Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 50 – Work the shark

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TLN Note: All this time I thought Belcrant is Valkrais, but unfortunately that is not the case because the previous translator wasn’t clear about that either. Took me some time to find the actual name…. Valkrais is the family name of Licia, and the Goddess that they’re mentioning all this time is actually named Belcrant (ベルクラント), based on this katakana. The only link that I could find was from the game Tales of Destiny.

(Guuuh…… Kyururu、Guuuh~~~)


 There were what seemed to be wandering adolescents with tattered clothing, holding their stomachs and staring at us.

 Well more specifically, they were staring at the shark meat on the plate.

 I showed the plate to them.


「Want some?」


 I looked down and asked the girl who was right in front of me.


「I don’t have……money…………」

「Don’t mind the small details. I won’t dare ask anything from a fragile child.」


「Yeah, that’s right.」


 The girl quickly grabbed the fish meat and chomp on it.


「Me too!」

「I want some too!」



 The rest of the children surrounded me and asked for some as well.

 I sliced the shark meat evenly, and handed it to all of them.

 The 500 kilo shark looked pretty small right about now.



「Why the hell are you here as well!」


 I pinched Laura’s cheeks who was trying to get some as well.

 The stupid Laura held her cheeks with both hands and cried out in tears.


「Cause I’m jealous of them!」

「Didn’t you have some as well?!」

「It’s not about that! I want Keima to be kind to me as well!

 I’m sure Keima is only kind to everyone except for me right!?

 So why can’t I be around those you’re kind to?!」

「Being around them wouldn’t make a difference you know?!」


 As usual, she was spouting some stupid things. But in the end, I patted her head.




 That aside, I still let her eat the shark meat.




 With that, her mood was easily fixed.

 Wow, stupid people are easy.

 What an ultimately easy goddess.



「What are you doing!」


 Liber shouted.


「As you can see, I’m just eating some sharks?」

「I’ll be troubled if you just do whatever you want!」



 Instead, I looked at Licia.


「Based on the jurisdiction of the Silver Union’s land, it is forbidden for a non-believer to give alms to others…..Especially in their land.」

「What kind of stupid rule is that.」

「Food shall be given by the blessings of heaven!

 You need to feel the presence of Goddess Belcrant before you can eat!

 Anyone who’s not a member are not allowed to do so!」

「Well, it’s human nature to be grateful to those who give food to you.」


 This teaching is especially true back on earth’s religion.

 When an outsider tries to deny religion, they would often end it with『The missionary has given bread. What about you?』.


「But you lots, if you wanted it, I would’ve given some to you.」

「I would give you once every week, but during the day of giving!」

「I’m sure it’s difficult if its once a week.」


「If people are given too much, they will turn corrupted!」

「Though you say that, but don’t your Saints usually eat those good food?」

「That is because they have worked hard for it!

 Belcrant-sama is a merciful Goddess, hence why no food shall be given to those who open their mouths and beg!」

「I see now.」


 However, such idealistic view is impossible in this world.

 Those who do not have money will have to work everyday to stay alive.

 And when those who have to work just to live another day, others who have money can work hard and train their muscles.

 When fighting monsters, people who have nice equipment and weapons will be protected by escorts.


 The poor will have to run a marathon, and the rich uses a car.

 It’s not an easy life, but it’s better than walking.

 What’s more, it is not because of the environment, nor the talent, but hard work that bears results. That is their way of thinking.


 Then again, I did receive some cheat like abilities!!!


 Then, Licia looked helpless.


「It is as what Liber-sama has said. Our teaching is as such…..However…..」


 She doesn’t have to force herself.

 Based on what she’s trying to say, Liber did nothing wrong.

 Yes, it’s not wrong, but the logic behind it is fucked. 

 While eating the shark, I said.


「Isn’t it okay if we just ask Liber then?」

「Y-Yes…. That is right! As expected of Keima-sama!

 You do say some good things at times!」


 Licia’s face lit up.

 On the contrary, Liber was showing an unpleasant expression.


「What relation do you have with Licia-sama anyways?」



 While I was worrying about it, Licia answered.


「Keima-sama is my benefactor!

 When I was being ambushed by bandits, he rescued me, and even protected me all the way till I arrived this city!」

「The Holy Priestess Licia-sama, doesn’t have any Saints around her….?」

「That is because, there are some circumstances happening……」

「And it seems that we have to talk about this circumstance somewhere else.」


 Looking at their conversations, Lolona popped up from behind.


「This is bad……」

「You’re right……」

「Isn’t this delish?!It just melts in your mouth, and the umami just spreads around!」

「We’re not talking about the shark!」


 I stretched Laura’s cheeks again.




 Femille then raised her cute hand.


「What bad things are going to happen……?」


 Lolona then said in a soft voice in order not to let Liber hear.


(If you show any weakness to someone who you do not know whether is good or bad, they will normally devour you.)

「I see……」


 Femille’s adorable bunny ears moved up and down in a rapid motion.

 Lolona then quietly walked to where Liber and Licia is.


「If you’re going somewhere else to talk about it, is it alright if I follow along as well?」


「To be honest, I was born and raised in a distorted environment, so I have a hard time trusting someone.

 So, is it alright if I could follow Licia-dono and Liber-dono along?」


 She has her way of spinning things.

 Being able to say to your opponent that、『You might do something bad』in a roundabout way.

 I think anyone would be conscious about it after being heard that.


「If you are worried that the Holy Priestess Licia-sama will be in any danger, our Saints will be there……」

「I thought so as well. And that’s why I want to be next to Licia.

 There will always be bad people, and that is the truth.」


 The opponent then acted as a good person said.


「If that is the case, then that’s fine.」


 At first, Lolona admits herself that she has a distorted view on people, so she would make people think that:『I just want to help others』.

 I don’t know about Liber, but it had a critical effect on Licia.

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