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Note: Read translator’s note after the chapter to understand the situation.

Author’s Note: Today’s chapter will be a little special as the first half would be in a third person perspective.

This [●] will indicate the change of scenes.

Edited: Shiro

The revival of the Evil Dragon.

A dragon that is said to have powers close to God, the Wicked Dragon.

It’s mighty roar can shake the heaven, and trees and grass shake at the sound of it, and any living creatures trembles before it.

Those who knows the existence of the Wicked Dragon are but a few from the previous generation.

Because there are many who fear such a being, not many records were left behind, and even fewer are passed down verbally from the older generations. Though what remains are only depictions of such a fearless monster who was slain by the previous hero.


However, that person knows it well.

The one who has been sealed off for hundreds of years, and finally reawaken into the present day——-The Demon King.

As the roar of the Wicked Dragon resounded its surroundings, he who sits in his throne perceives the Wicked Dragon’s presence much earlier than anyone else.



“Is something troubling you, Demon King-sama?”


The maid who is constantly standing beside him noticed the subtle abnormalities and asked.

The Demon King placed his hands close to his forehead and his smile tightens, then turns to the maid in a delighted mood. 


“Ah, it has been awhile since I felt the nostalgic resurgence of an old dragon.”

“The resurgence of, a dragon? Is there such a thing……. As a dragon now?”

“Isn’t there one living right now? Wait I’m wrong, there are currently two that are alive. Now this is going to be entertaining. I wonder if it’s the workings of ‘them’.”


The Demon King mumbled to himself.

The maid quietly listens to his story, even if it sounded dubious.

Ever since the maid took on the important role as the Demon King’s maid, she found out that the Demon King surprisingly loves to interact with others. And she is captivated by the words spoken from him.

Only a few would want to take on such an awkward role, a role of the Demon King’s maid. However, she voluntarily appointed to be one.

Though, she cannot hide the confusion over the words of the Demon King who went beyond her expectations.


“Before I was sealed away, it should’ve been killed just like me. And body parts left unturned.”


“It’s power is currently unstable. I wonder who could’ve awaken it? There seems to be a mixture of impure magic imbued in it. Either way, one can only call it an incomplete state. As to whoever awaken it, it has greatly weakened it.” 


The Demon King closed his eyes, and speaks as though he enjoys this moment.

Whether one can really feel the presence of the dragon somewhere, the maid has only one word in mind, dragon.

That is because there is practically no one who can confirm the existence of a dragon.


“Forgive me if what I am about to say is shallow. But I do not quite understand what Demon King-sama is saying…..” 

“The Wicked Dragon. A being that is said to be born with pure power.”

“Wicked Dragon…..”

“It’s a troublesome monster. One who doesn’t listen, nor thinks, and it only follows only its instincts. It is a creature that has abandoned all intelligence despite being born with wisdom.”


———One cannot imagine it.

An existence that has never been heard until today, and such a creature has awaken, causing a somewhat unrealistic havoc.


“The only thing going through it’s mind is destruction and hatred. Someone tried to use it once, but in one night, three nations have been burnt to the ground. Since then, no one dared using it ever again.”

“……….That is terrifying no matter how you put it.”


Destroying three nations is no ordinary matter.

The maid herself knew about the invasion that was done by the Demon King before he was sealed, but it wasn’t to the point of bringing down nations to the brink of extinction in one night.


“It is easy to use, because you only need to provide a place for it to destroy. However, if you go too far, it will immediately bite you back. The one called the Dragon God truly possesses the power of God, which even I have a hard time killing.”


The fact that he did not say that he can’t do it, makes me realize that this person is someone out of this world’s standards.

Though he might claim that this Wicked Dragon would be a painful existence to him, would it not be harmful not only to humans, but also to the demons ourselves?


“Then, wouldn’t it be dangerous if left unchecked…….?”

“Do not worry. As I have said, it is drastically weakened. Even weaker than it’s heyday. The dragon will decay eventually without my interference.”


Though it has been weakened, it is still a considerable foe, the Demon King cried out with exaggerated movements.

One can tell from his expression that he is not a speck worried about it, and places his hands on his chin.


“However, as you have said, if left unchecked, many will die. Having its body sealed and deteriorating for hundreds of years have simplified its thoughts. The impulse of destroying might further spurred, and the hatred from being sealed would worsen. The heroes of this generation—— Their children, their relatives. The two heroes who were summoned from the same world as it. No, precisely those who have a similar ‘smell’ as it would be a target of its hatred.”

“It’s as though………”

“A beast? That is right, a beast. No creature is as faithful to its instincts, fearlessness, arrogance, and meaningless in the world as it is. Conversely, no creature is as pure as it. Though I scorn the hero from the bottom of my heart, but I have confirmed that——It should’ve died by the hands of the hero.”

“Is it the hero who sealed it? So the hero couldn’t beat it as well?”

“Do not be stupid. There is no way the hero would not be able to defeat the Wicked Dragon. Listen, it’s not that the hero couldn’t defeat it, but he didn’t.”



She could not comprehend.

The maid was a little confused. In summary, the Wicked Dragon from the Demon King’s story is annoying, even more so for humans.

Nevertheless, why did the hero seal the Wicked Dragon even though he could defeat it?

Seeing the maid with her head tilted slightly, he points to himself and continued.


“I’m the same as well. He left me and the dragon alive, though in different ways.”

“He let Demon King-sama lived? The hero did…..?”

“Indeed. That must have been why I was sealed alive.”


This might be disrespectful to the Demon King, but it seems that the hero is stronger than him.

The hero punished the Wicked Dragon and the Demon King with fondness and compassion in the form of a seal.

It might be normal to think so.

If that is the case——


“The hero sounds like a very sweet person.”


She chose her words carefully.

If given a more straightforward answer, it would be rude to the Demon King to say such words to the enemy.

However, as if expecting her response, the Demon King bit his lips while smiling.


“Kukuku, sweet….. I see now, sweet…….”

“Demon King-sama……?”


The maid was confused by the Demon King’s shaking shoulders.

He chuckled loudly, entrusting his back behind the seat, and happily asks the maid standing beside him.


“You, what is your name?”

“Eeh……. M-My name is Ciel.”

“Now Ciel. You shall be my exclusive maid starting today.”



A sudden declaration has been made.

What’s more, it was the Demon King, the top of all demons.

The maid, stiffened by the sudden news that is too heavy even for herself, but the Demon King on the other hand was brimming with happiness.


“Being a Demon King, we’re bound to have lots of free time. There’s nothing to do, and nobody to talk to. In that respect, you have an interesting reaction. For me, the people here are too pure.”

“It is as though Demon King-sama is saying that I’m not pure….”

“That’s what I’m saying.”


Though she couldn’t accept it, but still she was honoured, as she bowed deeply with some slight uncomfortableness. The Demon King knew that the maid was far more thoughtful and devastating than she could’ve ever imagined.



“Alright, should we run.”

“Yeap, let’s do that.”



Our decision was quickly made as we saw Neah awakened the Wicked Dragon as a zombie.

Amako was riding behind Bluerin, while I carried the unconscious Ark-san behind my back.

As if I’ll be defeated by that monster.

It’s a waste of time to fight it, so escaping equals win.


“Hahaha Neah!! I know you’ve done your best to make that Wicked Dragon a zombie, but you’ve failed!! You think that huge thing would be able to catch up to us, what idiocy!! You shut-in otaku! !”



I’ve exacted my revenge on her for now.

The moment we saved Ark-san, my purpose has been fulfilled. Since the villagers are under her control, and precisely the case, they’re considered safe as well.

Which means, it’s time to leave this village.

When we went back to the village to pick up the horses, I noticed a strange wind around me.


“———-!! The wind’s coming from behind……?”


I was drawn by it.

Having a bad feeling about this, I looked back, and we have a Wicked Dragon taking a huge breath.

This dragon sure is inhaling a lot, which can only mean……!?


“Bluerin, turn around!!”


I shouted at Bluerin to stop, and at the same time watch the Wicked Dragon’s incoming attack. The throat of the Wicked Dragon, which has sucked the air around it, has swelled greatly, and purplish smoke came leaking out of its mouth and the wounds of the throat.


“If you want to vomit, then do it……..!”


While shaking off my tattered uniform and thinking of means to cover myself, the Wicked Dragon who stopped breathing air raised its head greatly——-




It exhaled a large purple mass into the sky with a soundless roar.

In a hurry, Bluerin and I rushed to the ground. The exhaled gas barely passed over our heads and approached into the forest behind, splashing and scattering a sludge like substance with an intense odour.


“I-It’s not surprising that a Dragon would use a breathing move…. I’m a little touched …”


Why am I being impressed for? 

That breath must be avoided at all cost. Then, once again carrying Ark-san behind my back, I hurried onto the place where the breath landed, which can’t be missed.

The trees that have grown around here withered—–Or did they turn rotten? Oh and this smell……! ! !


“Shit, it’s poison!!”


When I felt a slight dizziness and nausea, I immediately hold down my mouth and used healing magic.

Turning beside me was Amako whose face is turning pale blue. Bluerin still looks fine, but he might be in danger if he gets closer to that sludge. Ark-san who has fainted would be in more danger.


“Don’t worry Amako, I’ll cure you now.”



I lift Amako up from Bluerin’s back and cast healing magic together with Ark-san on my shoulder.

We need to get away from that Wicked Dragon—— However, if we make a break and try to get around it, the Wicked Dragon would just spew more sludges towards us.

Consequently, the sludge is scattered perfectly that it covers the entire perimeter, leaving no escape.


“So you don’t intend for us to leave……..??”


The Wicked Dragon stopped spitting, and suspiciously squints its eyes, as though looking down on me—— what a sneering sight.

I remember seeing those pair of eyes before.

It was exactly the same kind of eyes that the snake had back in Lingle Forest.

A predator that enjoys toying with their prey, it is their ultimate pleasure.


“Now, catch Usato!! Fu, Fuhahahah! !”


This little girl doesn’t know what’s up.

While feeling tired of her constant ramble of trying to capture me with that terrible smile of hers, I placed Ark-san and Amako behind Bluerin’s back who have been treated by my healing magic.

Then, I placed my hands on Bluerin’s body, and applied healing magic.


“The poison gas….. Go to a place away from this miasma and protect those two….. Man, I really want you to help me, but I can’t just leave those two alone.”


“Don’t worry about it Amako. For now, I’ll punch it and see how it goes.”

“Can you not always start things off by punching people first?”


I never would’ve imagined that I would be kindly instructed at such times.

Or rather, is there a criterion of whether I should punch or not.

That’s a bad sign …Yeap.

Bluerin nods reluctantly to my words.




The Wicked Dragon doesn’t seem to want to wait.

Based on the notebook, it’s an opponent I can’t beat.

However, it’s inevitable that I have to fight it in order to escape. If only Ark-san was awake, he could’ve burned the sludge away, but that’s currently impossible.


“So scary……”


Spitting out a weak cry, I lightly jumped from the spot.

It is the same fear I’ve gotten when I was in that forest. That scary snake that killed the Grand Drizzly was my first time being conscious of death, and now it was even more apparent.


“Let’s punch first.”


What I do is always the same even if the enemy’s different.

Even if the opponent is a Wicked Dragon or a zombie. It might not have the same strength as described in the notebook.

While holding onto this faint hope, I rushed to the Wicked Dragon who approached me at the same time with a roar.


The size of the dragon is about 15 metres, which is equivalent to the height of a fourth or fifth floor apartment building.

When advancing forward , the sight from below looks like a troubling beast with slow reflexes, however it doesn’t matter if it has been zombified.

As I approached the eyes and nose of the dragon, it moved its bloated arm around my vicinity.


“It isn’t just fat———!”


I avoided the swing by proning on the ground.

However, because of the tremendous wind pressure, no matter how much I can withstand, getting a direct hit is just too much.

Rather, I think it might be better to consider this attack almost deadly to normal human beings.



“What a creepy voice…..”


It’s gut-wrenching sound resembles that of someone cutting off an insect’s stomach.

It sounds as though he was laughing….. Which is odd considering it is being manipulated as a zombie.

The next swing wasn’t from the side, but a giant swing from above.




Even with a swift retreat, avoiding the attack, it does not stop it’s huge claws from digging into the ground.

The worst part is that it doesn’t just end there. It began swinging its nails down at me like a kid whining for it’s toy.




You think you’re playing whack-a-mole or something!? I continued rolling over and over again while also trying to slowly approach it. However, I wasn’t getting anywhere close to it due to the strong wind that occurs when it swings down.

This is bad—— With that thought in mind, I got far away, and shouted at Neah who was flying in the sky.



“Hmm~ Do you feel like giving up now?”

“Over my dead body!! Anyways, are you sure you’re controlling that thing!!”

“Isn’t that obvious? I’m controlling a corpse without a soul, can’t you tell? Also, my zombies will never go against my orders!!”

“I see…. I see, I see, got it.”


Which means, I can safely say that ‘that’ thing is being driven by Neah’s will?

Hmmmm, I can see clearly now.

I threw a healing magic orb at Neah without hesitation.


“Eat my healing bullet!!”

“Guee!? Wha–, my eyes!?”


There was a problem with my aim, but it hit surprisingly accurately. Unlike just now with Ark-san, my enemy is a zombie. So if she stops moving, the zombie stops moving. A win win situation.

She screamed like a proper girl, and fell down on top of the roof of the mansion, like a mosquito falling down after using a repellent stick. Then, I stared at the Wicked Dragon that had abruptly stopped, and I harden my fist as hard as I can.


“A motionless enemy is no different from a sandbag.”


No healing magic needed.

I seriously punched it.

Squeezing my right fist as if pulling onto a bow, I thrust straight into the dragon.

Right before my eyes were the black scales, which also reminds me of the snake’s scales from before, but slightly different.

I’ve trained, and I have grown.



“Eat this!!”


The punch with my entire weight placed on it, protruded the dragon’s chest without any inconsistency. This might probably be the first time in this world that someone has pierced a dragon with a punch.


——–Same as, hero———-




Author’s Note: The next story will be where the Wicked Dragon-san makes a huge misunderstanding.


Regarding the 3rd person perspective in the first half,

I felt that it was still too early to put the Demon King into a 1st person view, so this time it was described in a 3rd person perspective.


One more news, the previous 2 chapters were all 10k characters and more, but due to the update frequency and the wonderful reviews, I’ve updated the sentence volume to about 6000 to 8000 characters.


Shiro’s Note: Welcome aboard the new novel train ! ! ! ! Choo choo ! ! Hello newcomers, and hello current viewers of my website, I’m happy to announce that I will be picking up Wrong way to use healing magic starting this year, and I shall do my best to uphold the prestige of the previous translator, Shiru-san, in anyway possible. Thus, the updates for this novel shall be slower than my other novels *mumble mumble* editing is tough. Probably once a week because the chapters ARE TOO LONG ! But, this shall all be worth it.

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