Cut&Paste: Chapter 282 – Aisha’s home and a new request from the royal family (1)

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「……By the way Myne-kun, mind saying what you’re gonna do after this in the meantime while we await for Hime-sama to return?」


Aisha asked me.


「……Right, I thought of going around places to expand the places in which I can travel. Now that I think about it, we haven’t explored the Sky Dungeon near the World Tree Dungeon.」

「……W-What are you on about? I’ve never heard about such a dungeon before?」


Sheila said with confusion.


「Hmm, I would also like to go to the Town of Alza which is just nearby Prison Dungeon.」


When I said, I could see Aisha being slightly dejected.



「I’m sorry Aisha, no matter what, I really want to meet with your parents.」

「I’m extremely happy that you placed me in high regards….. However, I’m afraid that you’re going to be disappointed once you meet with my parents.」

「……You don’t have to worry about that at all. No matter what, I wouldn’t be disappointed at Aisha, nor to your parents as well!」


When I puff my chest high, she looked at me and showed some slight resolve.


「……I understand, if you are going that far, then I can’t stop you.」


Alright, I’ve finally talked through Aisha into letting me meet with her parents. So I guess the next destination would be the Town of Alza. Since it’s a commercialized city, I’m sure there are lots of interesting things to see. 

While being excited with Aisha’s approval, we waited for Sylphy to come back.


Guessing that Waffle was bored, he went flying around me, using my head as a landing spot.




Then, finally feeling tired, he landed on top of my head again and yawn.


Seeing such a sight, Sasha’s eyes shine brightly.


『What an incredibly adorable creature Waffle-chan is!!』


Now that I think about it, Sasha was rather fascinated at Waffle the first time she met him.


Sasha would always take any opportunity she gets to touch and pat Waffle.


Waffle doesn’t seem to mind, in fact he is used to Sasha, and from time to time he would climb on top of her head and sit there.

But in Waffle’s case, he rarely goes on top of Sylphy or Sasha’s head as they have long hair, and it’s hard to climb and sleep on.




Sylphy Side


「Dear Brother!」


I swung brother’s door opened and called out to his name, however, he wasn’t there and instead Starshion was the one who greeted me instead.


「Oh, if it isn’t Princess Sylphid? Do you need something with my husband…..Alto-dono is currently at the knight’s dorm.」


Starshion-dono told me with a meek voice.


Ugh, the dorm huh…. What a pain in the butt place…..


But I didn’t say that and went out of his house after saying thanks.


Running to the dorm at a high speed, I saw Cecil and Carl who had a mock battle with Danna-sama at the entrance.


This is bad…… It’s going to be troublesome if Carl sees me now.


Whenever he sees me, he would go on with his long winded stories which I don’t really care about. 

It’s not that I hate him or anything, but he’s just someone I’m bad at dealing.


Sigh, I can’t escape from him since he’s in front of the door as well.


Making up my mind, I took a deep breath, then rushed to the corridor. Obviously, my armor made loud clanking  noises while I was walking, which caught the attentions of Cecil and Carl.


「……Princess Sylphid.」


Carl stuttered as he saw me.


「Good job out there Captain Cecil. I have some business with my brother. Please lead the way.」


Ignoring Carl, I spoke to Cecil.


「Yes Princess Sylphid. I shall lead you to where Prince Alto is immediately!」


Cecil then brought me to where brother is, and swiftly walked away.


I lightly knocked on the door and answered.


「Brother, it’s me, Sylphid.」


After a short while, he replied from inside.


「Ah, Sylphy? Come in. You came at the right time.」


……Did I?


It’s rare that brother has something he wants from me.

As I entered, I saw my older brother with a pain expression looking at a bloody and broken armour.


「What’s up Sylphy? Does Myne want something from me?」


……Seriously, I would like him to stop thinking that whenever I’m here, it’s about Danna-sama.


But then again, if I think of it as him boasting about Danna-sama, I can’t hep but smile.


「Actually…… We recently came back from Prison Dungeon.」

「Prison Dungeon? I’ve never heard of that dungeon before, so what about it?」

「So we obtained some powerful weapon, and thought of selling it to someone. So we wanted to ask you to evaluate the prices of the weapons……」

「Powerful Weapons you say!!? What are they like?」

「A Disaster Class Dual-Handed Sword and a God Class (Artifact) Dual-Handed Axe.」

「Disaster class……..and God Class you say!!」


It’s no surprise he would be shocked.

It’s already rare that we could see a Disaster Grade weapon, but to even hear about an artifact. That’s something we only hear through folklore.


「……Seriously, how much more insane can Myne get?」

「So how about it brother?」

「I’m sorry, but I don’t think even I can examine it. A God Class (artifact) is something only a country would own. But we’re talking about Myne over here, so why not just use it yourself?」

「We did talk about that, but none of us could use such a heavy weapon. Pillows already said that she wanted to use the Dual-Handed Sickle, and Danna-sama already has his own incredible weapon.」


「I see how it is. Then is it okay if I could borrow those two weapons for the time being?」

「What do you want to do with it?」


When I asked for further details, he said something surprising whilst pointing at the broken armour he was working at.


There seems to be a spirit-type monster amongst the monsters created by the stone statue monsters that appeared in the city not long ago.

When one of the knights touched that monster, the knight suddenly attacked his fellow teammates.

So father decided to request our clan to subdue these monsters.

Thus, my brother wanted a powerful weapon against these unknown monsters, and it just so happens I brought those chips with me.


「……I understand what you want brother. But I can’t make the decision, so let me go back home and discuss about it before coming back.」

When I told him, he answered with「I understand. Since you’re heading back to your house, I’ll tag along with you.」

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