Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 51 – Let’s ask around(•ㅂ•)

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Translation Notes:

Liber-sama → Liesel-sama


Lolona immediately stood up and left.

 Since I had time until evening, I guess I can go and ask around and interview this Liesel.

 Since the upper class family has to pay upfront, we went around the middle-class house.


「About Liesel-sama? I am glad that he is here.

Recently, there have been many sharks appearing, and he managed to defeat them. What’s more, he has suppressed the violent Saint-sama’s」


「I am thankful for Liesel-sama’s help as well when helped cured my daughter’s sickness. Also, he settled the rampant attitudes of those Saint-sama’s.」


 No matter which house we asked, that was the evaluation they gave.


「Seems like everyone’s giving him a good evaluation.」

「I wonder.」


 While I nodded slightly to Laura’s comment, we finally heard an interesting information from someone.


「About the recent increase in shark attacks, specifically how long ago did this happen?」

「I could not remember the details but…… I think it started at around half  a year ago.」

「Was Liesel-san already here at that time?」

「He came about a year ago.」

「I see……」


 With the domineering groups lead by Liesel, and the sharks growing in numbers just after half a year he arrived, these have boosted his evaluation.

 I don’t know why, but I’m smelling some bullshit.


 Not feeling satisfied with those answers, I walked to the low-class street.

 Their walls were roughly patched up by clays which are already cracked.


 The stench of garbage and sweat mixed together becomes stronger with each step.


 When we came close to the entrance, the kids who were near the entrance immediately ran to a back alley.

 This is giving me more unpleasant feeling.


「You have so many beautiful things, Nii-chan.」

「Never see you guys here before…… But what business do you have here?」

「We have medicine here! We have the Paradise Cactus X here!」


 I could hear some dangerous words around me.

 Even Femille and Laura were holding my arms tightly.



「I-I-I-It’s going to be alright! K-K-K-Keima is an S that loves Kokushi Musou 3DS more than his 3 meals, but when the time comes, he’ll be reliable! !」


 Not only was she rude to me, she said something horrible about 3DS.

 Then, this has nothing to do with our conversation, the colour of the ground that is 5 metres away from us slightly changed.


「Wind !」


 Testing out my magic, I fired Wind magic on that part, and the ground exploded and a dent appeared.


「A pitfall trap huh……」


 Can’t expect them to treat us nicely.

 The shadows of the houses is making me confused.

 Then, someone was speaking in such a soft voice that if it wasn’t me, no one would’ve been able to hear it.


(W-W-What are we going to do? !)

(Though they didn’t fall for the trap, but that should give us a distraction!)

(Which means……)

(Let’s do it! !)


 The kids who were holding clubs and sticks, came jumping out from behind the houses.


「Kids huh……」


 If they were adults, I wouldn’t have shown any mercy, but it’s going to be a pain if my opponents are kids.

 Hugging both Laura and Femille tightly, I slightly bent my knees.

 Then, I jumped up to a two story tattered building roof.

 I collected wind on the tip of my finger, and released magic.


「Be crushed――Air Crush !」


 Zudon !

 The frightened kids crawled down all at once.


「Oh boy.」


 I once again jumped up.

 Then, before getting the shock from stomping on the ground too hard, I used wind magic to lighten the weight.


「K-K-K-Keima! How about me?! Why did you leave me here! !」


 Laura who was still on the roof was waving her hands and screamed at the top of her lungs.


「Didn’t you say that I’m a sadistic guy that loves 3DS more than my 3 meals?」



 Accomplishing my sadistic pleasures, I once again went back up the rooftop and bring her down while hugging her.

 Then, a kids that looks like the leader stepped forward.

 A beast boy with white hair and ears that look like they belong to wolves.


「I have some questions……」



 The young boy suddenly spat at me.

 But we~ll, it didn’t really affect me.

 Using wind magic, I lifted him up and spun him around.

 The young boy who was spun around suddenly felt sick.




 He shouted as I step on his back.


「You’re free to rebel all you want, but if you don’t choose your opponents wisely, you might get hurt.」

「Kunyaaa! Dyodge his legs! Dyodge it!」


 As if that wasn’t enough, he became flustered and bit his tongue.





 The beast boys who is around him shouted.

 I only have food with me, and I have like XX amount of food from within my magic bag.

 I took out 3 slices of bread.





 Nearly 10 of the boys split into 3 groups.


『You lots! ! !』


 The young boy who was on the ground shouted.

 Then, I could feel another presence from beside me.




 It was a girl.

 Hiding behind a broken fence, only her head was visible and was staring at me.

 She had the same white hair as the young boy, and she was wearing a worn out one piece dress.


 When I looked at the young boys, they shivered in fear..

 I did not think of them as enemies. But more confused right now.

 I lifted my foot off of the young boy.


「Make a run! Marin!」


 The young boy hurriedly ran towards the young girl held her hand and make a run for it.

 However, the young girl hit the young boy’s ears with her hands.


(That’s the shark guy………)


(The person………, who gave us shark………。)

「That’s the guy……?」



 The young girl nodded slightly.


(Not………a bad guy。)



 The young boy, still suspicious of me, held the young girl tightly while approaching me with caution.


「Well, you don’t have to be so cautious with me, I’ve done no wrong, not even a micron.」


 I hit my chest.


「I’m here just to ask about Liesel, that’s all.」

「Liesal-san………… I hate him.」

「And the reason?」

「He was the one who asked us to hunt those sharks.」



「It’s obvious that we eat the sharks that we caught.

 However, that bastard created those Saints and pushed us away……」

「So that Liesel used you kids as tools to make himself look good.」


「But those Saints, are they not made up of a bunch of rogues?」

「About half of of them are. But the other half is people like us.」

「I see now.」


 So there is something fishy behind all this……。


「Please don’t give me a match pump smell.」(TLN: match pump is basically scam)

「Why are you suddenly saying such lower half humour! Keima you pervert!」

「In what way is that a lower half humour, is your head the mind of Jesus or something?!」

「B-But….. Isn’t that the case? Isn’t Match pump, a macho guy pumping you from behind naked……」


 And she made me say it.


「Fuck you.」


「T-The strong and powerful Keima-sama’s, inappropriate part…..?!」


 Femille’s nose bleed, and looked at where she shouldn’t be looking.

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