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Tennessine’s first floor.

Looking at the dungeon village being constructed smoothly, Cell and I stood there and talked.


“Looks just like someone playing SimCity.” (Ryouta)

“It’s my first time hearing that word. What sort of thing that is?” (Cell)

“Let’s see….. Basically it’s like that.” (Ryouta)


We went slightly away from the construction area, and pointed at the village model.


Sitting on top of the pedestal was the model of the village which has been reduced to several hundredths in size.

When I was still a student, we’d often do these sorts of things during our architectural course, so it kinda feels weird seeing this here.


“It’s like being able to create buildings in an instant. But to be able to see a scene where it’s being built in real time, looking at that is just something interesting for me.” (Ryouta)

“That is the charm of Satou-sama. Knowing things that I have no heard of in my life.” (Cell)

“You’re right but…..” (Ryouta)


With a troubled look, I can see a figure of me being enshrined in the middle of the village.


“Please take that out.” (Ryouta)

“Why though. This village is built with the power of Satou-sama. So the people have to see the sight of their Gods to not forget about it.” (Cell)

“I wish they can forget about it.” (Ryouta)

“I wish for the village to bear the name of Satou-sama for life.” (Cell)

“Let’s just keep it a normal village.” (Ryouta)


I seriously spoke as I looked at him.


“We know that the floormaster can’t leave the village, not until a year from now. Thus, if we create a village, we should build a statue of the floormaster, instead of me.” (Ryouta)

“Muu….” (Cell)


Cell moaned.

He showed an extremely unsatisfied face, as if I cannot take out the statue of me, ever.

However, you can’t really tell he was showing that expression.


“….. It is as Satou-sama has said. Alright, I have no choice but to leave all of the statues in your mansion.” (Cell)

“When the hell did you already made those!” (Ryouta)


As I retorted to him, I knew he h as already made it knowing him.


Again, I looked at the construction.


“It’s going well huh.” (Ryouta)

“The construction itself.” (Cell)

“Is there a problem with it?” (Ryouta)


Being concerned, I asked. It’s unusual for Cell to make such a statement that is sandwiched in between the back of his teeth.


“It’s the story of the floormaster not coming out for a year.” (Cell)

“Hmm? …. Ahh yeah, they’ll be able to leave afterwards.” (Ryouta)


Cell nodded.

As with the other dungeons, the way to go to the next floor with Tennessine is slightly different.


The distance between stairs are far.

It’s a structure where it’s not near each other.


It’s good that the floormaster can go out every year, but others would be unsatisfied.

In order to go up, you need to walk a distance.


It’s going to be a pain to mail things to the highest floor’s floormaster.


“It’s as if we’re in a TV station.” (Ryouta)

“What’s that?” (Cell)

“Uhmmm, isn’t Cell’s mansion similar to that? In order to lengthen the time for intruders to escape or enter, the stairs aren’t unified, but scattered here and there.” (Ryouta)


Cell nodded.

So it is like that, and that’s how they’re made.


I knew about it because I remember seeing that on the internet.

The TV stations purposefully scatter the stairs to prevent terrorist attacks, so it makes them difficult to intrude.


Even though it wasn’t deliberately planned, it’s the same situation as Tennessine.

And Cell said that because Tennessine doesn’t need those sorts of things.


“If only we can fix the stairs in one place, we can build a village right near the stairs.” (Cell)

“You’re right….” (Ryouta)



“Hey.” (Ryouta)


I came to see Tennessine using the Transportation Room.




Tennessine was surprised with his eyes wide open.


“You bastard, how the hell did you come here.” (Tennessine)

“Hm? Is this a place where humans must not come?” (Ryouta)

“I didn’t say that, but still….. I didn’t say you can just come here all willy nilly.” (Tennessine)

“I see, well then.” (Ryouta)


So it’s not that I can’t come in, then that’s all good.


Basically it’s the same with the rest of the spirit room.

It’s just that it’s so rare for humans to come here.

Even when I have a Drop S stats, the chances for me to get into the Spirit’s room is almost impossible.


So even when he was surprised, he acted as if it was all cool.


“Ooh, h-have you eaten watermelons before?” (Tennessine)


Tennessine has a half sliced black watermelon near him.

I could see that he used a spoon to scoop out the watermelon, and eat it as is.

There are several watermelons—–7 in total.


I kinda chuckled.

When I came here last time, I told him about it.


“How is it, ain’t it more delicious to use a spoon to eat watermelons?” (Ryouta)


I remember my mom used to do that for me when I was a kid.


When she sliced watermelon, she would use a spoon to scoop out the sweetest part and gave it to me.


I guess he was truly interested in it, and ate those watermelons.


“H-Hhm. The human does give some good ideas sometimes.” (Tennessine)

“I see. Then again, you’re kinda wasting such high quality watermelons. Since you still have some leftovers, go and eat them as well.” (Ryouta)


When I said that, I wanted to grab one of the watermelons near me, but he snatched it away.


“Eh? Can’t I have some?” (Ryouta)

“Muuu….. D-Don’t fuck with me! Are you trying to shame me!” (Tennessine)

“Shame you?” (Ryouta)

“That’s right! It’s so embarrassing for a human to eat something that a spirit has already eaten. You can have this instead.” (Tennessine)


Speaking with a strong tone, he made another watermelon appear from his hand.


He cut it in half, and handed it to me.


Of course, he also gave me a spoon to eat it as well.


“You sure?” (Ryouta)

“Hmm, just eat it already!” (Tennessine)

“That’s good, but it’s a bit too much for me though.” (Ryouta)

“I-If I don’t give you a lot, you’re going to eat mine as well right.” (Tennessine)


After saying that, he turned around.

However, one can see that he occasionally turns around and looks at me.


Since he gave it to me, I guess I should just take it and eat it all.


When I did that, seems like he was secretly satisfied.


“Thanks for the food, it was incredibly delicious.” (Ryouta)

“Hmm, obviously. I think it’s too much for you humans.” (Tennessine)


Though he sounded mean, but it didn’t seem like so.


When our eyes met, I asked him.


“Hey, can I ask a request from you?” (Ryouta)

“A request from me again? Don’t fuck with me, who the hell do you think you are asking for more requests.” (Tennessine)

“So it’s a no huh.” (Ryouta)

“…… Say it, it’s already too late to change that sick behaviour of yours anyway.” (Tennessine)

“Could you unify the stairs together?” (Ryouta)

“The stairs?” (Tennessine)

“Yeap. Right now, the stairs are so far away from each other, which is kinda inconvenient. It would be helpful for those if the stairs are nearby with each other—- And it’s easier for people to come in as well.” (Ryouta)

“Easier for people to enter…” (Tennessine)


I purposely added those last words.

That one sentence can impact Tennessine’s choice.


Not even thinking about it for a moment, he instantly answered.


“Don’t fuck with me! If I do that, wouldn’t you pesky humans would come and trash my place.” (Tennessine)

“So it’s a no go then…” (Ryouta)

“Obviously! And get out of my place now!” (Tennessine)


As he said that, he pushed me away.


But I was still looking at him.

When we first met, he would’ve said “H-Hmm! I guess there’s no choice, I’ll do it.”, but this time he was really adamant about it even when I was looking at him with puppy eyes.


“What the hell are you doing, go back now!” (Tennessine)


However, without any word, he forced me to leave.


Oh well, I guess I read that wrongly.


I thought he was just a [Tsun] character, guess I was wrong.

Well, I guess I need to step down and find a different method.



The next day.

Cell came to my mansion.


“You did it Satou-sama! The stairs inside Tennessine has changed.” (Cell)

“Oh?” (Ryouta)

“The first floor till the last floor is connected!” (Cell)


As he reported, I just chuckled.

So in the end he did do it for me.


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