Cut&Paste: Chapter 286 – Stone Statue battle in the capital (2)

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「……Do you know each other, Sylphy?」


It wouldn’t have been strange if Aisha knew them, but it’s rare for Sylphy to know someone.


「Ah no, it’s not like I know him or anything. I just knew him from when our family requested the guild to fight against the demon invasion. Since their clan accepted it, and achieved success as well, I was there to witness such report. Now that I think about it, you have protected an orphan girl at Oose? How is that girl doing?」


『Hime-sama! There’s no time for chit-chatting ! !』


Aisha suddenly cut in using【Telepathy】.

At the same time, she was firing arrows at the surrounding Armoured Orcs around us.


All of the arrows broke through their heavy armours, and after a few more shots, they are confirmed to be finished.


「Wow, even I couldn’t hold on to one of them……」


Barrett-san said as he looked at the numerous monsters fall around us, and exclaimed.




「Danna-sama, the numbers are increasing. Let’s retreat and regroup for the time being. Barrett-dono, I think it’s best to regroup with your clan again.」


Sylphy’s decision can be justified as these aren’t your usual Orcs. Even the weakest Goblin is quite difficult to defeat.


「……I understand, Princess.We shall retreat for now.」


After saying that, he ran towards a place where there were not many monsters.

Looking closely, his teammates are there as well.

……It makes sense to go there.


「……Hm, as expected of an A Rank party. They even formulate a barrier.」


Sylphy said while also looking at him running to his teammates.

When she said that, I noticed that there were some monsters who couldn’t go through a specific area, and was attacking air.


「….A barrier?」

「The one who created that barrier is their healer, and it’s a unique magic….」


I wonder if it’s the same magic as the one I’ve obtained back in the Prison Dungeon.

Wait a second, doesn’t that mean that that Dragon was a healer?

Then again, he doesn’t have any healer related skills on him.


……Well, it’s not like you’ll obtained skills based on that specific roles, so I guess he only gotten that by luck?

But with that, does that mean that each role has their own unique skills?


Us three attackers did not get a unique skill of our own though.


It’s hard to think about it with this circumstances.


「Hey Sylphy, are there unique skills based on their specific role?」


If I don’t understand something, it’s best to just ask.


Sylphy thought for a moment before she answered.


「In a sense there is, but it’s only granted to those who are special.

The healers would have【Barrier】, Caster with【Ancient Magic】,Attackers would have special Weapon Arts. Lastly, Seekers would have【Wide Area Search】.」

「……I see, I had no idea. And what is this special weapon arts for the attacker?」

「How do I put it. For example, I’m using One-Handed Sword, so I’ll be able to use a weapon arts based on one-handed sword. Aisha would be Bow arts, and for Danna-sama, it would be dagger arts.」


……I see now. Then I’m sure Shion Nee-chan has the【Barrier】skill.


『Wafu, be careful Myne!! There’s someone strange.』


Waffle warned us.


When I followed where Waffle was saying….. Something was flying on the air. There was a monster which I’ve never seen before, coated in all black.





Race:Higher Rank Demon












……What is this? Is this the spirit like monster that Brother-in-law mentioned?


What’s more… has some interesting skills as well.


They look bad so let me just【Cut】them first.


……However, tragedy struck.


「「Uwaaaaaa!! 」」


Before I could【Cut】it all, the Shadow Gremlin has attacked Barrett-san.


What befolded was Barrett-san holding his sword and trying to attack his own healer.









One-Handed Sword・Extreme

Iron Wall

Shield Mastery・Extreme





Interdependence・Demon State



Leader of Souring Wind



In a panic, I hurriedly used【Appraisal】on Barret-san to see what was going on.


「……Eh? T-This, Demon Race? He’s a demon?」


A-Anyways, I should dispose of the Shadow Golem quicky……Wait it’s gone?


Don’t tell me, because it has fused with Barrett-san, that’s why it’s gone?


So this is what Brother-in-law meant when the knights started attacking its own friends.


What should I do? Barrett-san is being fused with a demon.


This is more troubling than I thought. If worse comes to worse, I might have to sacrifice Barrett-san as there is no guarantee that my family would not be targeted next.


『Waffle, can you not find that weird demon anymore? If you can, please defeat it quickly.』


I should let Waffle deal with that Gremlin first, and I’ll have to deal with Barrett-san.


When Barrett-san suddenly attacked the healer, the barrier shattered and disappeared. And now, the Armoured Orcs which were camping at the side are now moving towards the Soaring Winds.


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