Cut&Paste: Chapter 287 – Stone Statue battle in the capital (3)

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Since the party leader Barrett-san suddenly attacked his healer, the barrier disappeared and the monsters were able to get passed the barrier and attack Soaring Wind.


I can’t let that happen!

This is going to give more unnecessary deaths.


However, there’s just too many of them, I can’t just defeat them one by one anymore.


I need to eliminate them with Wide Range Magic……Wait I can’t. Using an extreme magic would just expose me.


『Onii-sama~ Do you want Kuu to defeat them instead?』


Looking at how troubled I was, Kuu suggested her idea.


『Eh? I’m happy to hear that, but how are you going to do it?』


When I asked her, Kuu happily wagged her fins and swam around me before answering.


『I will use【Flare】~』


It’s the Wide Range Annihilation skill that I【Cut】from Bahamut.

I have no idea how powerful the skill is. However, since it’s in the middle of the capital, and I don’t want it to eradicate the entire city.

Is it okay if we use some other way to attack?


Or maybe we can bring them to the southwest.


I then think about the topography of the capital city inside my head.


……Alright, I think we can use【Flare】over there.


However, in order to fire it at the southwest, we need to bring them there as well.


『Everyone, can you hear me? Kuu is going to use【Flare】to defeat them. And there will be no harm if she uses it at southwest.』

『W-wait just a sec, Danna-sama! Isn’t that skill taken from the Dragon King?』

『Yeap, that’s right. It’s Bahamut’s skill.』

『Are you sure it’s alright to use it inside the capital?』

『I won’t know until she uses it, but there’s no houses at southwest, and it’s only a desert beyond the capital.』


When I said that, Sylphy immediately opposed the idea.


I know how she feels about it….. But if we don’t use such destructive power, Soaring Wind will be eradicated.


『Myne-kun, are you worried about Soaring Wind?』


This time it was Aisha who asked.


『Yes, that’s right…. I can’t have them see me use a Wide Range Magic, and there’s just no way to defeat the monsters with one attack…..』


When I said that.


『Should I try that instead?』


She took her bow and told me.


「Eh? Aisha’s doing it? Are you sure?」


The bow that she’s holding is the upgraded version, the Shining Shooting Star.


And the bow has its own Weapon Arts,【Arching・Meteor】.

The skill is effective for clearing many opponents.


「……Yes, I’ll try it.」


As she said that, she pulled the bow as hard as she could.

Even when there’s no arrow, an arrow was formed by using magic, and was shot.


Of course, the power is not comparable to that of an ordinary arrow, but archers would not have to worry about supplying arrows.


While thinking about things, she fired【Arching・Meteor】.


「Eat this,【Arching・Meteor】.」


In an instant, innumerable arrows of light were shot high from Aisha’s Shining Shooting Star.


After about 5 seconds, the arrows rained down at the Armoured Orcs and Goblins.


Each of those arrows instantly kills the monsters.


「……Wow, that’s amazing Aisha.」


I said happily, but Sylphy responded.


「……Danna-sama, we have no time to be happy.」


……It’s what Sylphy said. We still have to defeat the Stone Statues.

……Also, we have to find out how to get Barrett-san out of that state.


Since he’s once human, he turned into a demon. And I don’t think I can just simply【Cut】that out.

In other words, he is now rampant with unlimited uses of skills.

If it’s impossible to kill him, we have to neutralize him.


「Myne-kun, why not use magic to make him sleep?」

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