Level 1 Guy: Chapter 312 – Gourmet entertainment

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“Hmmmm.” (Ryouta)

“What’s wrong, Yoda-san?” (Emily)


After the day has set.

While I was at the salon sighing and groaning by myself, Emily became worried and asked.


“Emily. Well, I’m just thinking about some stuff regarding Tennessine.” (Ryouta)

“Tennessine…..-san, is it nanodesu?” (Emily)


Emily doesn’t know which I’m worried, the dungeon or the spirit.


“Yeah, it’s about the spirit. After thinking about it all this time, I feel like he’s missing something in life. So I asked whether he wanted to get out of the dungeon, but he strongly rejected.” (Ryouta)

“He’s serious, nanodesu?” (Emily)

“Yeah that’s right. He said that he doesn’t want to get out. Then I asked whether [Can I bring my friends?], in which he replied [Just bring them then!].” (Ryouta)

“So he just wants people to come over desu?” (Emily)

“Seems like it?” (Ryouta)


He has no intention of going out.

But he needs the attention, so he wants many people to come to the dungeon.


“It is very normal nanodesu.” (Emily)

“…..Eh? Now that you mention, you’re right.” (Ryouta)

“Nanodesu!” (Emily)


Emily and I laughed. 

Though I directly confronted with Tennessine and witnessed his personality, I thought about it in a complex manner, but it is actually quite normal for a dungeon spirit.


“Though, the trouble still remains.” (Ryouta)

“What were you worried about desu?” (Emily)

“I was thinking of how to get more people into Tennessine.” (Ryouta)

“I see desu….. How about reducing the taxes there nanodesu?” (Emily)

“We’re going to do that. As Cell told me to share some of the tax to me, I flat out rejected, so we can reduce the tax.” (Ryouta)

“As expected of Yoda-san nanodesu.” (Emily)


Emily praised me.

I don’t know why she praised me, but my mood was lifted slightly.


“I was just thinking if I can do something else.” (Ryouta)

“That is….. Kinda difficult nodesu.” (Emily)

“Yeah, it is.” (Ryouta)

“Have you tried advertising to other dungeons or cities desu?” (Emily)

“Advertise?” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu.” (Emily)

“Hmmm…..” (Ryouta)


I wonder if it’s safe.


No doubt that it’s better to advertise rather than wait for people to spread through word of mouth.


If we do as Emily says, we might be able to bring more adventurers.

We need to increase more adventurers, and the people who open up the shops and Dungeon Association would naturally come afterwards.

Either way, the number of adventurers correlate to their income.


“We can give a strong impression to advertise the place desu.” (Emily)

“A strong impression, like?” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu! My mom used to say, [There’s delicious sake here], and everyone would gather around her desu.” (Emily)

“I see…… So get a professional person to promote our place, and get other’s approval.” (Ryouta)




“Aah.” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu?” (Emily)


Emily tilted her neck.

I thought of one person suitable for this.



Tennessine first floor.


Slightly away from the construction site, as the shadows have defeated the Slime, the Slime Doppelganger was around.

I was accompanied with Emily and we began cooking Matsutake on the spot.


She cooked quickly, started the fire and placed a net on top of the fire, baked the Matsutake, and sprinkled lightly with salt.


It’s a simple procedure, but it was done at its best timing.

With that, the fragrant scent filled the tower.


“Sorry for the wait nanodesu.” (Emily)


Emily put the baked Matsutake on a plate and offered it to another person who accompanied us.


It was a gentleman-like person with a bodily built.



The most famous gourmet and an acquaintance of mine.

We invited him over, had Emily cooked freshly dropped Matsutake and tasted it.


Eric stares at the Matsutake for awhile before sniffing it.

Then, he put it in his mouth.


“———–!” (Eric)


Eric’s eyes suddenly opened.


His eyes were claimed, but his expression was showing an impressed look.


“This is wonderful! It’s truly wonderful. I have never tasted a Matsutake as delicious as this before.” (Eric)

“Really?” (Ryouta)

“Yes. Shikuro produces Matsutake, but this is like heaven and earth, the sun and moon, compared to this.” (Eric)

“I see, so it is delicious.” (Ryouta)

“Yes, Tennessine Dungeon…. So there are others like this…” (Eric)


Eric looks at the Matsutake and the dungeon side by side.


“There’s more awesome stuff upstairs.” (Ryouta)

“What! I will come! I shall come by all means!” (Eric)

“Alright. Do your best Emily.” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu!” (Emily)


We went upstairs with Eric.

We asked Mike to bring in additional Slime, and used it to drop more high-quality ingredients one after another, cooked it and gave it to Eric to taste.


Eric who was very satisfied with Tennessine’s food, said.


“This is such a wonderful dungeon, we have to let the world know about this!” (Eric)


And with that, he eagerly advertised it for us.

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