Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 48 – A world where sharks live in deserts

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Novel Notes: 


Kehma -> Keima

Useless Goddess (maintains)

Femil -> Femille

Rorona -> Lolona

Licia (remains)


Also, I might change their conversations to 「these」. Similar to how I translate Cut and Paste. I would like to keep the soul of the previous translator here, but I do prefer the brackets when looking at conversations.


“Ora ora, it’s comin’ over here!!”

“There ain’t no shark fins behind it’s back!”


Outside the city.

The panicked Saints were battling the desert sharks.


“Who gave those desert sharks permission to come here!?”


Though he has a brave-like figure, he sounded so timid.


“Here’s some 120 kilos worth of meat for yer to chew?!”


A guy who has a rope wrapping around his waist, was hanging above the snowy white sand.

A light cracking sound could be heard from the guy, as his body sank deeper from his waist.



The shark sank into the sand.

1 second, 2 seconds, after 3 seconds—-


“Pull it right now!”

“ “ “Oraaa! !” “ “


At the same time as they pulled the ropes up, the huge shark leaped out of the sand!

The teeth of the shark barely touched the toes of that guy! !

That guy has just dodged death! !

The shark continued to straddle the scaffold of the sand, and entered once more.


“Sorry for the wait.”

“ “ “Boss! !” “ “

“Leave the rest to me.”


Liber lightly kicked the ground.

He then get on top of the sand.

Lolona then made a startling sound.


“He can walk on sand?!”

“Since Holy Knights have received blessings from Velkrais-sama, it is normal for them to do as such?”

“Is that really the case…..”

“Once you have become a Holy Knight, things like ‘miracle’ are but the norm in terms of general standards.”


Licia naturally answered the shocked Lolona.



[Liber-sama is truly one with the Gods…….]


Those who were watching near the cobblestone scaffolding kneeled down and prayed.

But that is just so cool.

If he can do that, I’m sure he can walk on water like Jesus.


I want to do it as well.

Let’s try it out then.

I too lightly kicked the ground and jumped.


“Wind Magic!”


Imagining a transparent disk below my foot, I stood on top of the waving sand.

I did it!


“It’s actually quite difficult.”

“Quite….. You say?”

“Aah yeap. Quite indeed.”

“Do you know how much time and training I have to go through just to do that…….”

“I knew Keima could do it……”



(Does that guy have the same power as Boss……..!?)


While Lolona and Femille were praising me with their cheeks dyed red, the guys who were fighting against the shark were equally astonished.

Although I didn’t want to stand out that much, but I guess I did kinda showed off a little.

I then spoke to Liber.


“You sure you don’t need my help?”


“I-I have a skill that can target any of my enemy. Though there’s a limit of 3 kilometre, but nobody can escape from my sight. Even the shark that is hiding inside the sands, I can tell where it’s moving, and when it is going to strike.”


“Now that’s cool.”

“That is the blessings from Velkrais-sama.”


Liber naturally brushed his hair.

After that.


A huge shark teeth flew from behind Liber ! !


Even with that, he’s faster.

He turned around on the spot and fired a white light!


Dogon !

A huge explosion occurred.


The shark was greatly shaved off, but it countered by whipping its tail in return!

Of course, Liber dodged it by ducking.

The tail that went right above his head, brought a huge pressure of wind with it!


The wind pushed me behind.

Fortunately there’s nobody behind, so I was flown away like a tornado.

The shark sank back into the sand.

Liber then started chanting.


“You have incurred the wrath of God.

  Therefore, I shall cast a trap.

  You have nowhere to escape. Recognize your sins and repent.

  Your sins will grow the more you escape——-”


Liber threw a knife sharply.

It flew in a perfectly straight trajectory.

Then, the knife increased in size as it went on.

At last, it turned to a huge sword around 2 metre in size—–


“Receive judgement! Divine Saber!”


The light pierced right into the ocean sand!




The sword was lifted up.

And on the sword was a skewered shark.

Cheers rained down upon him.


“The miracle in which I’ve imparted wasn’t just crossing the [sea]—–You get what I mean.”


Liber combed his hair as he looked at me.

I have no idea what he’s saying, but I think he’s trying to burn his conscious into me.


At that moment.

Another huge shark flew above from behind him!

It’s size is twice as big as the one he skewered!


Instinctively, I raised my hand and released a Wind Cutter.

The head of the shark easily cut through.

Though it’s a beginner level magic, but because I was the one who casted it.

The more you level it, the stronger the magic gets. (`・ω・´)


I carried the shark’s dead body on my shoulder.


“Oof, this is quite heavy…..”


Since I’m using wind to stand on the [sea], it was hard to balance.


“It’s around the weight of 10 Laura’s …?”

“Why did you use me as a unit of weight?!”

“Ah sorry. You’re around 50 kilos right.”

“Stop saying the numbers out loud! !”


This useless Goddess did not deny that she weighs 50 kilos huh.

Thinking about how her body is like a mochi, it’s no wonder the number is heavy.


Well, in terms of that useless Goddess, only her breast and ass are big.

I don’t care about that small numbers.

I took the dead shark and threw it on the pavement ground.


For Liber, he gave it to his subordinates, the Saints, to hang it.

Though it’s a different subordinate, he was singing praises to him.

They were discussing about what to do with the shark, and opted to let it rot.


What a damn waste.

I would’ve eaten it clean.

I took out my knife and dismantled it.


If you leave the shark meat as is, it will give off an amonia smell. However, if you eat it right away, you can rest assured that it’s going to taste good.

Also, even if it takes a little while longer, it’s better to boil it first.

Well, I’m not sure whether common sense from earth can be applied to a shark living in the sand.

TLN Note: Hello everyone! This is your translator Shiro! And I’ll be taking over Level Up Eating to try to finish the remaining 67 chapters left of this novel! I hope that we will have a great time being a sadist bullying Laura, and have a harem like never before!

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ConnectFire611 · 26th December 2019 at 10:59 AM

Could Kenma get skills from other humans; he’s proven that he can get skills even if it’s only a part of something thats still alive like the White Cloud with the til death skill, though he couldn’t get its main skill until he ate its core.

Perhaps if he ate a finger nail or something he can gain a part of a human’s skills.

Belkar · 28th December 2019 at 9:39 PM

It’s a fun read, thank you for picking this up.

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