Level 1 Guy: Chapter 314 – Party Drop

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“So you did something like that.”


Plumbum Dungeon, Plumbum’s house.


Finally finishing Tennessine’s case, I continued my promise and visited her everyday.


Compared to Tennessine, he would naturally be happy if I came to visit him.

However, because he would always try to drag the conversation for as long as he can, it’s quite hard to keep a conversation going.


For today’s topic, it would be the encounter with Tennessine.

I lightly talked about what I did at Tennessine, and what happened in the dungeon.


“I have managed to help the people, and even a spirit as well to some extent..” (Ryouta)

“That is naturally your virtue. If it wasn’t for you, the people around you wouldn’t lend a hand as well. E-Even for me, when I asked for your request, you immediately promised……” (Plumbum)


Plumbum was fidgeting around.

She looks like a maiden right now.


“Thanks. I might ask for help if anything—-” (Ryouta)

“Leave it to me! I will always accept it no matter what!” (Plumbum)


Plumbum was smiling from side to side.

Seems like she was excited to accept my request in the future.


“Back to your story, Nihonium was a huge help.” (Plumbum)

“She did the most help at the later half of the plan. And I didn’t know that you could freely control your Dungeon Master at all.” (Ryouta)

“That’s right. It’s hard to control the range of normal monsters, but Dungeon Masters are different.” (Plumbum)

“Is that how it works?” (Ryouta)

“It’s the evils of being simple, or so they say.” (Plumbum)

“Ah, I get it.” (Ryouta)


I’m sure they are able to fully control all normal, rare, and the Dungeon Master.

However, they could only give simple commands to the normal monsters.


“Are there any special things, or special powers that they can use while controlling them?” (Ryouta)

“There are no such things. We can only move their hands and legs. Also, we can also slightly tinker with the [logic].” (Plumbum)

“What do you mean by that?” (Ryouta)

“Hm. For example, It would not drop twice for 2 or more people——Is what we can do.” (Plumbum)

“…..Uhmm, so what it means is that Party A would get A’s drop, and party B would get their own drop?” (Ryouta)

“That’s right. If we don’t do that, everybody would get a drop.” (Plumbum)

“Heeh.” (Ryouta)





Somehow I felt inspired.

It’s like something came up in my head for a moment.

I was trying to get it.


I tried following how I usually remember stuff, which most of the time it works for me.

Then, following what we talked about—– I was staring straight at Plumbum while doing it.


“…….Po.” (Plumbum)


Plumbum’s face was dyed red because of it. Then, with an embarrassed eyes looking back at me, I finally remembered.


And that is……. An extremely good idea!


“Thank you!” (Ryouta)


Being excited, I unknowingly grabbed onto her shoulders, and looked further away from her.


“Aaaahhh…….” (Plumbum)


Plumbum was beyond excited, as her eyes shine brightly.



“Raid boss?” (Tennessine)


Tennessine’s room.

I came here excitedly and told him about the idea.


“Aah sorry, was talking by myself, don’t mind it. How should I put this…..” (Ryouta)


Raid Boss.

If I were to put it simply, I can just explain it midway and show an example.


So, I explained the core meaning of it.


“Is it possible to give out more drops if more people were to defeat a monster?” (Ryouta)

“The more people the more it drops?” (Tennessine)

“That’s right.” (Ryouta)

“The hell are you even saying, if I were to do that, then more shitty people would come…………and.” (Tennessine)


He suddenly stopped mid sentence.


What I thought of was an MMO system I played during my school days.


Instead of fighting solo, if there’s 4 people at a party and they defeated a monster, they would get 5 times the drop rate.


If it is 4 times, then there would be no merit in even partying in the first place, but it’s different if it’s 5 times.


And I’m now sharing my advice to him.


His shocked is proof that the idea is possible, and that it is a good proposal.


“HH-Hhhhm! Won’t that just increase more shitty people here!” (Tennessine)


That’s my usual Tennessine.


“I won’t do something like that. Sorry to disappoint you, but just leave already!” (Tennessine)


I believe that he will definitely do it even after chasing me out.


On that same night.

After constructions were over, I went to Tennessine and tested whether the having more people would increase the drop.

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