Level 1 Guy: Chapter 307 – Nihonium’s determination

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At night, inside VIlla De Edge.

To celebrate their help, I brought Emily and Celeste over to have a drink.


“Hm? What is it?” (Ryouta)

“There’s something I would like to confirm…. About Tennessine, is that your doing?”


I thought for a moment before nodding gently.


“Yeah, that’s right.” (Ryouta)

“I-I see. Thank you for clearing things up.” 


After the adventurer was convinced, I went back to the table where my friends were waiting.


“How was it?” 

“He said that he did it by will.”

“I knew it. Ah, that means the other party did something horrible then.”

“I’m sure. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to me.” 


Listening to their conversation, I got the gist of things.


“Hook, line and sinker.” (Ryouta)

“I think it exceeded your expectations.” (Celeste)


Smiling sweetly, Celeste picked up her glass and drank the beer.


“What do you mean?” (Ryouta)

“We’re talking about those people who approached Ryouta-san just now. I’m sure a few other adventurers have picked it up.” (Celeste)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


I looked around us.

There were some who immediately avoided eye contact with me, but some were happily laughing.


“I see what you mean.” (Ryouta)

“I’m sure that tomorrow….. No, it’s going to spread like wildfire by the end of the day.” (Celeste)

“Rumours spread the fastest nanodesu.” (Emily)

“That’s right. Let’s hope that they’ll stop that human sacrifice plan.” (Ryouta)


I spoke with the intent of them listening.

Not to loud, but not emphasizing what I meant.

All I want is for the rumours to spread nicely.


And sure enough, the mood in the bar has a different kind of voice today.


Well, I did what I could.


“Once again. Thank you for your help, Emily, Celeste.” (Ryouta)

“Your welcome nanodesu.” (Emily)

“It’s barely anything. We’re a family, and we’re friends, so of course we will do what we can to help out. There’s no need for any thanks or anything.” (Celeste)

“I see, then I’ll say my thanks here.” (Ryouta)


To grant her wish, I genuinely said my thanks to them, and we all clank our beer glasses together before drinking and talking happily.



“Aren’t you all late? And how do I say this? Up all night drinking?” (Aurum)

“Aurum, and Nihonium.” (Ryouta)


When we returned home, the two spirits were at the corridor.

Seems like they soaked in longer than usual, so they’re still up and awake.


Especially Nihonium who had her hair up, it gives off an adult feel.


I also gave up even retorting Aurum who mentioned that we were fooling around till midnight, as she seems to be enjoying that manner of speaking.


“Did the both of you just came out of the bathroom?” (Ryouta)

“Yep. Baths are nice aren’t they. If I knew about their existence, I would’ve escaped the dungeon even earlier. Well, I wouldn’t have been able to do that if Ryouta didn’t come anyways.” (Aurum)

“Of course taking baths are nice, but let me say this. If it’s not for Emily, I don’t think you would feel as you are right now.” (Ryouta)

“I see~” (Aurum)


Aurum hit her palm lightly and nodded.

On the other hand, Nihonium did not say a single word.


I did ask Aurum to take care of her. But is it really alright…..


“Since you went and drink, it means that the job at Tennessine was a success.” (Aurum)

“For now. We did what we could.” (Ryouta)


I briefly explained the situation to her.

While showing non verbal cues of agreeing and giving some interjections, she listened till the very end.


“Does the drop not disappear?” (Aurum)

“Drop?” (Ryouta)

“Remember what happened that time.” (Aurum)

“….Ahhh.” (Ryouta)


When she mentioned that, a flashback occurred.


Since there was a case where an adventurer overworked and feel unconscious in Aurum Dungeon, so Aurum had to limit the drop during night time.

This and that happened which led to Aurum being here at night.


“I see, if I can meet with the spirit—–Or Tennessine more specifically, I can ask them to change the settings for the drop.” (Ryouta)

“Yep. If we tell them about this, I’m sure they would need to do something about it.” (Aurum)

“Fumu……” (Ryouta)


I rubbed my chin and thought of some possibilities.


That might actually work.


“I can’t confused Tennessine. All we need is to do something to get through the current first floor. We can’t do something confusing like what Rebecca did to Neon dungeon.” (Ryouta)

“If that’s the case.” (Aurum)


Aurum then pushed Nihonium who has been hiding behind her back this whole time.


“Eh?” (Ryouta)

“You can just ask Nihonium to do it.” (Aurum)

“Ask Nihonium?” (Ryouta)

“Did you forget her power? Her Dungeon Master is good enough to solve your problems.” (Aurum)

“……..Right.” (Ryouta)


It’s as what Aurum said.


Nihonium’s Dungeon Master.


When a typical Dungeon Master appears, no other monsters will appear.


And Nihonium’s Dungeon Master goes one step further, the entire drop in Shikuro just disappears.


You can say Nihonium controls Shikuro.


Which means that she can stop Tennessine’s drop all together.

And since it’s not Tennessine who’s doing it, so if some adventurer with Tennessine couldn’t do anything.


“You’re right, that’s effective.” (Ryouta)

“I know right~” (Aurum)


Aurum was proud of herself.

She patted her chest, and the bathing clothes were slightly shaking…… Ehem.


Now that hand is effective, no doubt.



“Let’s stop that.” (Ryouta)

“……Eh?” (Aurum)

“Well.” (Ryouta)


A light decopin was attached to Aurum who seemed to be dissatisfied.

She furrowed her eyebrows and looks at me more regretfully.


“Did you forget about it? My plan was to get rid of that power from her. But now we’re asking her to use it?” (Ryouta)

“Aah…..” (Aurum)


Aurum seems to have remembered.


Yeah, that’s not good.

I want to eliminate that power, but we need that power because it’s convenient.


So yeah, let’s do it properly.


Even though I let Aurum help me, but I still want to do things right with Nihonium.


“I’m sorry for running my mouth so early.” (Aurum)

“It’s not me you should apologize—” (Ryouta)


I pointed at Nihonium with my chin.

Aurum nodded.


“Sorry Nihonium.” (Aurum)

“…..I-It’s fine.” (Nihonium)


Nihonium gently closes her eyes and shook her head slightly.

As if saying it doesn’t bother her, she gently smiled.


She took it well, an adult-like smile.


When I thought that I want to really help her.


“Let me do it.” (Nihonium)

“…….Huh?” (Ryouta)


I was surprised by the unexpected offer she made.

Nihonium continued to smile to me.


“Thank you so much.” (Nihonium)


She said heartfully.


“And that’s why.”


I felt like I heard her inner thoughts.


“Allow me to do it.” (Nihonium)


She said, eyes filled with determination.

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