Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 52 – Lolona’s conversation

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   As Keima’s sirname is Kosakai, I would like to change my name to Lolona Kosakai in the future as well. However, I, Lolona Highroad am currently worrying too much for the person named Licia, and thus am walking together with her following the suspicious Holy Knight, Liesel.


 Also, I purposely showed them that I am cautious against them.

 Thus, the air around us isn’t exactly conversable.

 Although I am used to this air, but Licia who is sandwiched between Liesel and I felt extremely uncomfortable.

 Then, Liesel was the one who broke the silence by speaking with a smile on his face.


「Based on how you potray yourself, I assume that Lolona-san is one who uses a sword?」

「You’re not wrong. That is what I use.」


 I took out a coin.

 I used my thumb and flicked the coin.

 I took out my sword, and slashed four times.

 With the coin still spinning in the air, I slice the coin perfectly into 8 pieces.


「Is that your way of showing humility.」

「If you know who Keima-dono is, you would not say something like that.」

「Is he that great of a person?」

「He is a wonderful person.」


 I continued speaking my mind.


「Even though he has such destructive powers, but with a gentlemanly and kind personality, he doesn’t use his powers for his own sake. If I have to describe how wonderful Keima-dono is, the only person I can compare him to is my older sister.」



(I want his love.)

(I really want him right now……!)

「I want to return to Keima-dono, and have him grope my strong and reliable breastplate all over……!」


 However, right now.

 I noticed the stares of both Liesel and Licia.

 Even though they were staring straight at me, but they did not say a single word.

 What’s wrong, why are they like that.

 Don’t tell me――.


「You’re speaking your mind out loud……」


 How could this be.

 I don’t know whether she’s telling the truth or not, but this is a different manner.

 My face was buuu~rning bright red.

 Even I can tell that my face was fuming red.

 Please don’t look at me, the both of you!




 I covered my face with both my hands, and avoided them by running ahead.

 However, I remembered that I’m currently on a mission, so I walked back to them embarrassingly.




 As we moved onwards, I could see a palace just outside the streets.

 And in front of us was a long queue.

 Licia asked.


「What is this queue……for?」

「They are waiting in line to pray for the Priest.」

「That is quite the number……」

「This queue is befitting for Priest-sama……」


「Is there a reason for having two queues?」

「One of the queue is for people who want to donate to the church.」

「So the people who donate gets a different treatment?!」


「Sadly, that is the truth.

 However, even priests are human. If they do not have clothes, they would freeze, if they don’t have food, they would starve.

 Because of that, if we don’t give them a better treatment, we would not be able to survive as well……」


 Liesel said as though he was worried deep down.

 It is difficult to tell whether he’s faking it or not.

 He could really be worried, or he is just really good at acting.


 However, what’s important is that Licia took the bait.

 Licia Velcrant, you are worrying me even more by trusting everyone you see. 

 If you show your opponent any weakness, it wouldn’t be weird if they took advantage of it.


 Even though I am closely observing him, his explanation does not show any signs of deceit.

If you exclude things like『indoctrination』, what he is preaching would actually make sense.


「Are these your guests, Liesel-sama?」

「Yes, they are my guests.」



 The guards opened the door, and we went inside the palace.

 We walked through a few chapels, and entered what looks to be a guest room.


「What a small room.」

「The places where the believers are praying, and the priests are resting have been occupied. Thus, the only option we are left are——-so naturally……」

「You have came without any prior notice……」


「Or maybe you’re just acting as though there’s no place.」


 When I said that, Licia felt relaxed—–but.


「However, I can’t tell the difference between a skilled swindler and a good person.

 The more you try to portray yourself as a good person, the more likely you are to be a skilled swindler.」

「Isn’t that going too far?!」

「I see. Well, after all, I guess『I’m just an unlikable elf』.

 But, no matter how much I hate humans, I wish that you are indeed what you seem.」


「If Liesel is such a great person, I shall apologize and that will be it.

 No matter how bad of a person you think I am, but I would not go that far.

 However, if he is indeed evil, it can be detrimental to us all.

 What’s important currently is not about being right.

 But it’s better to weigh the risks and the returns, then to blindly believe in someone.」


 So what if Liesel hates me, all I need is Keima-dono.

 If I have my one and only Keima-dono, no matter if the world hates me, I would be able to tolerate it.


 Really……What is it about him.

 He has the strength to overwhelm me, but he chose not to.

 Though he fearlessly confronts enemies who are strong, he does not act arrogant. 

 With all that, he gives of an infinite amount of kindness to me.


 I can kind of understand those who spread the good news of their Goddess, and dedicate themselves to God.

 I too want to dedicate both my body and soul to Keima-dono.

 I want him to put a leash on my neck, then I’ll throw away the key to prove my loyalty. Then, I want him to engrave his markings all over my body to show everyone that he owns me.



 I love you……♥


(Bun Bun Bun!)


 As I nearly flew into a different reality, I shook my head to regain conscious.

 It is finally time for the talk.

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