Cut&Paste: Chapter 280 – Checking out the new skills, and Waffle’s tears

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After returning from the Prison Dungeon, instead of going back to the Eternal Sunflower, we went back home.


Since we were all exhausted, we decided that heading back to our home was the better option.

…… Hmm, isn’t this the first time Sheila would be entering our home?


When I entered the living room, my wives were already drinking teas and fully relaxing themselves.

…. However, I can see Sheila being nervous as she was holding the cup with both hands, shifting her eyes left and right.


「Sorry if you’re feeling uncomfortable here. Come sit over here.」


When I called Sheila over, Aisha had a sudden realization and apologized to her.


「I’m terribly sorry, Sheila-sama. I did not notice it at all.」

「No worries. So this is Myne-dono’s house.」


『Myne~ I want to take a bath.』

『KyuuKyuu, Kuu wants to go as well~ Onii-sama~』


「…… Waffle and Kuu said that they want to head into the bathroom, so I’ll go ahead and heat the bath up first.」


Once I said that, I slowly  head to the bathroom by myself.


「A bath! ! So you have a bathroom in your house??」


Sheila suddenly raised her voice.


「Our bathroom is amazing you know. It’s way better than the royal palaces’.」


Sylphy stood up and puffed her chest, proudly declaring.


「…… I guarantee that it’s way better than the ones we have at Ritz.」


When Sasha heard what Sylphy said, she backed her words up by saying as such.


「Now that is wonderful news……」


When I returned back to the living room, Waffle was floating around, and towards me when he saw me coming.




Apparently he’s having fun using【Flight】, as he and Kuu were flying around together.


However, his strength has increased since then, which kinda hurts when he crashed into me.


『……Waffle, Kuu, the baths ready, let’s go.』



As I told them, they joyfully floated round and round, and Waffle was wagging his tail in high spirits.


「Guess we should head in as well.」


As Kuu’s bathing buddy, Sylphy said as she stood up.


「……E-Eh? I’m following as well?」


Sylphy then forcefully pulled Sheila’s hands up, as Sheila exclaimed in a worrisome manner.


「That sounds like a great idea, we should head in together.」


This time it was Aisha and Sasha who declared as they both stood up as well.


『Waffle, Sylphy and the gang are going in as well, so I’ll leave it to you.』

『Wafu, I’ll do my best!!!』


While they were enjoying the bath, I was busy checking the skills I’ve obtained in my room.


The stash that we’ve gotten from the hunt at Prison Dungeon are…


Two-Handed Sword・Holy    X2

Shield Arts・Holy

Dragon Language    X4

Absolute Zero

Special・Maximum Range Ice Magic

Spike Flail        X3

Flight            X3


Dual-Handed Sickle・Extreme

Magic Damage Absorption    X2


Paralyze Blaze

Dual-Handed Axe・Holy

Weapon Arts:Jet・Cyclone

Weapon Arts:Resolution


Dragon God’s Intimidation

Unique Magic・Spacetime

Unique Magic・Barrier


Giga Flare

Mega Flare

Tera Flare


……These were our hauls.


As for their abilities.

I’ve pasted it on Waffle and Kuu, but I wasn’t sure what the effects were, so let’s use【Appraisal】on them.


……Let’s check【Absolute Zero】first.


Forces the target’s temperature to go down to zero degrees. When succeeded, target will be frozen instantly.

If used on a living being, said living being will be frozen to death.



What an incredible skill we have.

With this skill, I’m sure we can instantly kill the Orc King.


……Next is【Blood・Weapon】.


When dealing damage to an opponent, the opponent’s life force is converted to the user based on the proportion of the damage dealt.


……Basically you’ll recover HP when you attack with this skill.

What an easy to use skill.


Next is【Magic Damage Absorption】, but based on the name, I could somewhat guess the ability……


When Magic Damage is dealt to user, the damage will be converted to life force in proportion to the damage dealt.



Basically instead of a physical damage like the Blood Weapon, this is Magic Damage being dealt to you.


When things become messy, this skill would be useful to activate.


【Creation】is next in the block.


Whatever the user envisions, it will become a reality.

※The skill is dependant on the user’s magic.



So it’s similar to the【Realize】skill…… But it seems that if I don’t have enough mana, I won’t be able to make certain things appear.

Since I haven’t used it yet, I won’t know what’s the difference between Realize.


【Dragon God’s Intimidation】


Giving the user absolute control over the Dragon and Sub-Dragon Race.



…… I don’t really understand, but I guess it’s like taming a Dragon?

Even though the name is similar to【King’s Intimidation】, the skill’s ability is completely different.


Next is【Unique Magic・Barrier】. It’s a magic which I’ve never heard off.

And it has the same Unique Magic word with Spacetime.



Creates a boundary around a specific object which restrains them, restricting them the usage of physical nor magic attacks.


……To put it simply, it’s like a prison?


It’ll be useful if an enemy tries to escape, and I can trap them using this skill in unison with【Map】.


I’m sure there are plenty of other uses with this.


With that, I guess that’s all of the skills I’ve obtained, and the abilities of each of them?


Next, I want to confirm the abilities that I’ve pasted on Waffle and Kuu.


Using【Map】, I located Waffle and Kuu, then used【Appraisal】on their abilities.




Compresses attributeless magic, then causes the target great damage.


【Mega Flare】

Super-compresses attributeless magic onto the target, then deals huge damage to the surrounding target.


【Giga Flare】

Unleashing a huge super-compressed attributeless magic around the target, causing tremendous damage.


【Tera Flare】

Unleashes a huge wave of attributeless magic, which is extremely compressed, then causes enormous amounts of damage around the surroundings of the target, devouring them in the process.




Eh? What? What did I just witness? I think I have to warn them not to simply use it.

Especially this【Tera Flare】skill……I’m rather worried of the phrase, “Devours them in the process”.


After I was done, I could hear the pitter-patter footsteps in the corridor.


When I looked at that direction, I could see Waffle’s satisfied face as he walks towards me.


『Come ‘ere Waffle.』


When I called him over, he barked and leaped towards me with huge force.


……Wait a minute?


It was too late, Waffle’s body was enveloped in a purple flash.


This is really bad……..

My vision turned dark, and I collapsed on the spot, losing consciousness.


Seeing such a sight, Aisha screamed as she immediately rushed and kneeled beside me, then applied Recovery Magic on me.


It seems that Waffle’s usual behaviours have become a deadly weapon.

Waffle does have amazing physical strength to begin with.

Receiving healing from Aisha, I regained consciousness, and I could see Sylphy and Aisha scolding Waffle.

Waffle who couldn’t calm down, had his tail lying on the ground.


I quickly used【Telepathy】and started talking to Waffle.

『Waffle, Waffle~ It’s alright I’m fine, so you don’t have to worry.』

……Once he heard that, his tails immediately sprung up, as he jumped on top of me whining.

『Myne, Myne, I’m sorry, I’m, I’m……』


Waffle was licking my face while apologizing and repenting his actions. While he was doing that, huge balls of tears fall down from his eyes. 

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