Cut&Paste: Chapter 283 – A new request from the royal family (2)

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In order to use the Transportation Door, we need to obtain permission from Dear Father. So brother and I hurriedly went to where he was.


Carl was secretly walking behind us, but we ignored him and hurried straight to Father’s office.


Since Danna-sama and our family members are waiting to leave, I need to hurry back home.


So it’s obvious that if I get caught up by Carl, I’ll never be back on time.


When we arrived at the office, my brother looked behind and raised his voice.


「The person who has been following us. Do you not know that you are not allowed to follow the royal family? Are you prepared for the consequences?」


……It’s rare for brother to do such a thing, especially when he knows what Carl wants.


To utter such menacing words……

I’m sure by threatening him this much, Carl would obediently leave as well.


When he heard brother’s tone, he trembled and immediately jumped out from where he was hiding.


「Please wait, Prince Alto!! I only came here to talk to Sylphid-sama!」

「……You’re as popular as ever huh.」


Brother said while smiling.


「I’m sorry Carl, but I do not have the time to talk with you. I’m in a hurry so please get back to work.」


When I raised my voice…….the door to the office room creaked open.


When I stared at the small gap, I could see father looking at us with a smile.


「Aah, you guys came here? Come on in.」


I went inside with father’s permission and sat down on a suitable chair.

When I sat down, I caught glimpse of Cecil inside the room as well.


「So, what is this all about? I’m sure it’s about Myne right?」

「I will explain the details to Father dear later, but right now I would like to ask for permission to use the Transportation Door.」


Older brother cut into father’s conversation.


「Is it about the request for the Eternal Sunflower’s Guild? Alright, I’ll allow it.」


Gotten our permission, we rushed out and went to the underground area where the Transportation Door is located.


As Carl continued to follow, it was harder for me to tell him off, but later Brother scolded him strictly.


After arriving at the Clan house, we went back to my home.


Before I could knock the door, it swung opened with a rattling sound from inside.


「Welcome back Sylphy!!」


It was none other than my beloved Danna-sama who greeted me.


I guess he knew I was coming with Waffle’s sense ability.


「I’m back Danna-sama! ! !」


A smile naturally formed on my face.


「Oh, Brother-in-law came as well?」





Myne’s Side


「I’ll be straightforward.」


Brother-in-law spoke to me behind my back.


「I have a request from the royal family for your guild.」


「……Let me hear about it.」


I answered in a serious expression when I saw the look in his eyes.


I then heard the details about it.

Apparently there’s a strange ghost-like monster created by the Stone Statue Monsters from the Underworld.

The knights who came into contact with that monster suddenly started attacking allies.

Thus, the knights are struggling with no countermeasures.


Thanks to those monsters, the 2nd Knights Team were destroyed, and Cecil was temporarily dismissed as the leader.


Thus, a 3rd Knights team was founded, and this team is composed by only of female knights.

The candidates were specifically trained by Sylphy and Melissa back then.


「A team with only female knights……」


Sylphy sighed.


「Though the Captain is also a candidate, I’m a little surprised.」


Brother-in-law spoke when looking at Sylphy.


「What do you mean, brother?」


「Her name’s Noin Patricia.」

「Eh? Noin you say?」


Aisha suddenly stood up after hearing that name.


「You know her, Aisha?」


Aisha shook her head in embarrassment as she replied.


「……No, not really. I don’t know her directly, but from rumours.」


I hope it’s not some strange person.


With how anxious I looked, Brother-in-law replied.


「Oh Myne, you don’t have to show that face, it’s easy to read you. I can guarantee you that her ability and personality is good. But can you tell me about the rumours, Holy Bow-dono?」

「Eh? Are you sure?」


I wonder what kind of rumours is it?

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