Level 1 Guy: Chapter 305 – Emily and Celeste VS Ryouta’s Doppelganger

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Tennessine, first floor.


After being attacked by the shadow monster a few times, they took into a shape of me.

Though it looks just like me, but its ability is at its peak.


“Then, I’ll leave it to you.” (Ryouta)

“Yes nanodesu!” (Emily)

“I will do my best~” (Celeste)


The two that responded to me were Emily and Celeste.

Among my teammates, both of them are the elite of front and back role, and I wanted to see how they fare against my doppelganger.


“Starting first is always better.” (Ryouta)


They both nodded, and started their own formation.

I stood at the back slightly further away from them, just in case they need any help.


Oh and I’ve also told them about the structure of the dungeon.

So this is a sort of simulation for them.


A simulation assuming that an average adventurer has some knowledge of the dungeon and goes up to the 2nd floor.

And that’s why I’m having the two of them helping.


“The first to attack——Wins nano desu!” (Emily)


Emily jumped high up and spun the hammer on top of head, heading to the doppelganger.




The strike reverberated around the floor.

However, my doppelganger stopped the attack with his bare hands.

And a spider web crack pattern was form below its feet.


No damage.

It’s not that there’s no power to it, but the doppelganger is just too powerful.


“I’m starting Emily!” (Celeste)

“Yes nanodesu!” (Emily)


Emily put more strength into her legs and leaped upwards.

The sight of her jumping up 2 meters high swinging her hammer looked beautiful.


The doppelganger saw what she was doing, and took out the revolver and aimed upwards.


“Inferno <Continuity>.” (Celeste)


Celeste then chanted.

The feet beneath the doppelganger started boiling, then flames started appearing.

Waves of fire enveloped the doppelganger.


Usually the enemy would’ve burnt to a crisp, but my doppelganger seemed to have no effect.

He then fired a normal bullet at Celeste to cause a distraction, then jumped and grabbed onto Emily’s feet and flung it towards Celeste.


Then, he took out both his revolvers.


I immediately knew what he wanted to do.

He wanted to stack them together, then attack them at the same time.


But Emily did not allow that.


“It’s not over nanodesu!” (Emily)


Emily who was flying midway pushed her hammer to the ground.

It immediately killed her momentum, and flew away to the side.

Not only that, she jumped midair and landed perfectly, a difficult technique to pull.


“I’ll try a small one!” (Celeste)

“Okay nanodesu!” (Emily)


Celeste took out the Bicorn Horn.

She took out [a ton] of that.


She threw all of them up in the air all lined up, and fired the fire balls.

A scene where she was using a gatling gun to attack her enemy.


It doesn’t look like a magic item anymore, but a military item.


Wondering if she knew about it herself….. But that would not have happened.

As I’m the only person who came to this world, I’m sure she learned about the things that I’ve used throughout the years, and there she thought about it.


Even with tons and tons of fireball were aiming at my doppelganger…


“I’m back……..nanodesu!” (Emily)


She leaped three times, and headed towards the doppelganger still being shot by the fireballs.


With the two combination, one ranged and one melee, Emily would hit the fireballs that missed back at the doppelganger.

If it was a Dungeon Master, it would’ve died on the spot, but.


“Kya!” (Celeste)


He got out of the barrage, and head straight to Celeste.


There was a cracking sound that hit Celeste’s fist.

It was an attack by the doppelganger.

It accelerate by kicking the ground, and flew up into the air.


Is this the end?


When I wanted to use Repetition—–but that wasn’t it.


“It won’t end with just this.” (Celeste)

“As expected of Yoda-san nanodesu.” (Emily)


I stopped, and noticed that they haven’t given up.


From behind, Emily was chasing after the doppelganger with her hammer at full swing.


He then used the hammer as a platform to kick himself further forward.

He managed to catch to Celeste, and wanted to grabbed her throat.


“——-!” (Celeste)


But the doppelganger’s expression changed.


Both Celeste and Emily were heading to the stairs up to the 2nd floor.


I wondered what the doppelganger would do.


He fired a Trash Bullet.


“I’ve been waiting for this.” (Celeste)


Celeste plunged her finger into the muzzle.


She has already changed to the Invincible Mode through the Absolute Rock before doing so.


As a result, the gun was pushed into the Invincible Mode and turned around, as it hit the doppelganger, pushing it to the 2nd floor, and it disappeared.


It was their victory.


“That was rough….” (Celeste)

“Yoda-san is just too strong nanodesu….” (Emily)


Even though they won, they were deadbeat and laid down on the ground exhausted.


“Thank you, the both of you were amazing out there.” (Ryouta)


I looked at them.

And I was convinced that no ordinary adventurers would be able to defeat them.


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