Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 53 – Lolona falls

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「It’s nothing. I was only thinking about something, that’s all.」


 Licia worriedly looked at me, but I calmly answered.


「Is that so……」

「For now, let us start our……What is that incense for? Liesel-dono.」

「It is a Yellow Basil incense that wards away the Scorpion Bees around.」

「Sorry but could you put it out? 

 A lot of assassins would use the fumes of incense to drug somebody, either by making them drowsy or poisoning them.」

「You sure are suspicious……」


 Liesel then put the incense out.


「With the same reason, I would like to open the window as well.」


 I opened the window.

 Then, I sat on a chair.


「Liesel-sama, here’s your red tea.」

「You’re so thoughtful, Jerry.」


 The guy brought over some red tea.

 The guy was wearing a butler uniform with long and black hair.

 A 100 out of a 100 would consider him a handsome young man with a sharp feature, but he holds a rather attractive look which could confuse men. 

 However, he is inferior to the coolest person in the world, Keima-dono. Though he could get 2nd place.


 But, what’s cooler than a pretty boy is……

 The tremendous looking……. My Keima-dono……♥

 ※A filter made by Lolona who is in love.


 A strange idea crossed my mind, as I picked up the red tea.

 Then, taking a silver spoon from my pocket, I scooped it up.


「This is……?」

「It is a gift from my great sister. It is made from 99.9%《Three 9’s》 of pure Mithril Spoon.

 The colour will instantly change once it has contact with any form of liquid poison, and it must be soaked in pure water overnight to revert back into its original colour.」


 I could not trust Liesel.


(If there’s something wrong, he will definitely react to it……)


 However, he was still smiling.

 It was a gaze full of compassion, as if looking at a kid struggling to solve a multiplication problem.


「Are you not displease?」

「I can understand someone who does not trust a single person due to their traumatic past..……

 As I have also learned the meaning of love from Velcrant-sama.」


 Liesel said with a hint of sorrow.


「I understand that feeling……!」


 Licia agreed.


「When I was a child, Father Ash was the one who picked me up from the orphanage.

 When I was struggling to get food each passing day, he taught me about the teachings of the merciful Velcrant-sama, and the importance of supporting each other.」


 I see……was what I thought when.

 Though Licia is religious, it is not as though she believes in God.

 She believes in the Father who helped her get passed the struggles as an orphan.

 Somehow, I can relate to Licia who has let out her feelings.


 She is the same as me.

 The only difference is that I am attracted to Keima-dono, and Licia is drawn by the teachings of God.

 Other than that, we’re not far off.


 The word would be comrades.

 A comrade where we love Keima-dono. In short, LKD《Love Keima-Dono》…..!

 I feel that it’s a little different, but since it’s only a little, it’s no problem.

 I took out an『abacus』.

 A beautiful item where the body is copper in colour, and the beads are made of milky stones.


「That is……?」

「It’s an item which helps me calculate stuff.

 It was made by humans who came from another world ages ago, and they left it in our world—–Was what I was told.」


 I alligned the stones.


「I understand that you can operate your place for free, and that people need to spend money.

 However, I did not hear the specifics of your income and taxes.

 If I can map it out for you, I would be able to know your wasteful spending, and your future incomes.」


「And so, you said that healings are left to the Priests.

 However, when you’re hurt or sick, some of those can be cured using medications.

 You can hire those who are familiar with pharmaceutical products, and those who can identify diseases, which eliminates the fact that the Priests have to be the one working——With that, more people can be saved, and the Priests would have lesser work load.」


「However, that would lead people who do not trust our Gods to come……」

「Even though you can hire Saints who are not believers, but you can’t hire any doctors or herbalists?」

「That is……」


 Liesel paused after awhile.

 I continued staring at him, anticipating for him to answer.


「We do not know whether the person would be an imposter, as it is difficult to judge someone.

 And that is very subjective.

 It is different from『What I have done』.

 What if I were to look at the account book and inspect the site, and found money laundering and illegal facilities?」


 Subjectivity is based on intuition, but physical evidence are cold hard facts.


「And that is the only way I can distinguish imposters from someone legit.」


 However, Liesel sighed.


「You seem to be quite confident in your economy and business……」

「I didn’t have the time to learn it all.」

「Based on your words. I wonder if perhaps, you’re from the Golden Plain who is famous for selling medicine and trading……?」



 I was caught offguard for a moment.

 Even though I wasn’t trying to hide it, I don’t think someone like him would know about it.

 How does he even know.


 I don’t understand.

 Though I don’t know, but I feel that I must not let him know about it.

 However, that pause for a second has led him to reaffirm his assumption.


「I see, I see now. The Golden Plain……」

「Assuming that is, the case……?」

「If she is being escorted by the Golden Plain, which is not an exaggeration to say that they are a hostile organization.

 Which leads to me thinking that Licia-sama really doesn’t have the backing of the church.」


 Liesel continued to smile.

 Though he looked innocent, what’s hiding behind that smile can only be described as a child trying to kill a colony of ants by drowning their homes with water.


 Fear suddenly ran down my spine.

 I stood up and jumped behind, as I reached for the handle of my sword.



「Kuh……, Hah……」


 My strength is fading.

 My body started staggering, and I fell to the ground.

 What is happening. Why can’t I exert any strength from my body?

 It’s as if my muscles are degenerating.

 Liesel on the other hand was sipping his red tea.


「Just as you were cautious of the incense, and you didn’t drink the red tea, I was suspicious of you as well.

 Whether you want to do whatever you like here, I wonder if you can retaliate with the church. Nobody can find you from here.」


「Did you, trick us――?」

「If you put it that way, I guess I did.」



「By the way――Lolona-san.

 You were right in the incense.

 The incense emits a so called hypnotic gass.」


 Liesel then used magic.

 He created a fire the size of a matchstick, and started burning the incense.

 Then, he had the smoke right up in front of my nose, which I immediately felt sleepy.


「However, the power which I hold could neutralize my opponent even without using the incense, the drinks, or even the food.」


 What is it.

 What did he use.

 How did I fall for it.

 I don’t know.

 While not understanding, my consciousness slowly fades.


「What are……, you trying to……do to us……?」

「I guess――holding you as hostages?」


 Liesel continued with his playful gestures.


「That Keima-dono who you so cherish and love.

 I admit that he’s strong.

 He must have the ability to even hurt me.

 If I need to safely destroy him, I need some items.

 And you’re that item!」


「I see……」


 I was relieved.

 This situation is not good.


 But it’s as I’ve calculated.


「With that, Keima-dono will see you bastards as enemies……

 At best, you can escape, at worst……you will disappear.」


 There’s only one thing I’m worried.


(What is this guy’s power……?)


 It wasn’t the incense.

 It wasn’t the tea nor the food.

 I don’t remember being pierced by a needle.


 If it was magic, I would’ve sensed it long ago.

 In a sense, magic would’ve been more obvious.

 As I would not allow that to escape my peripheral.

 But, there’s no magic being casted.


 What is the true colours of his abilities――.

 Suddenly, someone else spoke.


「Then again, you took your time……Liesel-kun.」

「I-I’m terribly sorry!」

「Well, it’s alright. You did provide some entertainment.」


 It was the pretty boy with long hair who served us the red tea who spoke.


「My name is Zephyros, a God.

 I am the one who forgives people’s desires with generosity, a contributing entity.」



 A feeling of frustration has left me.

 No matter how strong Keima-dono is, if his opponent is an unknown God who has unlimited power……。


 However, I could not let Keima-dono worry us anymore.

 The effects of the incense has finally reached its peak, as my consciousness fades away.

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