Level 1 Guy: Chapter 309 – Spirit summoned

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“Repetition.” (Ryouta)


Outside Tennessine, I left Matsutake near the entrance of the dungeon, then waited for my doppelganger to hatch, and used Repetition to defeat it in hairs breath.


“Nihonium, I’ll leave it to you.” (Ryouta)

“Okay.” (Nihonium)


Beside me was Nihonium who has Mike clinging on her feet as she nodded.


She closes her eyes as she thinks of something.

Almost the next instant she opens her eyes, a Dungeon Master appeared just near the dungeon.


It wasn’t my doppelganger, but it’s the Dungeon Master from Nihonium Dungeon.


“With this, the monsters inside will be gone.” (Nihonium)

“Thanks again. It won’t attack or anything…….right?” (Ryouta)
“Don’t worry about it, I can give it orders. For example—–” (Nihonium)


Nihonium raised her hands towards the Dungeon Master.

The lifeless Dungeon Master then moved out of a sudden and started doing push-ups on the spot.


It was a surreal sight.


“ “ “Ooooooh!” “ “


After seeing it, there were multiple cheers.

The workers who were waiting slightly further away from us cheered.

Everyone admired Nihonium’s control.


“Cell.” (Ryouta)


After calling him out, Cell made preparations on the other side.

He nodded quietly at them, and they started moving.


With one silent command, the workers entered the tower one after another.


“Eh, isn’t that a spirit?”

“However I look at it, it’s Nihonium.” 

“Why is a spirit working with the humans?”

“That’s because, Ryouta Satou managed to do it.”



Hearing various voices, the workers carried their tools and piles of building materials to Tennessine whilst chatting.

Since the negotiations have settled down, the city building inside the dungeon has finally begun.


“Thanks Nihonium. You cooperated even though you gain nothing out of it.” (Ryouta)


Nihonium slowly shook her head.


“I do not mind it.” (Nihonium)

“Is that so, thank you.” (Ryouta)


If it wasn’t thanks to Nihonium, this problem wouldn’t be resolved this quickly.

Cell then came to us.


“I’m thankful Satou-sama…. And also Nihonium-sama.” (Cell)


Cell said to Nihonium and I respectively.

It feels like he’s praising me more than he should.


“Speaking of which, since Nihonium has stopped the monsters from spawning, what happens when the dungeon resumes? Will the monster not attack inside the village?” (Ryouta)
“That will be no problem. Just like the rest area in Shikuro Dungeons, We’ll be using the Tree of Beginning.” (Cell)

“The tree of beginning?” (Ryouta)


That’s the first time I heard of this item.


“The tree of beginning is, something that is born when this world was born as well. And it’s the only thing that appeared before any other dungeons.” (Cell)

“Heh?” (Ryouta)

“Way before everything, legends say that the Tree of Beginning seems to be <outside> of the monster. When the monsters touch it, they disappear as if they had left the dungeon.” (Cell)

“I see now. So if you build a city with that, it’ll act as a barrier for monsters.” (Ryouta)


Cell nodded.


But is there such a thing?

The Tree of Beginning, huh….


I walked into Tennessine.

A village that is being constructed and is made from the Tree of Beginning.

I was interested in what it was.


Cell followed along and continued his story.


“The selection of <Village Mayors> is also progressing.” (Cell)

“No problems with it? You don’t have to——” (Ryouta)

“Satou-sama.” (Cell)


Cell interrupted me, and stared straight into my eyes.


“What are you doing trying to ruin the ideal you that I’m trying to keep.” (Cell)

“……I’m sorry.” (Ryouta)

“What’s more, Satou-sama’s muzzle can’t be pointed here.” (Cell)


He said something foolish.

However, it’s unusual for him to make such a joke.


“Let’s get back to the main point. We wanted to call them floormasters, but we’re still thinking about it. We’ll of course be collecting taxes, and doing whatever we can with those money. But these are the 2 conditions for now.” (Cell)

“True, they can get a percentage as well.” (Ryouta)

“We expect about 100 to 300 Million Piros a year.” (Cell)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


They don’t get freedom, but they are guaranteed 300 Million annual income till they die.

However, they can use those money freely, and everything will be delivered to them.

I guess that’s reasonable?


Under such conditions, I’m sure my previous world would’ve happily bite that bait.

It’s a much healthier condition than becoming a human sacrifice.


While talking about various things about Tennessine with Cell, we set foot on the 1st floor.

The dungeon without monsters, and the workers moving around without hesitation.


“Such a strange sight, I can’t believe we’re making a village inside a dungeon.” (Ryouta)

“It’s a great step for humanity, and that’s also thanks to Satou-sama.” (Cell)


I was so used to listening Cell’s praise that I just smiled and not say anything.

Moreover, Tennessine seemed to be safe in various ways.

Since Cell is in charge, he won’t force people into unreasonable things.


With that, I can relax—-


“Satou-sama!” Cell suddenly raised his voice.


While thinking about it, my body suddenly shine.


It wasn’t just me, but Cell and the workers saw it as well.


The light radiated from the top of my head, and wraps around my entire body.

A mysterious light without pain.


After completely enveloping me, their cries eventually faded off.

Then, I appeared somewhere that I’ve never been before.


“Oh human. This is my first time inviting you here.” 


A man appeared before my eyes.

No, the person who summoned me—–I already know who that is.


And the person understood as well.


“Tennessine….” (Ryouta)

“That is right.” (Tennessine)


The man in front of me is Tennessine, the spirit dungeon.

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