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As we had a request from the royal family, the Eternal Sunflower gathered at the capital.


The people who are participating in this battle is, me, Aisha, Sylphy, Pillows, Waffles and Kuu.


Based on Brother-in-law’s story, the royal family has hired A rank parties to fight the stone statues as well, and if possible I would like to avoid fighting with them.


There’s also the point where I don’t want to show my skills to them, but my clan’s members have too many unique abilities. Thus, frankly I don’t want to encounter any of them.


「……Now that we’ve arrived at the capital, where do we find this stone statue monster?」


Pillows asked in a rather bad mood.


It must be because I suggested in storing away the ancient weapons away without using them, and that’s why she’s in a bad mood.


Leaving her emotions aside, I explained the plan to the entire team.


First, Kuu will fly around the city to search for these stone statues. When she finds one, she’ll contact me with【Telepathy】, and I’ll use【Map】to confirm the location and head there.


Based on Brother-in-law’s description, there is another monster that looks like “spirit monsters”, and I want to be able to use【Appraisal】on them before fighting.


I’m also worried that we might fight with the Knights as well.


「Well Kuu, I’ll leave scouting to you.」


After I told her, She twirled around the air happily.


『Kyu Kyu Kyu~, it’s finally Kuu’s turn~~ I’ll do my best so Onii-sama can praise me~』


Afterwards, she immediately soared up into the sky, never to be seen again.


『Myne~ I can fly too, are you leaving me out?』


Waffle who was left behind placed his feet on my head.


……It’s not like there’s a job for Waffle right now.


『Okay, for Waffle I want you to search for the Adventurer’s Guild parties.』


Also, it’ll be too shocking of a fact that Waffle is flying around the city. People might think it’s the reincarnation of an Ookami.


It’s easier to explain about Kuu, since she’s a flying creature.

Also, she doesn’t have much things to do previously, so I felt bad for her.


When I held both his paws and pulled him close to my chest to hug him, his tails were wagging around excitedly.


『I get it, I’ll try finding them now……』


While Waffle was searching around, I got word from Kuu.


『O-Onii-sama! ! I found it! ! The stone statue monsters are here.』


I hurriedly used【Map】to find Kuu’s location, and it’s a crossroad not far from us.

And based on the rumours, there were indeed other monsters near the stone statues, so it was kinda hard getting close to it.


『Kuu, don’t get too close to the stone statue, come back for now.』


Ordering Kuu, we immediately head to that location.


「……Kuu has found the stone statues. And let’s see the status.」





Race:Higher Demon




Summon Genus・Constant



Demon Eyes of Impact



It’s an Orc Statue. And I’m guessing the Orcs around it are what it summoned. I’m sure it’s this【Summon Genus】skill that it’s using.


And if you look at the statues closely, it seems to be moving back and forth and left to right in a slow movement.


There’s another statue next to the Orc Statue, and it’s shape seems to indicate that it’s a Goblin?





Race:Higher Demon




Summon Genus・Constant



Demon Eyes of Impact


……There’s a lot of Orcs and Goblins surrounding it, which is troubling.


「Aisha, could you aim and hit at the Orc and Goblin Statues from here?」

「I got it Myne-kun! Leave it to me! !!」


『Wafu……Myne, wait!』


Waffle suddenly stood up from on top of my head and signal us to stop.


However, Aisha has already fired the arrow before Waffle could stop.


The arrow hit right in the forehead of the stone statue. Then, there appeared black holes around the stone statues, and more Orcs and Goblins appeared from those holes.


In that instant, the entire area is filled with Orcs and Goblins.


Though they were the Orcs and Goblins, but there is one huge difference with the ones we usually know.


The Orcs and Goblins that came out of the black vortex have heavy black armours, and ornaments which looks expensive.



Name:Armoured Orc


Race:High Rank Demon










Demon Eyes of Impact



……W-What the? There are a bunch of skills which I have not heard of before.


What does Waffle know about it?


『Waffle, why does this happen?』

『Wafu~We’re too late~ I felt a presence beside the stone statues.』


……Now isn’t that bad?


I hurriedly observed the Orc and Goblin which was just spawned.


Then, few of the Goblins spotted some adventurers.


They’re doing well so far. But since there are so many enemies, they might be pushed back in a matter of time.


Holding Tempest Edge and Lightning Edge, I coated myself using【Magic Cloak】with【Annihilation Magic】then head towards the group of Goblins and Orcs.


I tried contacting the adventurers closest to me.


「Are you alright?」

「I’m sorry.」

「We, the Eternal Sunflower Clan are here by the request of the royal family to defeat the stone statues.」

「……Which means you’re……Myne, the giver of ”Hope”. I’m truly grateful for someone as strong as you to help.」

「We’re an A Rank party called “Soaring Wind”. We are also here by the order of the Guild Leader to defeat these stone statues.」









One-handed sword・Extreme

Iron Wall

Shield Mastery・Extreme



Leader of the A Rank Party, the Soaring Wind.



「A-Anyways, we’ll leave the conversation for later!」


Hurriedly telling Barrett, I went straight to the monsters.


I don’t think I can lose. With Tempest Edge on my right, I went behind the Armoured Orc and used【Prowess・Holy】followed with my signature【Weapon Arts: Shark Glow】move.


It’s a weapon arts which have buried countless Disaster Class Monsters. So obviously it could kill the Armoured Orc easily.


「……Amazing, as expected of Myne, the giver of hope.」


Seeing my weapon art, he cried out in joy.


While he was praising me, he was also struggling with one of the Armoured Orc himself.


……Then, a shadow from behind strike the Armoured Orc which Barrett-san was facing, and it was defeated.


「Sorry for lending a hand」


……Yeap, the person who appeared was my lovely wife, Sylphy the Princess Knight.


「……I-If it isn’t Princess Sylphy, thank you so much for helping us.」


「No worries. And you must be….. Barrett of the Soaring Wind?」


……Eh? Do they know each other?

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The people who are participating in this battle is, me, Aisha, Sylphy, Pillows, Waffles and Kuu.


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