Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 54 – Where Laura thinks is safe

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   The white sand that is also called a sea of sand, with the sun setting at the horizon.

 The red sun illuminating the sea of sand is a breathtaking sight.

 However, I do not have the time to enjoy that at my leisure.

 Because Lolona is not here yet.


「Should we go then.」

「Let’s give a good beating to the church!」

「That’s what I’m planning to do.」


 Although Laura and I were committed, Femille was a little scared.


「Are you sure you’re proceeding with this plan……?」

「Lolona was the one who said that she’ll return by sunset.

 So as per what she said, if she doesn’t return, that means we’ll have to look for her.」

「Naturally that’s what I thought as well, but couldn’t it have been that they’re having a long conversation……」


「If that’s the case, Laura will strip naked and prostrate.」



「If it’s only the talk that’s becoming difficult, and the other person isn’t a bad person.

 Then I’m sure they’ll forgive someone prostrating while naked.」


「Wait wait wait wait just a second! Why must I be the one apologizing!?

 And why must I be naked?!」


「If I was the one naked and apologizing, wouldn’t they just hate it even more?」

「But aren’t there different kinds of people in this world! 

 For example, Femille-chan would’ve loved it if Keima was fully naked!!」


「You’re right……, If you say whether I like or dislike it, I would feel extremely happy about it……Hauu.」


 Femille who was caught up with the conversation was covering her pink face with both hands.


「I still have my pride. I’ve never prostrated before, so being fully naked is way harder.」

「So do I though?!」

「Don’t worry, Laura.」



「The pride that you hold, I’ve already thrown it into the sand.」


「Why did you do thatーーーーーーーーー! ! !」

「Ah sorry, I was playing around……」

「How can you fool around and threw my pride away! What’s more it’s mine! !」


「Well, you should just give up.

 Worst case scenario, even you being naked wouldn’t help, and we might have to negotiate.」



 The useless goddess hung her head in shame.

 In the first place, when someone gives an impossible request, they would usually say『At least give me ○○……』.

 So if we can decline that ○○ , the impossible request would go something like『At least……』.


 If we can avoid that hurdle, the other party would easily accept the request.

 It’s a negotiation technique called <Door In the Face>.

 Whether that can be done, is a question for our useless goddess.

 Pon Pon Pon Pon. I stroked my head and said.


「And with that, I’ll go in and strike.

 So you and Femille will find a safe place and hide.」

「The invisible warrior understands!」


 Laura strongly nodded and tightly hugged me.



「Isn’t being beside Keima the safest?」


 The useless goddess said while tilting her head slightly.

 It’s like saying, if a dog comes, you say it’s a dog, if a cat comes, you say it’s a cat.

 With such a simple minded thinking, she says that being beside me is the safest in a straightforward manner.

 There is no fogging in her eyes, and she said it straight from her chest.

 She’s so ignorant.


「Try your best……Not to leave my side.」



 She nodded with a sweet smile on her face. If it’s only her face, then she’ll be a lovable angel, but it’s this rotten useless goddess we’re talking about.

 I don’t know whether to kick, step, or beat her.




 I came to the church which Liesel is most likely at.

 Two guards that are dressed in high quality armours blocks my way with their spears.


「「Who are you?」」


「If you’re asking who I am, then I’ll answer you that I’m Keima-san who has lost all common sense in various circumstances.」



「I have business with Liesel.」

「If you’re looking for Liesel-sama, he is currently speaking with the Holy Priestess Licia-sama.」

「Can I leave them a message?」

「That is kind of……」

「I see」


 I then went behind the guard.

 Then, strike his neck from behind.

 The guard immediately lose consciousness.


「Wha――! ?」


 The other guard panicked and strike with his spear.

 He penetrated through my breastplate.



「Too bad it’s an afterimage.」


 I was yet again behind him, and aim at his neck with my arm this time.

 I whispered to his ear while at a choking position.


「If you don’t want your head to explode, I suggest you lead me to where Liesel is.

 Either way, you choose?」

「Hiiiii !」


 The guard immediately walked inside the church.


(Oh and by the way, if I see any little suspicious movement, POP!, and there goes your head, okay?)



 The guard looks like he was about to cry.


「Keima, you’re always ruthless……」

「I claim to have my balance, so I would not hesitate to do what needs to be done at times.」

「I see……」


 I wonder if she’s reminiscing about the first time we met.

 Femille looked down and mumbled.

 While walking down the corridor in such a way, there was another guard patrolling.


「Who might that be……?」

「It…….This is our guest. He has some business with Liesel-sama.」

「A guest.」

「T-That’s right. It’s an extremely important guest.」

「I understand.」


 The guard walked away.

 But it was slightly off.

 I feel like we might get caught.

 It’ll happen eventually, so we just have to proceed onward.

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