Cut&Paste: Chapter 279 – Prison Dungeon (6)

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I used【Appraisal】to check the Two-handed axe and sword that Pillows threw at me.

First is the Axe.




Grade:God Class


Special Attack:Human

Description: Attack power increase

Weapon Arts:Destiny・Fairy



What incredible power!!

What’s more, this axe is a God Class.

I don’t think Pillows would last if she was hit by this directly.

…… Though it’s a wonderful weapon, I don’t think any of us use an axe.

I guess I’ll keep it in my storage bag like the sickle.


「……This axe is incredible, it’s a God Class weapon.」

「「「「「Ehh? God Class!!?」」」」」

「You mean to say that is an artifact item!」


Next is the Two-handed Sword.




Grade:Destruction Class


Special Attack:Demon Race

Description: When this is equipped, stamina slowly recovers.

Weapon Arts:Tor・Gliddersen



「The Two-Handed Sword on the other hand is a Destruction Class. And both of them have their own weapon arts.」


Again, though they’re wonderful weapons, we can’t really use them.

Only thing I can do now is to store it away.


「D-Danna-sama, about the weapons…. Who’s going to use them?」

「…… About that, since nobody can use it, I thought of just storing it?」

「But, trying to store away an artifact is sacrilegious.」

「I know what Sheila is trying to say, but it’s a fact that a weapon that nobody uses can’t be used, right?」


Obviously Sheila knew it as well.


But, I do understand what she is trying to convey, as it is a waste to keep it when it’s such a powerful weapon.


「Wait a minute, Danna-sama? Did you not【Cut】the skills of those humanoid dragons? Wouldn’t it be better if you give the weapon together with the skills?」 Sylphy said as she stood up.


「Yeap, naturally I’ll【Cut】their skills.」

「Let’s discuss this once we get home.」


Finally, Aisha said it which ended the conversation.


「Alright, let’s continue. The next dragon is called Nidhogg, and it seems to be the Dragon King, so everyone please be careful. Though I’m still trying to avoid fighting with them, but if worse comes to worse, we have to watch ourselves」

「If it turns into a battle, what should we do?」

「Waffle and I will go.」


After forming a plan, I used【Presence Awareness・L】and a huge presence was spotted just ahead.


…… This presence, it’s way larger than that of the Orc King, Chimera, or even the Dragons that we faced previously.

If I want to compare strengths, it’s similar to Jormungandr-sama and Cetus-sama.


……、I think I should【Cut】its skills first before meeting it, or it might be too dangerous.

With that, I used【Map】to locate it, then【Cut】its skills.


『Kyuu Kyuu, is it Bahamut-san that I’m feeling in front of us?』

『Kuu can feel it as well? But I don’t think it’s him~』


……Listening to Waffle and Kuu’s conversation, I used【Appraisal】to see for it myself.





Race:Dragon God




Magic Damage Absorption

Spike Flail



Dragon God’s Intimidation

Unique Magic・Spacetime

Unique Magic・Barrier




Giga Flare

Mega Flare

Tera Flare



What dangerous sounding abilities…… Alright, let’s paste Flare and Tera Flare on Waffle.

Then, I’ll give Kuu Giga and Mega Flare.


As for【Flight】, I pasted it on Pillows instead. With that, she won’t have a problem fighting enemies who can fly.

For【Magic Damage Absorption】, it’s best for the front role, so I pasted it on Sylphy.

Lastly, I pasted【Creation】,【Dragon God’s Intimidation】,【Unique Magic・Barrier】onto myself.

For Unique Magic・Space time and Spike Flail, I pasted it on the pebbles first.


『……Myne, Myne. How’s your progress so far?』


Once I was done with the skills, Jormungandr-sama talked to me at a perfect timing.


『Oh yes, I’m now at the fourth floor where Bahamut resides, and I’ve just finished using【Cut】on all of its skills.』


『You’re already at the fourth floor? That’s fast, and did you get any good skills to use?』

『Yes I did, and thanks to you, we’ve obtained some good weapons as well.』

『I’m glad to hear. By the way, Bahamut has already noticed you lots. He can be considered a Dragon worthy of sitting side by side with us Divine Beasts. Since his fighting style is similar to mine.』


『I understand, I’ll try to avoid a fight with him.』

『Why don’t you first get out and head to the Town of Alza?』


I see, since I’ve already【Cut】 their skills, I can just leave using【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.


「……Okay, I just had a conversation with Jormungandr-sama, and he says that the dragon called Bahamut, which is up ahead, is as strong as him. And since I’ve already cut all of his skills, it’s best to just leave……」

「You’re right, so if we leave, we’re going to the Town of Alza? We can observe the town and see what they have.」


When I suggested, Sasha answered.

However, Aisha who heard that had a not so pleasant expression.


「Danna-sama, since we’re going to travel, why not just head back for now? We can relax for now.」

「Y-Yeah, that’s right/ Let’s head back for now.」


When Sylphy suggested, Aisha immediately jumped in.


「Hmm, alright then, let’s head back home then.」


Then, I used【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, and Aisha was the first to jump into the black vortex.

As the last person in the dungeon, I looked over at where Bahamut was, said my goodbyes and jumped into the black vortex.

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