Cut&Paste: Chapter 284 – Rumours about the Captain of the 3rd Knight

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「I can guarantee Nation’s ability and personality. But about the rumours, do you mind explaining it to me, Holy Bow-dono?」

「Eh? Are you sure about that?」


I wonder what sort of rumours she has.


「Yes, go ahead. I wouldn’t have asked for it if I didn’t want to surprise myself.」

「……I understand. Then, I’ll explain.」


She took a glance at Sylphy before explaining in detail.


「Noin is a resident of Adole, the same village as mine. She is a well known A Rank Adventurer with an extremely beautiful figure, which makes her popular as well. And because of her appearance, she has gained a nickname for herself……『Valkyrie』.」


「Valkyrie!!? Isn’t that way better than Sylphy’s? Is she that strong, this Noin-san?」


「……Yes, she’s incredibly strong. She’s not called an A Rank adventurer for nothing. There’s also the reason for her appearance that she became famous, as she’s errierly similar to someone.」

「……Who could it be?」

「Ah yes, it’s someone you’re re~~ally familiar with.」


Someone that I know……?


「Eh? Who could it be?」

「Well. It’s Hime-sama.」

「That’s right. I myself was surprised when I met her the other day. To have such a similar appearance! But then, you can tell the difference once you see their hair colour.」


Brother-in-law interrupted Aisha’s talk and added in his own words.


「……The colour of their hair?」

「Yes, that’s right. The colour of my little sister’s hair is the same as mine, a blackish blonde. However, Noin’s hair colour is similar with Holy Bow-dono’s, where it’s bright blonde.」


It’s that similar huh. I guess things like this can happen, what a small world we’re living.


「Anyways, they’ll be coming in the next 2-3 days. It would be hard on Sylphy, but Melissa will tag along to train the knights.」

「And so, what happened to Captain Cecil? Even though he recently gotten married …」

「Cecil? You can never leave him next to the Female Knights okay. His symptoms will immediately appear, thus his treatment is currently being observed. Oh and by the way, about the discussion…..」


What is it about……


「Is it alright if I lend the Break and God Class weapons to the Knights?」



Whu–? I thought Sylphy went to Brother-in-law is to come up with the prices of those weapons…..


「In order to protect the capital, I wish to increase our overall power as much as possible.」


Brother-in-law said while biting his fingers.


「I don’t mind borrowing it, but would there be a source of conflict?」


No matter how if the Knights are handling it, things are still things, and there might be others who might appear to take it.


What if there’ someone who is fitted to use those weapons? And they decided to attack the capital?


I’m sure the kingdom wouldn’t be able to escape such a difficult battle.


While I was thinking of these things, Pillows was the one who said it out loud for me.


「……Fumu, there is that risk as well.」


I guess it’s better for me to keep it in the meantime.


I rather avoid any unnecessary battles.


「Alright, I’ve made up my mind! I won’t sell the weapons and instead safekeep it.」


When I declared, Pillows nodded and sat down with a satisfactory look.


「I’m sorry for saying that, but I just feel like there’s going to be fight if I borrow it.」


I said it as straightforward as possible to Brother-in-law.


「……I see, that’s too bad then. Since you’ve decided on it, I can’t push you any further.」


That concludes half the story.


As for the latter half……..


「We’ll accept the request to defeat the stone statues. Is that alright with everyone?」


Thus, our clan has accepted another request from the royal family.

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