Level 1 Guy: Chapter 308 – Nihonium’s huge success

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Nihonium looked at me.


While looking at me intensely, she did not move an inch.

Though her expression was kind and gentle, but her eyes showed determination.


“I got it.” (Ryouta)



When I nodded to her reply, I thought for a moment.

If she was the one who requests for me, then it’s bad to turn her down.


If she doesn’t want to do it, I will abide by it, but if she wants to, then I’ll follow her wishes.


It’s nice that she’s the one who’s asking it, and it’s better not to ask why.

Especially if Nihonium offered it herself.


Based on all of these—–I finally got myself an answer, and I replied.


“I want them to understand immediately once you look at it.” (Ryouta)

“What do you mean by that?” (Aurum)


Aurum asked in confusion.


“Right now, the monster at the first floor of Tennessine is my doppelganger. So I want people to think that it’s done by me..” (Ryouta)

“True.” (Aurum)

“So if Nihonium is going to make the drop disappear. I want it to be me who’s the reason it happened. Instead of a “Eh, this is weird?”, I want them to think of “Ah so this is from Ryouta!”.” (Ryouta)

“Fumu fumu, I see now~” (Aurum)


She finally understood.

Looking back at Nihonium, I asked.


“So can you do that?” (Ryouta)

“Yes.” (Nihonium)


She replied in no time.

It’s as though it was no problem for her.



Since we wanted to hurry, we went to Tennessine immediately.


Using the Transfer Gate, we arrived at the first floor.

Then, Aurum and NIhonium came along, together with Mike as well.


With the four of us, we stood at the first floor.


“So, what should we do?” (Aurum)

“It’s already done. You can’t tell?” (Nihonium)

“Hm? Really?” (Aurum)

“….. I can tell.” (Ryouta)

“Huh? Really, what are you saying?” (Aurum)


Aurum was shaking her head as she does not understand anything.

Looking closely, Mike too had the same expression.


Can’t they tell when they’re monster and spirit? Or is Nihonium just the exception?

Thus, I explained to the two of them.


“It’s the Dungeon Master presence.” (Ryouta)

“Aah, so it’s already done?” (Aurum)

“Yeap.” (Ryouta)

“So how is Ryouta going to connect the Dungeon Master to you?” (Aurum)

“No, I do know it..” (Ryouta)

“Why is that so?” (Aurum)

“….. Aah, you’ll know it, it’s a feeling of disgust.” (Ryouta).

“What are you even saying——-HYaa!” (Aurum)


Aurum suddenly raised her voice.


Aurum looked behind me.

There were several doppelgangers.

But it wasn’t just the doppelgangers of me.

All of them are emitting the Dungeon Master feel.


It wasn’t just 1, but all of them.


“Don’t tell me…….” (Aurum)

“Yeap. I basically placed all of them with the attribute of Dungeon Master.” (Nihonium)

“If they’re all—–Oh my let’s run!” (Ryouta)


I immediately dragged all of them back into the gate.


If all of them have the Dungeon Master attribute, I don’t know what mess they’ll give.


When the doppelganger is already that strong, I really don’t want to know what hell awaits there.


That’s why I hurriedly pushed them all back to the mansion.


After calming down, I looked at Nihonium.


“Thanks!” (Ryouta)


Nihonium smiled gently at my reply.



The next day, at the chairman’s room of Shikuro Dungeon Association.

I came here to meet with Cell, and I explained what happened.


While I was there, I could see a closet in the corner of the room filled with something, and it’s about to burst open.

I got a chill if I opened that closet.


“W-What is that?” (Ryouta)

“What are you talking about?” (Cell)


Cell acted stupid—-But.




I heard the hinge snapped, and the door was swung open.

A head suddenly popped out.

It was a bronze statue of me.


“…….” (Cell)


Without saying anything, Cell stood up, forced the statue back in and closed the door shut.

He came back, and sat back down.


“Today’s a good day to go for some Dungeon.” (Cell)

“That’s a lousy way to hide it!” (Ryouta)


I retorted back.

Why the hell does he have statues of me inside his room.


“……..Ehem.” (Cell)


He coughed and straightened himself.

No matter how many times I retort, he just ignores it.


So I just gave up and continued.


“So how is it on the other side?” (Ryouta)

“It’s all boiled down to timing right now.” (Cell)

“Is that alright?” (Ryouta)

“I won’t say something that I can’t do.” (Cell)


He said it confidently.


Looking aside his hobby, he’s a super talented person, so it was kinda cool when he said that.


“There’s no point hiding it from Satou-sama, but we’re negotiating with them.” (Cell)

“I see, so it’s a matter of time.” (Ryouta)


I was satisfied with his explanation.

Since he’s the one negotiating, I won’t feel like he’ll mess it up.


“The problem is creating a city in Tennessine.” (Cell)

“Is there a problem?” (Ryouta)

“This is the information that was researched for Satou-sama.” (Cell)


Cell placed a document on the table.


“Based on the results, no one should be attacked during the construction of the city.” (Cell)

“…..I see.” (Ryouta)


I thought for awhile and understood the reason.

If someone were to be attacked, the shadow will turn into that person’s doppelgangers.


“If someone were to be attacked, the construction will have to be put on halt for a few days.” (Cell)

“I see now. Yeah, so we have to find out how to avoid being attack.” (Ryouta)

“It’s a hurdle. We must avoid a direct attack, so we’re looking for a different solution.” (Cell)

“Then that’ll be fine.” (Ryouta)

“Huh?” (Cell)



Tennessine, 2nd floor.

I brought Cell here via the Transfer Room.


I went ahead without him.


“Wait a second Satou-sama, I don’t have any fighting capability—–” (Cell)

“It’s fine.” (Ryouta)

“Eh?” (Cell)


I went further ahead.

Without encountering a single monster, we safely went to the 3rd floor.


“This….. There’s no monsters?” (Cell)

“So you finally notice. Well, it’s not so easy to understand.” (Ryouta)

“What do you mean?” (Cell)

“By the way—–” (Ryouta)


Instead of answering, I continued going up the floor.

The 3rd floor has nobody as well.


“———Basically. The upper floor is the same.” (Ryouta)

“This is……How is this happening?” (Cell)

“I had Nihonium cooperate with me to make Dungeon Master. And only on the first floor.” (Ryouta)

“Nihonium!?” (Cell)


Cell was surprised.

Of course he’ll be surprised if I had Nihonium help me instead of Tennessine.


But that was only for a moment.

Cell quickly laugh it off.


“Now that’s our Satou-sama.” (Cell)

“So this is the end result of what she came up with. But during the actual construction, I’ll put the Dungeon Master outside the tower.” (Ryouta)

“Oooh!” (Cell)


Cell screamed.


“I knew Satou-sama has already taken some measures.” (Cell)




This time, a statue dropped and bounced twice with a smug face of me.

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