Level 1 Guy: Chapter 317 – Infinite Percentage Bullet

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TLN Note: Changed Enhancement Bullet to Reinforcement Bullet.

Night, the basement of the mansion.


While everyone was gathered at the salon, I was here by myself.


Leaving a bean sprout at the edge of the basement, I waited from far.

Then, the Slime hatched.


The cute looking Slime saw me and went into battle mode.

Its face immediately changed, as it flew to me like a gum ball.


Dodging it easily, I fired a bullet just as he passed by me.


The Slime ate the bullet and was blown away.

It bounce on the ground multiple times, before bouncing back up and turned around, looking for me.


The ammunition is inside its body, but it was swimming inside.


“I think this is my first time seeing a bullet not one shotting a Slime.” (Ryouta)


I mumbled, and looked at the revolver.


The Slime once again jumped.

It was angry that it got hurt.

It tried to knock me as best as it could, but I easily dodged that attack as well.


Then, this time I took out my other revolver, and fired rapidly.


Bang, bang, bang ,bang, bang, bang———


I counted how many shots I fired.

1, 2, 3——–


Including the first shot, I’ve fired a total of 12 shots at it, and the Slime Popped!, and disappeared, dropping a Normal Bullet.


It’s as per Tennessine’s description, 12 shots to guarantee kill.


A percentage bullet, no it’s better to call it an Infinite Percentage Bullet.


A bullet, just like the 12☆ in Tennessine, defeats an enemy after 12 shots.


And if you divide it into 12, then it’s roughly 8.3% per shot.


“I really want to test whether it does divide equally. If it’s really the case, then my friends….. Margaret can really benefit from this.” (Ryouta)


I can fire the enemy 11 times, then let her hit the remaining HP down.


This time, I hatched a Dante Rock using a Dandelion.


An Arsenic type monster, where its strong against physical attacks.


While squinting and observing me from the corner, I slowly fired the Percentage Bullet.

1 shot……. 2 shots…… 3 shots.

Then after 11 shots.


“…… I can’t tell just by looking.” (Ryouta)


While smiling wryly, I went close to the Dante Rock.

Looking at it closely, I lightly punched it.


Of course, I paid attention to my punch to exert as little force as I can.


When a small thud sound was heard, the Dante Rock was split in half.


“Hmm, so it goes to a moribund state after the 11th shot.” (Ryouta)


Just in case, I tested it on another Dante Rock.

With the same light punch, but this time it didn’t die.


Obviously, since I’ve only fired 10 shots at it.


“This can be considered a success.” (Ryouta)


I was satisfied with the results.


Oh right, what happens if I use it together with the Reinforcement Bullet?

Also, what happens if I fuse it with other bullets?


The characteristics of the Percentage Bullet sparked an interest for knowledge and curiosity in me.


I really want to try out the new bullet as soon as possible.

Let’s work hard to test it for the whole night.



Emily and Celeste was watching Ryouta testing the bullet from the entrance of the basement stairs.


“Is it alright to leave him be? His bad habit is coming out again.” (Celeste)

“…..” (Emily)


Emily bitterly smiled.

She was having mixed feelings, so she couldn’t respond immediately.


“I’ll stop Yoda-san if dawn arrives desu.” (Emily)

“I understand how he feels, especially when he gets into his zone and does something crazy for himself or others.” (Celeste)

“Yes desu. At that time, Yoda-san had such dark circles under his eyes desu.” (Emily)


Emily showed the size of the dark circles using her two fingers.


“That much?” (Celeste)

“After his dark circles disappeared, he said that it was time to get serious desu.” (Emily)

“I guess it’s his characteristics.” (Celeste)


Celeste sighed.

She was one of the people who was helped by Ryouta.

And is the oldest person who followed Ryouta right after Emily.


In addition, she would always watch over Ryouta.


She knows that Ryouta would not stop at nothing if he gets into something.


So, Celeste wanted to stop Ryouta if she could.

Hence why she could Emily just in case.


But, Emily said.


“I can’t stop desu.” (Emily)

“Why?” (Celeste)

“Unlike the past, Yoda-san is now working hard for everyone, and not for his own nanodesu.” (Emily)

“…….Yeah.” (Celeste)

“I’m going first desu.” (Emily)


Emily said, as she turned and walked back up.


“Where are you going?” (Celeste)

“I’m going to make some rice balls for him desu. I’ll try to help him as long as I can, so that he doesn’t fall due to fatigue desu.” (Emily)

“…..I help too.” (Celeste)

“Thank you desu.” (Emily)


Celeste followed Emily and went to the kitchen.


Ryouta is getting stronger with the support of his friends.

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