.” (Ryouta)

“Yes?” (Margaret)

“Ahh it’s nothing.” (Ryouta)


I looked at the Percentage Bullet.


Somehow, this seems to be better of with Margaret than it is for me.

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