Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 49 – Let’s eat some sharks!!

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 Lolona and Femille came close to me.


「Is this even edible……?」

「I think I’ve read once in a book that it’s edible!」

「Is that so.」


 While chatting with Lolona and co, I took out me trusty knife and started stabbing the shark’s stomach.

 White sands came gushing out from the stomach.

 The sand that was pouring out from the shark was sparkling when falling down onto the pavement ground.


「Ett-o, Keima. About the sands.……」

「The sea sands seems to be made out of very tiny shells!

 And the shark that you have defeated has probably ate some of those『sand-like』seashells!」



 Even though Laura has access to the Fountain of Knowledge, but Femille was the one who beat her to it by explaining the situation first.

 I’m beginning to give less and less significance to this useless goddess by the day.


「But to think that the sand itself is alive……」


 Then again, there is this thing called the Star Sand back on earth.

 It’s popular as a gift to others, and the stars are actually the exoskeletons of tiny organisms known as Foraminifera.

 Apparently those are the deadpiles of the once living Foraminifera, and they turned into sand as we know it.


「If it’s an organism, I wonder if I can eat it……」

「T-The book did not describe anything of that sort……」

「And there seems to be no part where I can eat it……」

「Welp, let’s try frying it.」


 I prepared a pot and some oil.

 Then, setting some firewood, I light fire with moderate power.


「Why did you fry it in oil Keima?」

「The word『Let’s try frying it』is an industrial secret」

「In which industry?!」


 Laura was complaining about it, but it’s surprisingly nice.

 Inside the seasand has a sort of dark brown colour.

 I was concerned that it would be mixed in with some ordinary sand, but surprisingly it stayed beneath the oil.


 After taking it out of the oil, I blew it to cool it down, then put it in my mouth.

 Immediately, I can feel the crisp and crunchy texture from my teeth, with a tinge of fragrant touch.

 It reminds me of the snacks which I usually buy back on earth.


 And what I was waiting for, Tetete~

 I leveled up as well.


 Level:    1659→1661(↑2)

 HP:      22157/22157(↑14)

 MP:      21892/21892(↑18)

 Strength:      22419(↑20)

 Vitality:      24579(↑24)

 Agility:      22416(↑12)

 magic Powers:      21174(↑14)


 Raised Skills

 Shell Guard LV1 4/50

 Hiding in Sand LV2   20/150


 Well, the skills are what I expect from seashells living in the sand.

 However, I don’t think there’s any use outside of the desert.

 While thinking about it, I started cooking the shark meat.


 Though it’s body is huge, but you mainly only eat the white meat.

 Let’s bake the parts that can be eaten, put some salt on it as well.


 Once done, put it on a plate.

 The fat was dripping from the side of the fillet, and it was cooked uniformly.

 The rich fragrance that entered my nostril made my mouth watered up before even tasting it.

I broke a small chunk out of the entire piece with chopsticks, and smell it.

 When placed inside the mouth, the unique umami flavour of white fish meat spread through the entirety of my mouth.


 Terere, tetete~

 Level up.


 Level:    1661→1681(↑20)

 HP:      22337/22337(↑180)

 MP:      21992/21992(↑100)

 Strength:      22600(↑181)

 Vitality:      24699(↑120)

 Speed:      22566(↑150)

 Magic Powers:      21254(↑80)


 Learned Skills.

 Shark Bite LV4  23/500

 Shark Charge LV3 80/300

 Swimming in sand LV4     13/500

 Blind Swimming LV2     11/300

 Sand Shark’s sense of smell LV3   50/300


 I gained 20 levels with just that, and looks like I’ve gotten some good skills as well.

 Some of the skills level is at 4, which means it’s an Expert Level.

 When you think about it, the enemy is strong.

 By the way, swimming in sand basically means I can swim powerfully inside sand.


「Keima-dono, Keima-dono!」



 Lolona was pulling my shirt, and Femille was looking at me at a distance.

 I then fed them the shark meat.





 Both Lolona and Femille were satisfied.


「Keima, Keima. Me too, I want it!」


 Laura then opened her mouth wide and made an “aahn~” sound.

 Now that’s just cute.

 Using chopsticks, I cut a piece and placed it into her mouth—


 And I withdrew my hand.




 Laura was confuzzled.


「Sory Laura. This shark is only enough for 3 person.」


「Even though there’s so much?!」

「I truly apologize.」

「What kind of reasoning is that?!」

「I don’t know either.」

「If you don’t know then give me some!!!」

「If you can get used to this condition, then it’ll be easier for you.」

「I don’t wanna! I want to eat it normally with rice!」



 I gave it to her.

 Since my teasing part was over, I gave her the part of the meat which was the most juiciest and deliciest.


 I then asked Laura who was chewing away.


「How’s the taste?」


「Delish! It has an exquisite seafood texture, and it just melts right through!

 It feels as though my cheeks and body are melting, and I’m turning into seaweed debris!!」


「I don’t think it’s good to change?!」

「Keima, Keima, one more, I want one more bite! Aahn! Aahn!」


 This useless goddess is just asking for it.

 She’s even putting her hands on the floor and opening her mouth for more.

 Can’t be help huh, this useless goddess of mine.

 I normally fed her more.




 Then she started panting——–

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