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“And because of that, we need an admission restriction.” (Ryouta)


Tennessine’s room.

I explained the policy that Cell has proposed to Tennessine.


Because the adventurers have reached overcapacity inside the dungeon, we had to release a license for each floor.


In the human world, much more in another world where adventurers exists, this is something normal, however, Tennessine might not think that way.

The correct way of putting it is [I don’t know what’s right or wrong].


When I explained it to him, he stared silently at me.

Or is he?


Since he’s a tsundere guy, he would’ve been happy when his lonely dungeon has increased in numbers.

Thus, I was kinda worried that he would not like it that I’m limiting the people from entering his dungeon.


And with that worrying look, I waited for him to respond.


“How much then?” (Tennessine)

“Eh?” (Ryouta)

“How much do you want to limit?” (Tennessine)


Different from his usual [high and mighty attitude], he actually considered my explanation and seriously asked.


“About that….. I guess we’ll have 300 ~ 500 people per floor. Anymore will erode the dungeon.” (Ryouta)

“Erode?” (Tennessine)

“Monsters have their own ecology system. So if we increase the area of the village beyond this, it may come to a bad result.” (Ryouta)

“…….” (Tennessine)


When I explained the reason, he once again went silent.

I have no idea why he is being quiet right now.


After 5 minutes of silence.


“……Hmph.” (Tennessine)


Tennessine blew air from his nostrils, as if what I said was something stupid.


“You’re underestimating me. Do you think that my dungeon could only fit that many people?” (Tennessine)

“So you mean you can put more people?” (Ryouta)

“Obviously. Don’t you dare underestimate me.” (Tennessine)

“I see….. Sorry for making you feel weird.” (Ryouta)

“I-It’s not like you did something wrong!” (Tennessine)


And there goes the tsundere phrase.

Yeap, his expression doesn’t match his words.


Then again, I don’t know whether he thinks restriction people is a good thing or it’s annoying.

I really am not sure.


“Aah, so Tennessine——” (Ryouta)

“B-By the way.” (Tennessine)


Tennessine raised his voice just a little higher than mine.


“Don’t you go using that woman’s powers.” (Tennessine)

“Who?” (Ryouta)

“Obviously I’m talking about Nihonium!” (Tennessine)


Tennessine was angry.

I see, well I did ask Nihonium to help me on our previous task…….


“Aah, I’m sorry about that. I needed her cooperation after all.” (Ryouta)

“It’s not about that idiot.” (Tennessine)

“Then?” (Ryouta)
“Ughh you’re irritating the heck out of me!” (Tennessine)


While saying that, he scratched his hair wildly.


“Listen to what I’m saying. It’s not about cooperating, I’m saying you borrowed her strength.” (Tennessine)

“Her strength….. Aah.” (Ryouta)


After pointing it out, I was reminded.


The first time I met her.

And the first time I spoke to her in her room.


“You mean Repetition?” (Ryouta)


It is true that Nihonium was the one who directed me to that magic.


“What is it about——–” (Ryouta)

“I don’t like it.” (Tennessine)

“Why?” (Ryouta)

“I-I don’t like that woman’s smell.” (Tennessine)

“Huh….” (Ryouta)


If you say that, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do though?

Her smell……Should I just remove Repetition then?


Wait, can I even do that?


“I-Is that your product?” (Tennessine)

“My revolvers? Aah yeah, I use it to fire a bunch of different bullets. In a sense, it’s a sort of magic.” (Ryouta)


I wondered why he asked.


“Give it !” (Tennessine)


He snatched one of the revolvers from me.


Looking at it, he inspects the revolver and the bullets.


“Tsk, isn’t this that woman’s thing as well?” (Tennessine)


He was in a bad mood again.

Well, he is not wrong that the bullets are from Nihonium’s rogue monsters.


“Uhmm……” (Ryouta)


I tried talking softly to him.


“Hmph.” (Tennessine)


Again, he lifted his nose up and threw the revolver back at me.


“Oph.” (Ryouta)


I hurriedly caught the flying revolver.


“…….A bullet?” (Ryouta)


Then, what I saw inside the chamber was a bullet which I have never seen before.


“Is this…..yours?” (Ryouta)

“D-Don’t get the wrong idea okay. I just have that lying around, that’s all.” (Tennessine)

“Ah okay.” (Ryouta)


And that’s his second tsundere sentence right there.

But then, where did he get a bullet from.


If I’m not mistaken, I think I’m the only one who has a revolver.


Well, I guess I’ll just leave it as that.


“By the way, how does this work?” (Ryouta)

“12 shots.” (Tennessine)

“Oh?” (Ryouta)

“If you fire any opponents 12 times, they will definitely die.” (Tennessine)

“……..Aaah.” (Ryouta)


I remembered the ☆.

It’s Tennessine’s so called curse.


So this is inspired by that.


If it takes 12 shots to kill someone, then each shot deals about 8.33% damage.


“No use keeping it, you can have it.” (Tennessine)

“Aah okay, thanks.” (Ryouta)


Even if you say, I do have a one shot kill magic with me though.

This bullet——isn’t it just a weaker version of Repetition? 


“……. No it’s different!” (Ryouta)

“What!” (Tennessine)

“That’s right, this is it!” (Ryouta)

“What the hell, don’t just suddenly shout at me!” (Tennessine)

“Thanks! This would really be helpful for me!” (Ryouta)


Realizing the use of this bullet, I took his hands and shake them.


What if you fire 11 shots separately……?

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