Level 1 Guy: Chapter 313 – Interpersonal skills is the strongest

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More and more people are coming into Tennessine Dungeon.


With the success of Eric advertising for us, many chefs who have their own restaurants are coming to the dungeon to collect the high quality ingredients that are offered inside the dungeon.


It wasn’t just that.

If people are opening their own restaurants, they would need ingredients for their sake and seasonings. 

The people who are in the service industry have certainly increased, because the production line adventurers can’t keep up with the demands.


“It became so popular in a blink of an eye.” (Ryouta)



While we are looking at the construction of the first floor going smoothly, Cell and I nodded together.


“The moment Satou-sama did something, the amount of people have increased by leaps and bounds.” (Cell)

“It did. And I’m sure Tennessine is in a good mood.” (Ryouta)

“Is he though.” (Cell)

“Yeah. Though his words became more abusive, but when I went there and check up on him, he was like “Stop fucking disturbing me all the time, I can’t even have my afternoon nap.”.” (Ryouta)

“I see.” (Cell)

“Well, I also got this on my way back.” (Ryouta)

“Oh, it’s a Shark Fin.” (Cell)


Cell’s eyes shine brightly as he saw the Shark FIn which I took out.

It was like an Appraisal admiring an item.


“This is indeed of high quality. It will sell for a lot.” (Cell)

“I’m sure. By the way, he said “These dry things are a drag, have them” and just gave it to me.” (Ryouta)

“It’s hard to believe a spirit at that age acting as such.” (Cell)

“I think that’s just his personality.” (Ryouta)


I wonder if it’s normal to be a Tsundere guy at this day and age, but with how he acts, I guess I’m kinda okay with it.


Getting so many high quality ingredients from him, my family was able to feast on such delicious meals everyday.

Alice would be excited everyday, and Aurum on the other hand would try to place gold on every dish.


Keeping the Shark Fin, I once again look at the construction site.


“I wonder if everything will go this smoothly.” (Ryouta)

“It will. With how much Satou-sama has helped us, the snow will only grow bigger once it has started to roll downhill.” (Cell)

“I guess so.” (Ryouta)


Seems that the development of Tennessine is clearly visible.

I stroke my chest in relief.



Once the sun set, the construction was finished.

I was with Nihonium just outside the dungeon.


“Thank you for your hard work. You have saved us so much trouble.” (Ryouta)

“No. I am just doing what’s best.” (Nihonium)

“Could you follow me before Aurum and Mike comes?” (Ryouta)

“Where do you want to bring me?” (Nihonium)


I pointed to the opposite side of the dungeon while leading the way.


After the workers have gotten out of the dungeons, Nihonium has unsealed the monsters in Tennessine.


We stopped at a place that was far from the dungeon. Then, laying down an ingredient called, Foie Gras, on the ground.


“That is?” (Nihonium)

“My doppelganger when we were bringing Eric around. We couldn’t make the Slime in time and it ended up hitting me instead because Eric was so excited to see the other ingredients.” (Ryouta)

“Oh really.” (Nihonium)

“He was so admired by it that he advertised it.” (Ryouta)


Leaving that aside, I took Nihonium away from the Foie Gras.

Since Nihonium can’t leave without Aurum and Mike coming, we can’t go back anyways. So, in order to prevent that event from happening in the basement previously, I decided to destroy the ☆ here.


After waiting for awhile—–However.


There were a few men with weapons that appeared behind the Foie Gras.


They don’t look friendly to me, and it’s clear that they are here with a motive.




Immediately, I asked her to hide behind me.


After that, all of the opponents appeared.

Using the abundant of experience I had inside the dungeon, I judged my opponents in front of me.

There were 20 of them in total.


“Who are you?” (Ryouta)

“We were hired.”


One of them, who seemed to be the leader, stood in the center and grinned.


“You’re hired?” (Ryouta)

“Ever heard of buying over a grudge?” 

“…… You sure you want to lay a finger at me?” (Ryouta)

“What? Just because we did something…unreasonable? Ha!” 


The man snorts, and his members laughed as well.

It’s as if they’ve heard something ridiculous.


“Since we never worked behind the scenes before. We ain’t heard jack of who you are.” 

“……..I see.” (Ryouta)


If you think about it, it’s actually quite normal.

Recently, people tend to stop doing stupid things when they hear my name, but I guess some people just don’t care about that.


“Sorry, but I’m gonna hurt you real bad.”

“Is it going to be painful?” (Ryouta)



The man laughed once more.


“Our client wants your neck, and in the most sufferable way possible.”

“I see, so not only are you going to hurt me, you’re gonna kill me as well.” (Ryouta)

“That’s right. You’re just unlucky, that’s all.”

“………” (Ryouta)


I held my fist, straightened my body.


“Stop it with that, aren’t you an adventurer?’

“?” (Ryouta)


What does being an adventurer got to do with this?


“Since adventurers are too used to killing their foes repeatedly. Don’t even think that that would work on me.”

“Ah, so you specialized in talking more?” (Ryouta)


I relaxed my posture.




Nihonium exclaimed from behind.


“W-Why?” (Nihonium)

“Well——” (Ryouta)


“Oi, kill him! That woman’s a bonus for us!” 


The twenty assailants began attacking after the leader’s command.

Nihonium’s body shivered, and she was taking more breaths in.


However, after 30 seconds.


“U- Ughh….”


“Wh-What the fuck! He didn’t even move…..How the fuck?”


Obviously, I have already prepared my Speed Up Bullet and instantly killed all 20 of the assailants.


Speed Up Bullet + Speed SS.

Having multiple afterimages, or you can say I have plenty of stunt doubles.


I repulsed the assailants without moving an inch.

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